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  1.   QBasic-Zone   
    Description: A German QB site with a large collection of downloads. Most of the programs available on this site are actually English; you'll see names like "DarkDread," "Andrew Ayers" and "Terminator_Z" here, though you will find some names like "Reinald" and "Nikolas" here too.
    Unique Features: There really isn't much unique here, though it is a nice selection of downloadable programs. (Just about all of these programs can be found elsewhere on the Internet.) Unlike most sites, this focuses on game programming utilities, and doesn't have any games to download. It's a bad resource for gamers, but a good resource for programmers!
  2.   JdR's World (New Version)   
    Description: A newer version of Johan de Ruiter's page, with the newest information about his programs such as Day of the Pidiot and JdR Pacman. There's also a new program called Blackboard, which helps teach kids things like multiplication tables.
    Unique Features: As far as QB content goes, this site is basically the same as the older JdR's World...just with a little bit less information about his programs and a couple more programs. There are some cool mathematical puzzles here too.
  3.   Sepent Basic   
    Description: Home of the Codename Surena QB GUI competition, where QB programmers are challenged to create the best GUI they can. This site also has in-depth reviews of a large selection of QB GUIs and mock Operating Systems, which is really quite original and quite interesting!
    Unique Features: In addition to the incredible QB OS section, there is the Sepent QB Knowledge Base with a nice selection of advanced FAQs, and the Professor Answers section where users ask QB questions to the answer and are treated to a helpful and thorough response. Also has a nice selection of QB downloads and a message forum.
  4.   Lukman's QB Game Programming   
    Description: A site showcasing Lukman's QB and VB games. In the QB section you can find a selection of simple but addictive Diamond Crash, Devil Mansion or Mission in the Solar System.
    Unique Features: Lukman's programs all come with nice descriptions and screenshots, and there's also a neat utility called PSET Arranger which creates DATA so that you can place fake sprites with PSET statements. Lukman has a nice collection of fun games, even if they're not very glamorous.
  5.   19Day Programming Productions   
    Description: 19Day has been a regular at NeoZones forever, and was once working on an interesting game called MazeRPG starring a yellow smily face that reminds me of Pac-Man. If memory serves right, the smily from Maze RPG even made a cameo in Danny Gump's RPG, The Mystical Journey.
    Unique Features: 19Day's site doesn't have much to it. It's got a lot of art and writing, but as far as QB content, it's limited to demos of MazeRPG and a few other original utilities, such as a DirectQB Font Editor with increased capability over the one that comes standard with the library.
  6.   GWBasic/QuickBasic/QBasic/Visual Basic Repository   
    Description: Na_th_an's BASIC Compiler repository. This includes nearly every different release of Microsoft BASIC compilers and interpreters from GWBasic until Visual Basic 4.0. This is a very complete and admirable collection, though its legality certainly is questionable. Clearly Microsoft makes no money on any of these compilers anymore, and they've been off the market for years. However, Pete's QB Site was SHUT DOWN in 1999 for distributing versions of QuickBasic. I provide you this link at your own risk, and do not condone downloading of copyrighted software. (Though I could download any version of BASIC on this site wihout feeling an ounce of guilt.)
    Unique Features: Downloads of every significant version of QB are here, including rarer finds like versions 2.0 and 3.0. Old favorites like QuickBasic 4.5 and PDS 7.1 are also available.
  7.   QBasic World   
    Description: A quite annoying site that amounts to a giant tutorial covering many aspects of QB programming with very little depth. It starts with the topic "What is QBasic?" and then a few pages later, it's showing you how to use the Modem...before it even teaches you the PSET command.
    Unique Features: This tutorial is not very well organized, but the real kicker is this: the page has a WHITE background, and uses WHITE text. So you can't see it without highlighting. That's a good plan. Has a lot of broken links too. Still, there is a lot of source code and a lot of useful topics are covered.
  8.   DPH1701 Computer Software   
    Description: Website with a lot of biology and chemistry programs; one helps you find solubility of simple ionic compounds, another displays the Periodic Table. However, there are a few games, including a pong clone, roulette and Asteroid Attacker!
    Unique Features: Basically a collection of some science reference programs and a handful of games that have been cloned hundreds of times before. At least these are original versions!
  9.   D-Man's QBasic Domain   
    Description: Very small site, with some broken links, that has a handful of original programs made by D-Man. The most interesting one was called Mousey: "You play as a mouse, try to get the cheese, and try not to let the cats get you."
    Unique Features: Just a small list of downloads and also a page listing every QB command and the syntax. Most of the downloads are screensaver programs.
  10.   Ryan Lin's QBasic Website   
    Description: Ryan Lin's QBasic section has four original tutorials that tailor to beginners, as well as three "Interactive" tutorials where "you will learn through a more interactive (duh!) and non-robotic teaching ways (as in the tutorials)." Additionally, many of Ryan's original game programs and engines are here, though no truly complete games are available.
    Unique Features: Downloads of all the tutorials and programs, including an RPG fight engine, an animated game engine called Rain where you "make a character walk around" and a pong clone. The tutorials are well-written, even if the programs are not!
  11.   J-Software Productions   
    Description: Small programming group specializing in making media creation (sound & graphics) creation software in QB. Programs include the graphics editor PixDraw and "probably the only melody composer supporting PC-Speaker," called Sound.
    Unique Features: Pretty boring site, to tell the truth. These are original programs, yes, and I'm sure that they're very functional...but they've definitely been done before. Just not a very interesting site.
  12.   SZ Dev   
    Description: Santiago Zapata's QB programming page. His finished products include two space shooters based on characters from the Starcraft universe: Archer Fire and NeoArcher Fire. There are also some projects in the works, including the RPG Nemesis Stars and a roguelike game called Times Before Magic.
    Unique Features: There's basically just brief descriptions, screenshots and download links for Santiago's programs that were mentioned above. Some of the programs look quite interesting.
  13.   QuickForward: QuickBasic Compatible Compiler   
    Description: Home of QuickForward, a freeware 99% QuickBASIC 4.5 compatible compiler that has been in production for a few years. They claim that it will be: "the most full featured and easiest to use BASIC compiler ever." Licensed Under the GPL.
    Unique Features: QuickForward's page has a lot of information about this ambitious project, downloads of the most recent version (though right now it is limited to the source code), and a useful reference library that has text resources with information about compiling x86 compatible source code. I'm sure it could come in useful if you ever want to make your own QB compiler.
  14.   Justin's Really Keen Page: Dopefish Division   
    Description: From the page: "The Dopefish is a burping fish from the computer game Commander Keen IV: Secret of the Oracle. He has become sort of an inside joke with id Software (makers of Keen) and Apogee (publishers of Keen) and has made cameo appearances in a whole slew of games. "
    Unique Features: Basically, Justin's page is a fansite for the Dopefish, and has quite a few downloads, including three QB Dopefish-centered programs: two text adventures where you save Dopefish from certain doom and a graphical screensaver with MIDI music.
  15.   uNESsential   
    Description: Johannes Holmberg's NES emulator, written entirely in QuickBasic with no ASM routines, and not even using PEEK and POKE for speed. According to Johannes: "I don't want to use it in uNESsential. uNESsential is not programmed to be fast (!), it is meant to be something that other people can study, and hopefully learn something from."
    Unique Features: This page was last updated in 1999 and doesn't have very much on it at all. This is home to the first NES emulator in QB that was actually able to play games (though not very well). The program and source code are still available for download.
  16.   Austin's All QBasic Page   
    Description: Site catering to newbies by Austin, which has its own series of beginners' tutorials that are actually really well-done. They are quite in-depth and explain a lot of concepts in very plain language. There is a small files section too with a few games by Austin, such as Catch, "My Pride and Joy, a pretty cool game where you try to catch falling drips."
    Unique Features: I must confess that Austin's tutorials are really very good--well written and very helpful to beginners. The files section is also nice, with a small selection of games you won't find anywhere else.
  17.   Curly's Mega Web   
    Description: A QB and VB programmer who uses the languages to mutually help each other; he has created a nice Win9x app that will automatically run .bas files from Windows Explorer (with libraries too, if necessary), as well as a QB graphics converter program made in VB. Additionally, there's a Dr. Mario-like game called, simply, Game, and also a cool twist on Pac-Man here called Mom here where players have to run around the level and light up light bulbs instead of eating dots.
    Unique Features: All of the programs come with screenshots and nice little descriptions, and some of the programs have separate pages that go into even more detail. Of course, this is just to distribute Curly's programs, so there's not much to it.
  18.   Andrew Collins' QB Page   
    Description: Andrew Collins' barebones QB page that distributes his small collection of original programs. Available here are five builds of his Tiny Roguelike engine, as well as a Random dungeon generator, Line of Sight code and some Text Parsing sourcecode.
    Unique Features: This is a plain white site with Times New Roman font, short descriptions and links. It's there for functionality, not to dazzle you! But it does have a nice selection of code that you might find interesting or helpful; it's well-commented and explains how to achieve some pretty standard game engine features that you might have trouble writing on your own.
  19.   Billy's QBasic Page   
    Description: Small QB site focusing mainly on helping newbies learn to code both QB and a little bit of Assembly. Has original tutorials written by Billy Miller.
    Unique Features: Several compilers and a handful of small programs that you probably wouldn't be interested in (they do tasks like find prime numbers...). The tutorials section is pretty good, though, with both both Billy's tutorials and a small selection of tutorials by others.
  20.   99 Bottles of Beer - One Program in Over 600 Variations   
    Description: You know that old repetitive song "99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall"? Well, there's a site devoted to creating programs that will type the lyrics to it on your screen in hundreds of different programming languages!
    Unique Features: QBasic and QuickBasic are included on this site, as well as other dialects of BASIC that are compatible with QB. This is a fun diversion, and it's neat to see the similiarities and differences between all the different programming languages.
  21.   YPI QBasic Homepage   
    Description: Yousuf Philips' QB site, where his original programs are released. YPI mainly has been creating graphics utilities for the loading of graphics files into Qbasic. Graphics utilities have been made for about a dozen different formats.
    Unique Features: This site has a large collection of useful QB applications and code snippets, but not a lot of the "entertainment" type. If you're looking for games, this is not the place. There are also some very nice tutorials here. A good place to go if you'd like to learn some new programming techniques.
  22.   Das QBasic Portal   
    Description: A German QB site that has a (fairly shoddy) English translation. This site doesn't seek to add any content of its own, but is instead a Portal to other QB sites.
    Unique Features: Most of the sites linked here are German, but this site does some interesting things with its links: there is a "Visitor Card" for each one that sums up all of the features of the site, and for most of the pages, there is an interview with the webmaster. Most of the interviews are pretty long and comprehensive, though they are in German. A nice site, but not of much use if you don't speak German.
  23.   J-A-R-N-O.nl   
    Description: This personal interests site has a large section devoted to the results of microwaving CDs...but it also has a section with some downloadable QB games too!
    Unique Features: This site is run by a Dutch guy, so there are some games by other people from the Netherlands here that you might not have heard of. The QB Games section has a lot of animated screenshots to accompany both original and contributed games. Some neat ones include: Mythical Quest (Prince of Persia-style game), High Noon (Cowboy shootout), Jumping Jack Flash (Where you try to climb to the top of the screen), and Naval Battle.
  24.   Farmer Software   
    Description: Farmer Software is a one-man operation last updated in 1997. Uses cow wallpaper for the background!
    Unique Features: Farmer Software has a nice supply of programs from around the QB community and also a good tutorials selection. There are a few original programs here, such as the sprite editor SpriteIt.
  25.   Baxter Productions   
    Description: Home of Baxter Productions and Gamma-Flare Games. This entire site is basically dedicated to information about their martial-arts RPG Legends Of Dynasty: Dragon Fist which was never finished. This site was last updated in 1998, and the last information about Legends of Dynasty dates back to 1997.
    Unique Features: There are many screenshots and text descriptions of various parts of the martial arts RPG. I was quite amazed by Legends of Dynasty, considering how old this program is. Very nice graphics! This game was quite an accomplishment for the time--it's a pity it will never be finished.
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