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  1.   QB4All   
    Description: An absolutely MASSIVE QBasic archive run by a chap from Greece. At first glance, this site doesn't look to be that great; it has a very simple, very clean layout, with few options in the menu. But upon further inspection, you'll find that this site has nearly 1,000 programs and tutorials for download.
    Unique Features: This is a phenomenal site--a fast server with just about the largest QB files collection--only to be rivaled by Future Software when it was in its prime. The tutorials section is especially good, with lots of great resources for download. Absolutely worth the visit!
  2.   QBasic My Style   
    Description: A nice little site with some helpful original tutorials.
    Unique Features: Has a pretty good file download archive which, for some reason, is rated with Stars of David. Has a nice, clean layout.
  3.   RPG-Dev.net   
    Description: Fling-master's RPG development site, for all programming languages. This is a huge archive, with dozens of RPGs, many of which (maybe even the majority of) are in QuickBasic.
    Unique Features: This site is also rich with tutorials, example code, articles on game design and more. Additionally, this site is completely automated, and every resource keeps a nice, organized arrangement of statistics, including as user ratings. If you have any interest at all in RPG development, you HAVE to visit this page.
  4.   Shattered Realms Productions   
    Description: Shattered Realms is a gifted programmer whose projects include Twigz, a point and click adventure game, The Great Escape and a library called T*Lib. This site is rich with information about these three programs.
    Unique Features: Featuring a ton of news, screenshots and information about all Shattered Realms productions. This site also has a very nice design.
  5.   QBasic Gamerz Society   
    Description: Made by Dessysoft, this is a surprisingly rich resource of games and tutorials. It also has a unique graphics style and some original games, such as bONG!
    Unique Features: Most impressive about this site is the HUGE selection of tutorials that are available for download; it's definitely one of the biggest collections in the QB community. Additionally, there is a wide selection of games for download, many of which are relatively obscure. Then there's the QB Masterz section, featuring the Top Ten QB games. A rather obscure QB site that is surprisingly good!
  6.   Marc's Homepage   
    Description: Marc's Homepage: a little bit of this and a little bit of that, with a friendly helping of QB on the side. I think he's Canadian.
    Unique Features: In the QB section, you can download a few of Marc's simple text-based games, such as Guns, a gun-trading simulation, Cops and Robbers or Race, a horseracing game.
  7.   QBasic Station   
    Description: One of the longest-running QB sites on the Internet, the QBasic Station has quite a bit of great content. This site is geared especially toward helping programmers learn QB. Aside from many tutorials, original games are also available for download.
    Unique Features: The QBasic Station has a very clean and organized design, and is run all by original scripts. It includes a "Members' Area" where visitors can sign up to compete for points by doing certain tasks around the site. It also is the only QB site that I know of that posts downloadable voice messages for visitors to listen to--a sort of QB radio show, I suppose. Definitely worth a look!
  8.   Akarsha Kumar's QBasic Stuff   
    Description: Akarsha Kumar's three QB programs. It's a plain black and white site, with the standard font: size 12 Times New Roman.
    Unique Features: Three programs: Road Racer, Address Book and Minesweeper. That's about it.
  9.   Ultimate QB   
    Description: This site has a very clean and attractive layout, and offers a pretty big selection of QUALITY downloads. (It's not filled to the brim with hundreds of screensavers like a lot of sites are.)
    Unique Features: Aside from the download collection, though, this site really doesn't offer much. Nevertheless, it's a very well-made site, and definitely worth a look!
  10.   Jay Cook's Place of Webspace   
    Description: Jay Cook's site, home to a few games that rocked the QB world back in '97: Ziel, the Zelda-style RPG; Killer, where you run around and kill convicts; FirePit, where you escape from an ever-growing fire; and many more. Jay is a quite accomplished coder who really pushed QB to the limits back in the days before ASM libraries were commonplace.
    Unique Features: Includes several really great original games (like Ziel, as well as some awesome older games by others for download. Quite a bit of content, and most of the games have their own separate full-page description, along with screenshots. A very well-done site!
  11.   Keith's Web Korner   
    Description: A site that shut down, but was left up to distribute Robot Robbery, "the final demo version. A simple platform game; you need QBasic to run it."
    Unique Features: One page, with a link to download Robot Robbery and another link to download an odd script/parody called The Weakest Fink--(it's not a QB game, just a text file).
  12.   Richard and Chris' QBasic Site   
    Description: Plauged by broken images, missing files and broken links, Richard and Chris' QBasic Site was a QB site with a modest file library that is no longer of much use.
    Unique Features: This site had a large selection of quality programs for download, but various server mishaps have unfortunately made that archive just about empty.
  13.   Mafioso Software   
    Description: A site tailoring to a half-dozen languages, including tutorials and compilers.
    Unique Features: As far as QB content goes, there's a single tutorial and a few BASIC compilers. Nothing to write home about, that's for sure.
  14.   Magic Square Software   
    Description: Home of three-person programming group with two projects: Hell and Xenius. There's not much info about these games, and I'm sure they've both been canned by now.
    Unique Features: Magic Square really has nothing to it; it never released any copies of its own games, and doesn't offer anything new as far as content.
  15.   Mattsson Residence: QBASIC Games   
    Description: A small Swedish QB games site (in English) offering a few games and utilities, with translations in both languages.
    Unique Features: Thunderbugs and Thunderbugs2, two aerial shooters, sound interesting. So do Gobbles and Poltergeist. Worth a look!
  16.   Mike's Programming HomePage   
    Description: Site by Mike with revelations on the main page, including "I like Fire!" The QBasic section has a collection of three very simple programs.
    Unique Features: Programs include a fake BIOS, a calculator and DosHell v3.12. The VBasic section has a little bit more (but not much).
  17.   MikeWare Softworks' QBASIC Programming Page   
    Description: Home of a text adventure called King Arthur's Escape. This site consists of a single page.
    Unique Features: Has five other programs to download (by other people) and a few links. The only thing really to see here is the King Arthur text adventure...
  18.   Mohammed's QBasic Research Page   
    Description: abionnnn's page, created way back in 1997. A great window into the QB community back when it was just building steam.
    Unique Features: Includes a pretty big list of downloads, though about half of them have broken links. Also has a QB "Source Exam" and is a supporter a lot of Anti-Mac stuff.
  19.   MRS' QBasic Site   
    Description: Michael Rye Srensen's small QB site, which mainly distributes his own little programs. He has over thirty MRS productions available, but there's nothing significant--mostly graphics demos and short single-function hardware programs.
    Unique Features: Also features a collection of submitted programs and a useful "Tips" section.
  20.   Enigma Software   
    Description: The programming company of Dan Kennedy and Derek Fitzpatrick, which mostly focused on VB programs, but made the occasional QB 4.5 program too. These two were very good coders, but nothing really came out of their site.
    Unique Features: The most promising QB project is their unfinished RPG, Ring of Scars. This site also has a very nice layout, especially considering that it was made in 1998 when ugly layouts were all the rage. Nevertheless, has lots of broken links and not enough content to keep you interested for long.
  21.   Gypsy Bill's Pad   
    Description: A humorous personal site with an odd QB section. Odd I say because the programs include An Alien which "walks around and pees on stuff", and games by such dubious names as Death by Salt and Ballz of Hell.
    Unique Features: There are a total of seven programs here.
  22.   Hexenmaster Hall   
    Description: A French site (in French) with a useful QB section. The webmaster is working on a Pac-Man clone.
    Unique Features: Includes French versions of QB as well as a neat tutorial for the French QB GUI. Additionally, this site has a decent sized program downloads section with quite a few English programs, but also some more obscure French QB games.
  23.   Scorpion City   
    Description: Site of a pretty talented programmer, who uses many different languages. Included is a QB section with seven of his "older" games ('92-'94 era) that look kind of fun.
    Unique Features: There is a Minesweeper game, a puzzle game called Sokoban and a slider puzzle game called Doiley. Plus four more. Also: this site's got a nice clean layout.
  24.   DEEDO Basic Homepage   
    Description: A little tiny QB programming page with an odd name. It hasn't been updated since 1997.
    Unique Features: Offers just a handful of QB programs to download, mostly by other people. Luckily, though, it has a chat room. You know, so all of this site's hundreds of visitors can discuss the latest DEEDO news. (What is it with every tiny site on the Internet having its own independent chat room? Jeesh.)
  25.   Robin Ohm's QBasic Software Pages   
    Description: From Holland, it's the QBasic Software Pages. These are mostly beginners' programs, and mostly written by Robert Ohm to help teach basic programming skills. (There's even a section entitled "Easy to Understand Programs.")
    Unique Features: Fairly run-of-the-mill programs like Hangman and various Clock programs, but they're good for beginners (as was their purpose).
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