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  1.   QBasic.com   
    Description: QBasic.com has *the* URL, but unfortunately hasn't been updated since 1999. This site is a great resource for beginning programmers and has an assortment of programs and tutorials aimed toward teaching QB basics.
    Unique Features: Features an active message forum used mostly by newbies, beginner tutorials, dozens of older (and simpler) QB programs to download, and other useful newbie information. The content of QBasic.com is quite dated, though this sometimes has its benefits.
  2.   NeoBasic   
    Description: NeoBasic is the choice hang-out spot for many veteran QB programmers (who mostly don't program much QB anymore), and is automated by the custom Neo-Marcade system. Its main draw is its active message board, which is made up of the old NeoZones Productions community.
    Unique Features: A very active message board (which also features a "Philosophy" board on the side); automated projects and files sections where users can add their own work (this once was a giant file archive, but since then it's been reset to only a handful of programs); and many other small sections offering dynamic content.
  3.   M \ K Productions   
    Description: The famous Molnar \ Kucalaba Productions website, which has been involved in the QB scene since 1995. M \ K pioneered QB mouse routines, SoundBlaster music and many interesting graphics routines, and is currently working on "Binary Space Partitioning" (3D) engine in QB as well as a Windows-based NES emulator.
    Unique Features: M \ K features about two dozen original QB programs for downloads including many useful utilities; information about the group's latest projects; a news archive going back to 1997; and the M \ K DC Branch subsite which features Microsoft Virtual C creations. Conspicuously absent is the famous M \ K creation Bob Saget Killer 2000, which has been removed from the site in recent years. M \ K Productions is a long-standing and interesting QB resource, with a strong nostalgia factor for those who have been in the QB community since the mid-nineties.
  4.   V Planet!   
    Description: The best QB reviews site on the Internet (and this is coming from another QB reviews site!) V Planet! has evolved over the years to the leading QB online magazine, featuring QB-community commentary and the most thorough, thoughtful and honest QB reviews available anywhere.
    Unique Features: Over 100 reviews with a unique 35-point rating system, QB-community news and editorials, and home to the QB Gaming Gold Awards.
  5.   Qbasic / Quickbasic News   
    Description: A constantly-updated QBASIC news site--the first place to go for the latest QB news and information, or to spread news about your own QB projects. A great resource!
    Unique Features: Often-updated QB news blog on the main page, an active message board with cool weekly/monthly challenges, and original tutorials and articles.
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