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  1.   Running Cheetah Software   
    Description: Spotted Cheetah's website, with all sorts of interesting content and a lot of original game programs. The site is also "heavily-Cheetahfied", with dozens of pictures of the giant savanna cats.
    Unique Features: RCS's original programs include "Kicsi Kocsi", QB FM Midiplayer, a QB Sprite Editor, "Island of Cheetahs" and many more. All of them come with descriptions and screenshots. RCS also has other sections including Tutorials, Art, a Link Exchange, and a Graveyard of the old Running Cheetah website (which also has a lot of interesting content).
  2.   Digital Oasis   
    Description: ShiftLynx's nicely-designed site, featuring programs he has written in QB, FreeBasic, Java, C, Perl and more. Many of them are cool graphics demos or helpful utilities. Has a lot of interesting programming content, but it isn't necessary QB/FB related.
    Unique Features: You'll find lots of graphics demos (mostly FB and C), useful apps such as a BMP to BSAVE converter, and a whole lot of useful tutorials on topics ranging from Bubble Sorting to XOR Encryption. The majority of these are written for C programmers, but the concepts can be applied to QB too. Also, there are two extremely useful FreeBasic sound tutorials: "Using OpenAL for 3D Sound" and "In-Game Music with FMOD".
  3.   Data Components GUI Reviews   
    Description: Todd Seuss's phenomenal QBasic/QuickBasic GUI reviews website. If you're looking for a QB GUI, this is the place to go. I had no idea that there so many QB GUIs in existence, but somehow Todd has managed to find 135 of them so far!
    Unique Features: This site has screenshots, reviews and detailed information for more than 135 GUIs as of June '05. It is also host to regular updates, and has a nice, simple layout that makes navigation easy. If you are interested in QB GUIs, this is the place to go.
  4.   Phat Code   
    Description: Plasma's new Phat Code site just launched recently, but it's quickly becoming one of the most useful QB sites around. It features a slick design and is entirely automated and dynamic thanks to custom PHP scripts.
    Unique Features: Already Plasma has put together a large collection of useful downloads, all with a thorough description and often several screenshots. You can also find out about Plasma's projects, or tutorials on many different aspects of programming. Phat Code also has a great section called "Scene News" which aggregates news postings from around the Qmunity into one convenient location for easy viewing. This should be your first stop if you want an overview of what's going on in the QB scene. In addition to the QB content, there's also info about other programming languages and Dreamcast emulation.
  5.   QBasic Lab   
    Description: "QBasic Lab: Jace Masula's QBasic Hobby Programming" page. This site is the model of what a personal projects page should be. Simple but attractive design, and lots of information and screenshots of all of his releases. And to make it even better: this site gets regular updates.
    Unique Features: Jace Masula / momoguru is a great programmer who makes a lot of apps to help other people make their own games, such as ASCII QUEST Editor, QBSprite and RPGLab. He's also made his fair share of games, including the burger stand sim game Big Burger, the space survival game Starquest, the turn-based strategy game Kingsland, the early-'80s hacker simulation Codelink, or his ASCII adventure game Dragon Quest. Very cool programs that are worth your attention.
  6.   Bomberpunk's Entertainment Center   
    Description: The QBasic section of Bomberpunk's site exists merely to distribute his own games, which all sound pretty interesting. I haven't tried any of them yet, but I'm definitely going to stop back and check them out for real when I get a chance.
    Unique Features: The games include 2 Drunk Guys, ASCIIvania, Gemini Blast and Katamari Damacy QB, all of which have their own page-long description. There's also a section with brief "reviews" (aka feedback) people have given Bomberpunk on his games. It's a pretty bare site, but who knows, the games might be awesome.
  7.   Steven Sivek's QBasic Page   
    Description: Simple site with a bunch of downloads and a few links (ie: the same as just about any other QB site, heheh).
    Unique Features: The program downloads here, which number at several dozen, are mostly the ones you see at every other site. Maybe there's something special, but judging by my quick scan over the page, I didn't catch anything that couldn't also be found at QB45.com. But hey, at least the downloads actually work. :)
  8.   Nick's Website   
    Description: "Everything that Nick decides is cool can be found here!" This site by Nick (aka NEWKid) has sections about Star Wars, QBasic and a few other topics. The QBasic section itself is very small.
    Unique Features: The QB section has two hardcoded "Millionaire Games" which ask you the same trivia questions in the same order each time you play, plus a beginners' tutorial by Nick. Bonus feature: Nick always refers to himself in the third person.
  9.   ClearGenesis Studios   
    Description: Single-page site of a QB programmer who was making a MechWarrior clone for the Qlympics a long time ago. His site is still up, and the 3D engine demo is still downloadable.
    Unique Features: Aside from the downloadable engine demo, there are a lot of pictures of mechs from various animes and videogames here. And that's pretty much it.
  10.   Jack's QBasic Site   
    Description: New QB site by Jack that doesn't have much content yet. It was just started in March 2005, so that's understandable.
    Unique Features: Forum, Links, Downloads, Tutorials -- the usual stuff, but in pretty low quantity. Jack also has downloads of Jackbot (his AI chatroom simulator) and Jack's Encryption Program available. Oh, and a JavaScript applet lets you change the background color of any page.
  11.   ROTA Systems   
    Description: This relatively new QB site (its banner says "ROTA Systems 2005") has a collection of simple, original games that span over many different genres from puzzle to RPG to economics simulator. The site design leaves a something to be desired, but the downloadable content is good.
    Unique Features: The games on this site include Burtgorm: Quest For The Mirror Mask, Dungeon, the two-player dice game Fangs, the fighting game MiniBattlers, the lemon-stand simulator Lemon and more. All of the games have screenshots and short descriptions on the site.
  12.   Blupoo's QBasic Page   
    Description: Last updated in 2001, Bluepoo's QBasic Page never really got off the ground. It's got one original game for download, and a bit of information on the now-defunct game "Bit World".
    Unique Features: In the My Programs page there's a game called HorsePlay available. The description is: "Puzzle game. Use a horse to get around a chess board. Quite hard." Also in the Projects section, there's a prerendered 3D screenshot from the adventure game Bluepoo was once working on called "Bit World". It looks promising, but there's a snowball's chance in hell that it will ever get finished. So don't hold your breath.
  13.   QBasic Archives   
    Description: Site by Patrick Johnson where the name says it all. It is a QBasic downloads page -- nothing more, nothing less.
    Unique Features: This site has exactly 101 files on it, and since it hasn't been updated since 2000, I doubt that number will be changing soon. Most of these files look like standard downloads that you'll find on many QB sites, but I'm sure there is a gem somewhere in this collection.
  14.   Pete's Game Programming Page   
    Description: Formerly known as "Pete's QBasic Page" (yeah, another one), this QB site is just an empty site with a short message telling visitors "what's to come." Well, suffice to say, it never came. I don't want to sound vain, but not all Petes are created equal. :)
    Unique Features: If you want to waste your time, go here.
  15.   G&G Productions   
    Description: By-the-books QBasic site by two guys: Greg and Gem. This site was updated about a dozen times in July 1999 (before it was abandoned). It doesn't have anything you haven't seen before.
    Unique Features: Unique? Not much. The files section is empty, the Tutorials section has only tutorials reprinted from other sites (ie: Mallard's tuts from QBasic.com), and then there's a small links section. The only thing slightly unique here is a demo for a simple game called "The Adventures of Jack".
  16.   QuickBasic FR   
    Description: French QB site with A LOT of downloads, most of which are ones you won't find on English sites (I didn't recognize most of them). This site is also home of Le QB-Ring (webring) and a French QB chat room.
    Unique Features: Nice design and well-organized files collection. There are dozens of files here, including a lot of French QB games that you might find interesting. At least they're different from the standard collection of downloads available on every English QB site.
  17.   H.Y.B.R.I.D.   
    Description: Homepage of a QB programming group consisting of Sane, Wildcard, Elf and Freedy. Sane released two impressive graphics demos under the H.Y.B.R.I.D. label back in 2000 and 2001, but this group never released anything else.
    Unique Features: This site has a nice design, but there's not much to it. There are pages about both of Sane's demos -- "I'm the Superhero" and "Avenging 2D" -- and on the front page there's a rudimentary message board. That's about it.
  18.   Jarrard Software   
    Description: Small QB programming "company" with the tagline "Psycho Graphics". A small collection of original releases can be found here, including their Paint program DosDraw Artist, an alarm clock program Psycho Alarm, Star Clock, and a few graphics demos.
    Unique Features: All the programs are available for download, and each is accompanied by a screenshot. Aside from the downloads, though, there's not much to the Jarrard Software site.
  19.   LoKing's FreeBasic Projects   
    Description: Small one-page site with LoKing's FB releases. Basically it amounts to a few screenshots, short descriptions and download links for FB programs.
    Unique Features: As of right now (June '05), there are two releases available: a fun minigame called "MazeRun" and a LightBright simulator.
  20.   Chooo!!!!!   
    Description: "The (2nd) most unofficial QBasic page IN THE WORLD" brought to you by mennonite. (The title of this page seems to be a parody of "AHHHH!!!! - THE MOST UNOFFICIAL QBASIC PAGE IN THE WORLD!") A disorganized but interesting and useful site.
    Unique Features: Mennonite's site has all kinds of random QB-related content on it, including a "QBasic to FreeBasic tutorial", an interesting project to end broken QBasic Links, a list of a lot of upcoming projects (ranging from vaporware projects to ones that have actually been completed), a lot of quotes and useful links, and more. There is also a lot of information here pertaining to "The QBasic Forum", the popular Network54 QB board linked to by QBasic.com.
  21.   Syn9's Page   
    Description: Syn9 is a great QB / FB coder, constantly turning out amazing 3D demos and polished RPGs, but his website really doesn't reflect how great his programs are. This barebones site has barely anything on it right now. Syn9 is a man of few words -- no section contains more than a sentence or two, and only his most current projects are even mentioned here.
    Unique Features: You'll find some download links for some of Syn9's more recent projects (like his action RPG Griffon Legend), a small News section, and a small forum. If he adds more of his work, this site would be much more interesting, since Syn9's projects (think Zero G, his 3D demos, etc.) never fail to amaze.
  22.   Bad-Logic Forum   
    Description: A few years ago, the forum at Bad-Logic.com was an active haven for advanced QuickBasic programmers looking to push the language to its maximum potential. V1ctor and Blitz headed this forum, which was an extension of their main site where you could find programs like the UGL library and DSOCK. Unfortunately at some point, Bad-Logic went down and the forum disappeared. In 2005, Bad-Logic member Marzec relaunched the Bad-Logic forum from a database backup on his own server.
    Unique Features: This forum is no longer active (it gets four or five posts a week, on average), but it is still a valuable resource. Not only does it contain the history of the Bad-Logic site and the months leading up to FreeBasic, but it also has answers to many difficult programming questions in all sorts of languages.
  23.   TGSite   
    Description: Hezoe's site, with information about his favorite video games and info about his programming projects. Hezoe programs in both QB and RapidQ, and is working on a new RPG called Doki.
    Unique Features: The Basic Programming section of this site is very small right now, with an "About Me", "News" and "Links" all combined into one page. Here you can find the latest news on Hezoe's programs, and links to download some of them.
  24.   Yummy Potatoes   
    Description: "Potatoes are yummy, so is this stuff" is the catchphrase of YummyPotatoes.net, the site of a computer teacher who teaches QBasic in class.
    Unique Features: The QBasic section of this site has many useful reference guides for beginning QB programmers, inlcuding charts of color codes, screen modes, an ASCII chart. There are also source code snippets to teach basic skills. In the Files section are a few simple text adventures that are used to teach logic and typing to children. It's a small site, but it could be helpful to other computer teachers looking for help with their QBasic lesson plans.
  25.   MGD's FFB Games   
    Description: Mitth'Raw'Nuruodo's QB and FB games page. It's just one page with barely anything there -- download links and a giant smiley face JavaScript animation.
    Unique Features: The downloads include demos of the space shooter SpaceMerc, a Rubik's Cube Solver, a screen saver and "A Mind Trick". That's about all that's on this page.
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