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  1.   Sasha Vukelic's Site   
    Description: Personal site of Sasha Vukelic, including a few QuickBasic programs for download. Current projects: "Temper, a space strategy game that's very simple and should be very fun"; and "Fight, a space ship duel game except for the fact that there are three ships in a free for all combat."
    Unique Features: There are also some finished games here, including a Pong clone and a space shooter called Dynamic.
  2.   Apoky! Sotware   
    Description: Three brothers who work together under the name Apoky! to create games. They created the QB game Skate.
    Unique Features: The Apoky! site is kind of empty. There are links on the side to download their programs and thumbnail pictures of the programmers. And that's about it.
  3.   Hamster Republic   
    Description: A truly insane site, adorned with frenetic animations of hampsters, with sections including "Elvis Sightings" and conspiracy theories about Vlad the Impaler. One of the sections is a collection of original programs. Just about all of them are starring hamsters, specifically a guy known as "Bob the Hamster."
    Unique Features: Many of the games here were written in QB (though several were written in C or Pascal). The QB RPG Wandering Hamster is considered one of the best, and BobQuest is pretty neat too. This group released some pretty amazing games (for the time) and was unheard of in the QB community until a few years ago. But now they're here, along with their insane sense of humor.
  4.   GameDev.net   
    Description: General-purpose site about game development for all languages. This has very little information specifically about QB and tailors almost specifically to "professional" languages--kind of a resource for amateur programmers who wish to one day make a living in the game industry.
    Unique Features: Still, this site has HUNDREDS of tutorials and articles that discuss game design concepts that apply to all languages, discussing everything from choice of colors in game graphics to writing a game's story to character design. This also has a very active message board that is frequented by many skilled programmers. This site will have you reading for hours, even if you won't find much QB content here.
  5.   Nebula Software   
    Description: Home of Nebula Software, one of the QB community's leaders in first person shooters and 3D graphics. The Nebula Engine II and the FPS Resistance are a true testament of what QB can really do when pushed to its limits. Also make sure you check out Nebula-Engine: Capture the Flag, a fun clone of Unreal Tournament's Capture The Flag mode.
    Unique Features: This site not only features information and screenshots of Nebula Software releases, but also reviews of other peoples' QB programs. There are some neat articles on first person shooters and raytracers here, too!
  6.   RyoSoft   
    Description: RyoSoft is a QB programmer interested especially in anime and pixel art. He's working on an RPG called TerraBattles as well as a checkers game called QCheckers and a sprite editor, SpritEditor. Also has a healthy archive of only quality QB programs, many of which are original creations.
    Unique Features: This is a site heavily-dependent on art and graphics, but unfortunately when I visited, none of the graphics or program files were working. (That's too bad, this site would be really great if its content were still available...) Fortunately, Ryosoft's older site is available here, with much of the material intact.
  7.   MadMonkey Independent Game Network   
    Description: A site featuring homebrew games written in all different languages (even Mac OS X games are featured here). Included in the bunch are several QB games. Also available here are a nice collection of tutorials.
    Unique Features: This site is pretty disorganized, with very little information about the games included on the site. It does have a lot of content, though. If you want to find the QB resources, you're gonna have to do a bit of searching.
  8.   Trevor's Game Page   
    Description: Small site featuring games by Trevor Goodwin. Includes two RPGs: The Lands of Hulash I and II and a 3D maze / raycasting program.
    Unique Features: A bright yellow, one-page site that doesn't have much content on it. I say go and download the games, then get out of there (maybe by clicking one of Trevor's QB links)...
  9.   Delta Code   
    Description: Joe King's Delta Code, a site with a lot of great information on Raycasting engines in QB. There are three tutorials (with source code) and the JNK Raycasting Engine.
    Unique Features: A lot of this site is dedicated to Delta Code games. There are several, including the best: Larry the Dinosaur II, Torched Earth and Unofficial Tournament, complete with screenshots and a bit of information. Additionally, there are several full reviews of QB games by other programmers.
  10.   Programmers Heaven   
    Description: Large multi-language site that has a Basic/QuickBasic section.
    Unique Features: There are active message boards where you can get questions answered and a bunch of programs to download. This site doesn't tailor to the fun and interesting QB games that most people find most appealing, though. Lots of ads, too.
  11.   MasterMinds Software   
    Description: The group behind a few games including Snow Brawl, Lights Out and Rocketeer. Another interesting product is the program Braille for DOS.
    Unique Features: Has information about the finished programs, many of which are platform games. Also, a decent-sized downloads section with programs by the MasterMinds team and others. Should you check it out? I dunno, it's your choice. There's some good stuff here.
  12.   DAG'soft Online Throne   
    Description: Daniel Aaron Gordon's site, featuring a game called Cosmos.
    Unique Features: This site is relatively empty, and as far as QB content goes, Cosmos is it.
  13.   VGameSoft   
    Description: A pretty large programming group that was working on an impressive Zelda-style RPG called Acalypha. Other products include Apple Eater and Freedy's Library.
    Unique Features: There's info about a few VGameSoft releases here and downloads available of everything. Not much other than that, though. This site is also not updated regularly anymore.
  14.   BlueBlaze Dungeon   
    Description: BlueSckR's QB RPGs site, and home to the upcoming RPG ScreenTrap. According to BlueSckR: "ScreenTrap is a cyber punk, science fiction RPG. It'll have a cool story about control, power and a big plot. Gangs of different kinds of men and women rule the world in the future. The state lost his power and people lost their own control. Fanatic groups destroyed huge citys and began to make their own world and own planet...But there is a small group of rebels, in the center of the war, which like to see the earth in peace...
    Unique Features: This site also has a neat little QB RPGs "magazine" of sorts, along with its own pixel art tutorial. Also available is the ToForce Engine V. 0.2, which uses an original library with ASM routines made by BlueSckR.
  15.   Jensen's QBasic Programming   
    Description: Jensen's QBasic Programming site has a handful of small graphics programs and a 16x15 sprite editor (who uses 16x15 sprites?).
    Unique Features: A nice interface with a few programs and versions of QB to download. None of the programs are particularly complex or useful.
  16.   QBasic Forum Community   
    Description: A community of QB forums. This attracts a fair number of posters--there are a few postings a week.
    Unique Features: Includes a link to another QB Forum and a section with a small number of tutorials and downloads.
  17.   Mark's QB4You Site   
    Description: A little site by a guy named Mark, with a sickly yellow background. This is also called the "QB4You" site and there's not really much to it. There are a bunch of forms you can fill out to email information to Mark, and a couple downloads. Also, Mark wrote three very small tutorials on how to make text adventures, though after reading them, I don't know how much they would help.
    Unique Features: All of Mark's programs are text-based, such as his text adventure The Island or his upcoming game Imagine Reality: Operation E.T. (Don't expect much from E.T., though--on the main page is a feedback form asking people if it should be an RPG or an Adventure game. I doubt he's made much progress on it.) Oh, and all of the downloads are already compiled as .EXEs. It would have been nice to at least give people a bit of source code...
  18.   Cornel's QBasic-Site   
    Description: Tiny site in a Germanic-looking language. One blank white page with a a single program to download called Galgje.bas.
    Unique Features: This site also has its own message forum. Oh, and a chat room, since I'm sure it gets lot of hits.
  19.   Sam's QBasic Page   
    Description: Small site by Sam Saccone; has a small collection of QB programs to download, and that's about it.
    Unique Features: There are two main sections: Files and Links. Take your pick.
  20.   Q-Basic Turkey   
    Description: (No, not the bird!) This Turkish QB programming group has produced a large amount of original games, most of which emulate successful board games or PC games to create simple, addictive fun. There are a lot of classic puzzle and strategy games here, but also some cool original titles: check out Jump-X or Attack of the Soldiers.
    Unique Features: This site has quite a bit of interesting content--it will take you quite a while to look through the comprehensive list of game Products, let alone the entire site! There are also tutorials, source code and upcoming projects to check out.
  21.   DarkDreams Software   
    Description: DarkDread's DarkDreams Software has been at the forefront of the QB RPG movement since 1995, and was really at the top of its game in the early 2000's when the RPG company Darkness Ethereal reigned supreme (at least for QB RPGs). Since then, DE has folded and now all that remains of DarkDread's former empire is this tiny site, offering a handful of articles and DarkDreams games, such as ...in the Nocturne.
    Unique Features: This site still has DarkDread's signature gothic style, though the site is a little short on content. It's nothing compared to the old Darkness Ethereal site, unfortunately.
  22.   QuickBasic Accelerator   
    Description: QBXL.net, home of the QB ezine, QuickBasic Acclerator. This site includes all back issues of the Accelerator, as well as all articles, organized in a nice hierarchical format to making surfing easier.
    Unique Features: The QB Acclerator focused mostly on reviewing QB games, so there are quite a few original reviews on this site. This is a nice little magazine...though unfortunately, it is not released very often. For shame.
  23.   Jocke the Beast   
    Description: The guy who started the Roguelike RPG craze himself, Jocke the Beast. Jocke is behind a really neat series of games called Dark Woods that are extremely fun to play. It even got quite a big fan following of people who made custom maps and one person who even made a graphical remake! Jocke has also made a series of Middle Earth Adventures based on Tolkien's famous book series.
    Unique Features: This site has a great layout and is full of content. Check out Jocke's series of articles on QB game programming, which will give you a lot of insight into Roguelike games. And of course, this site contains a ton of great information on all of Jocke's products and future projects.
  24.   Genso's Junkyard II   
    Description: Home of RelSoft, the genius behind the super speedy graphics library RelLib, as well as some mindblowing QB graphical programs like Mono & Disco.
    Unique Features: This site has a lot of information and programs demonstrating 3D graphics, animation and manipulation in QB. It also has a very nice anime-style layout. A little short on actual content, but what is here is good!
  25.   HAR-SoftWare   
    Description: A nice layout, though the content at HAR-SoftWare is a bit lacking. This site has a very clear alliance with QBasic: New Zealand, where they share a lot of content.
    Unique Features: It includes a collection of quality downloads (albeit small), and small number of full reviews...but a lot of sections are pretty empty. To its credit, the content that does appear hear is very good. It just needs a lot of updates!
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