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  1.   PyroElectric Systems and Software   
    Description: Site dedicated to distributing programs like Spacewars, PyroElectric MOD Player and the unpolitically correct Little Pissed Off Mexicans With Big Guns.
    Unique Features: Includes about ten original programs that some people might find interesting. This site doesn't clutter itself with a lot of useless content; it's got a small assorment of high-caliber content.
  2.   Jo & Co Software   
    Description: Small one-man programming company that has released one game (Alien Terror) and two unfinished RPG games (Bloody Medieval and Dark Fantasy). Last updated in 2000.
    Unique Features: This site's purpose is just to distribute Jo & Co Soft's productions, and is quite small. Still, worth a look if you want to find some older, obscure QB projects.
  3.   UnderWARE Labs   
    Description: Since 1994, UnderWARE Labs has been creating neat QB programs and helping beginning programmers. Les of UnderWARE Labs was also a regular contributor to Pete's QB Site back in '99-'00.
    Unique Features: Features LOTS of original programs to download, as well as a respectable collection of tutorials. Also has a nice clean layout. Definitely worth a look!
  4.   BASIX Newsletter   
    Description: A short-lived QBasic email magazine, which had two issues in mid-1999. Unfortunately, it didn't last.
    Unique Features: Both issues as well as a few news bulletins are available in the archive. Other than that, this site's pretty bare.
  5.   QBasic On-Line Central   
    Description: Small QB site with great similarities to THE BOMB! (another terrible QB site). The designer was pretty flash-happy, and made all the menus and logos with Shockwave Flash. The only problem is that the navigation bar is on a continuous loop, so you have to uncheck the loop option on the ricght-click menu to actually navigate. Once you do, though, you'll regret it. There'e nothing here!
    Unique Features: Has a small assortment of programs that you can find on just about any other QB site. Anything more, you ask? Nope. That's it.
  6.   THE BOMB!   
    Description: I think the name of this site is a suggestion as to its quality...THE BOMB! is quite a bomb. At least it has some programs and tutorials to download.
    Unique Features: About 20 game programs to download, as well as QB compilers. All of these are widely available at other sites. THE BOMB! also hosts Mallard's famous QB tutorials. Hmmmm, those aren't available anywhere else, are they?
  7.   QuickBasic Cafe   
    Description: Available in both German and English, QB Cafe is a large site full of downloadable content that also hosts a fairly active message board community. This site is quite cliche in its content, but the sheer quantity is admirable.
    Unique Features: Has well over 200 programs, compilers and tutorials to download. Additionally, there are upcoming projects and a dynamic system to automatically add content.
  8.   Puckdropper's Place   
    Description: A hobbyist's homepage with two QB programs he felt were of "Sharing Quality": Going Home and M$ Clone.
    Unique Features: Other than the two QB programs, aas a bunch of random information on things like Model Trains and '80s computers.
  9.   Nukem Enterprises   
    Description: Once Eriksen Inc, then Sublime Inc, and finally, Nukem Enterprises. This site is home to the Wry text RPG series and a few other original programs, including a cheesy looking survival horror game called Terror: Fear of the Unknown.
    Unique Features: Programs written in C , QB and Javascript are available. There are about a dozen original QB games and programs available for download here. This site is also a member of an odd DiscApp message board network, which I found kind of interesting since all the people on the boards were once posters on the old Pete's QB Site DiscApp!
  10.   Wotsit Programmer's File Format Collection   
    Description: Not exactly a QB site, but this is a great resource for programmers in any language. It has a gigantic archive of information explaining how to read and decode just about any file format. So if you want write your own QB .PCX loader or something, this is your ticket.
    Unique Features: From .3D2 to .ZOO, this has got information on EVERYTHING!
  11.   Dark Knight Software   
    Description: Home of Michael Hoopman's QB RPG series, Dark Ages. Dark Ages I: The Continents is widely-acclaimed in the QB community for being one of the first finished Qb RPGs. And Dark Ages II: Engel, which has been in production since 1998, looks like it will certainly be a worthy successor.

    Unique Features: Includes information about both Dark Ages titles, including screenshots, lots of news, and download links. Additionally, there are links to DA FANPAGES (I told you this game was "acclaimed"), some walkthroughs, etc. Definitely a game series every QBer should be familiar with.
  12.   Jerm's Page   
    Description: Hailing from New Zeland, Jerm has created some pretty neat programs (and has some cool ones in the works), including: Gang Wars and Battle of Destiny. He's also a big fan of Maddox from "The Greatest Page In The Universe", and even made a game starring him!
    Unique Features: This small site includes half a dozen original game programs, with screenshots. Woth a look!
  13.   QBasic Central   
    Description: Home of SonicX, the acclaimed Sonic The Hedgehog clone by JO. Also features a few other original creations, including Murder Quest and Outrun.
    Unique Features: A small assortment of quality downloads (most of them are originals), as well as a lot of information about SonicX. Additionally, features brief reviews of some games.
  14.   Pete's QBasic Page!   
    Description: Thank your lucky stars you're at Pete's QBasic *SITE* and not Pete's QBasic *PAGE*. This site really isn't worth the time of day.
    Unique Features: Has a nice neon green background, one inane image on top, and three tutorials available. Oh, and a link to QBasic.com. Whooo.
  15.   Code002's QBasic Programming   
    Description: Code002's page looks like it's there just to distribute a handful of homebrew games including Checkers and some card games.
    Unique Features: Features two programs sections: Source Code (original games--QB source in .txt format) and Zips (QB games made by others, such as QBlocks).
  16.   GoldHawk's QBasic Stuff   
    Description: Three newbie tutorials that don't get much past PRINT "Hello World!"...
    Unique Features: ...and a QB Suggestion Box labeled "Want me to write a game for you? Believe me, I have the time and energy to spare!"
  17.   Internet Plus   
    Description: Small site with a bit of QB content; includes one original program called Picture Writer 4.00 and a "QB tip sheet."
    Unique Features: Not really worth the time.
  18.   Connor's House   
    Description: Famous for its QBasic Links collection, which was once the largest and most complete QB Links archive on the Internet (with over 600 links). Connor's QB Links now consists of about 180 sites--and many of them are broken. This really is a testament to the shrinking size of the QB community.
    Unique Features: In addition to the links, also features the "QBasic Guidebook" which includes QB Tips, QB Benchmarks (comparing different routines that do the same thing to see which is faster), and a QB syntax guide.
  19.   Jaws V Soft   
    Description: Home of the Mini RPG series, Cookie Deliverer and several other cute, anime-style QB games. The Jaws V site is a pixel artist's dream come true, filled to the brim with stylish art that really makes this site unique. The Jaws V Soft games are really something to behold, and it's definitely because of the awesome character graphics and animation this group is so skilled at.
    Unique Features: Downloads of all the Jaws V Soft releases, as well as a huge collection of original artwork. Additionally, has information about anime releases and information about pixel art. Definitely worth a look!
  20.   QuickBasic News   
    Description: A short-lived QuickBasic News site run by Ice1000. From November to December, 1998, it updated very often with news from around the QB Community. I (Pete) remember checking this site every day back in late '98 for the latest QB news. Too bad it ended so soon.
    Unique Features: Basically a two-month blog of news with a few subsections.
  21.   Charn's QBasic Page   
    Description: A small QB site offering two original QB screen savers and an introductory tutorial on sprite handling.
    Unique Features: A pukalicious spiderweb background that makes this site nearly impossible to read. It also Has some info on Mandelbrot Sets.
  22.   Asim Shankar's Homepage   
    Description: Asimz page, a cool QB programmer from the late '90s. Check in the Old Website -> Vault section for a list of really neat programming challenges, with a lot of emphasis on QBasic programming.
    Unique Features: The Vault is really the only QB-related section of this site, but it is quite interesting. There's a lot of other good content that has nothing to do with QBasic, though!
  23.   Zephyr Software   
    Description: This group released the SVGAQB graphics library in June 1993, which was the first SVGA library available for QB. These libraries (which were last updated in 2000) are available for free from their site.
    Unique Features: Zephyr Software is kind of a one-trick pony, and exists almost exclusively to distribute the SVGAQB libraries. It also includes a few game downloads (that use SVGAQB) and some QB programming tutorials.
  24.   QB45.com   
    Description: QB45.com, once one of the leading QB sites on the internet, has finally returned as of June '05! This site was previously known as Future Software, and was famous for its gargantuan collection of QB downloads -- the biggest in the world. Now it sports a fresh new interactive design.
    Unique Features: The majority of the QB45 program archive is still available for download, and it also has an active message board. A lot of the former content has disappeared over the years, but even with just the download archive and the forum, QB45 is one of the best QB sites online.
  25.   QB71.com   
    Description: A spin-off of QB45, which was started after the preeminent QB downloads site experienced a server crash and a user revolt. To make a long story short, the former QB45 webmaster who was responsible for the crash decided to make a "sequel" to the old site by upgrading to QB71.
    Unique Features: QB71 is relatively new, so its content isn't really established yet. The site is run by automated PHP scripts, and looks to be able to handle hundreds of files and tutorials, as well as a nifty message board. But as of now, the site has only a few dozen programs available and a miniscule number of users.
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