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OMIGAWD! Someone actually wanted to know about me! Well, here you go:

Full Name: Peter Robert Berg

For Short: Pete

EMail Address: courier@spectra.net

Where I Live: Owego, NY, USA

Age: 13

Birthday: July, 26, 1985

Years Programming: 3

How I Started Programming: When I was nine, I found a book called Inventing Your Own Computer Games by Fred D'Ignazzio. I read it, and wanted to start programming right away, but didn't know how to get into BASIC! (You see, the book was made in 1983, and it said when you turned on the computer, you would automatically be in BASIC.) I had windows, and I couldn't get into BASIC. A year and a half later, I was at a little kid's birthday party. Another kid and I went on to their really crappy PC-2, and found GW-BASIC. I was ecstatic! I ran to my house (half a block away), and came back with the orange-covered book. I typed in the first program called "Guess The Number". It had about 15 lines, and all the program did was have you pick a random number between 1 and 20. I was hooked. Later that night, at home, I got out our old 386 laptop, and searched the hard drive. I found GW-BASIC, and QBASIC. First, I logged onto GW-BASIC, but there was a bug in the program-it wouldn't let me run the programs! I tried QBASIC, and it worked perfectly. I typed in all 10(?) programs in that book, and started making my own. I didn't know a lot of commands, but I started making a text adventure called Area 51. I spent tons of time on it, and I didn't realize that it sucked. A year later, I started 7th grade computer class, and we had to make simple programs in QBASIC, similar to the ones that I had been making at home. One day, while talking to a fellow student about QBASIC, I said that I was mad, because I didn't have QBASIC on my Pentium computer. He said you can get it off of QBASIC.COM for free. I visited QBASIC.COM, and discovered the QBASIC COMMUNITY!

Hobbies: Surfing the 'net, Camping, HTML programming, and of course, QBASIC Programming!

I'll get some pictures up, once I can upload stuff.

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