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Banners / Title Images

Pete's QBASIC Site was once notorious for having very few graphics, with the exception of one graphic at the top of the main page. I used to rotate that graphic between one of the several different title graphics that had been made over the years. Check out the various title images that this site has collected since it began.

Official Title Images

This is the original title image that I made for my site. It's okay looking now that I look back at it, but It's kind of blurry and messed up in some places. I'm not very good at graphics. :)

This is the nice title image made by Viper some time in late 1998 that stayed on the top of the page for over a year.

The title image made by Bud The Fish in late 1999 for no reason in particular.

Merlin noticed that my site didn't have very many graphics on it, and offered to make some more in February of 2000. I told him that I didn't really want regular site graphics, but I wouldn't mind another title image!

These two images were my personal favorites of five that Les from UnderWARE Labs made in March 2000. I like 'em a lot!

This is the title that Indigo Fox made when he redesigned the site with the green layout.

This is the title I made for the site redesign in December, 2003.

Other Title Images

This is the original title image that I dressed up a little bit for the holidays. Every day for about a week or two before Christmas, I added one little icon to the banner until it became the final product -- this.

These are three cool images made by Les from UnderWARE Labs. The reason they're not in the rotation is because they all are a lot alike, and the reason that I rotate titles is so that the images don't get redundant. :) THese definitely are worthy of the rotation, though!

The six title pics above were experiments that were never actually used on the site. I just happened to make them one day and never do anything with them except have a little poll to see which one people liked the best. They chose the one at the bottom with the big "Pete's".

This is the title design I made for my message board during the December 2003 re-make.

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