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My RPGs Basic Layout is here! Download it today!


This is in .DOC form (Wordpad for windows form.) The .TXT version is here. The .TXT version looks really bad, so copy it, and paste it into notepad (or your favorite text editor), and put on the word wrap feature to be able to read it better. This will be updated constantly!

My new map, uploaded today:

My RPG's map!


I might not use them all, and I might change their purposes.


(My RPG's story is subject to change)

At the dawn of time, Agrippa, the wise and just ruler of the world met with his council to discuss how the world should be divided. Two of Agrippa's apprentices were wise and just, like their master, but the third, Gorlan, was greedy and evil. Agrippa and his council decided to split the continent into three kingdoms, each one ruled by an apprentice, and Agrippa ruling over all three.

For hundreds of years, the kingdoms were in peace. Then, Gorlan began to wreak havoc across the country side. He began to take over his fellow apprentices kingdoms, killing men, destroying crops, and burning down buildings. Agrippa became angry, and attempted to take Gorlan's kingdom away. Angry, Gorlan sent out his henchmen to kill Agrippa. Minutes before Gorlan's henchmen arrived, Agrippa received a cycic message that told him that the men were going to kill him. He cast a spell to protect him and his two faithful apprentices. If they were killed, they will not die, but fall into an eternal sleep until Gorlan was killed.

Four hundred years Later: The three kingdoms are in ruins. Any people not serving the king lived in hiding, in small communties. Out of a small villiage called Barrow, a young man came forth, determined to put an end to Gorlan's evil rule!

And the journey begins!

I am looking for a better name than Gorlan. I think it sucks!!

Enemies and Battle Engine:

There are currently three enemies, and one boss. They are:


1. Pyewacket- A small, common nuisance. It looks like a walking frog.

2. Bluthersnipe- Rebelling trolls that have become extremely primitive.

3. Greedigut- A small, weak wizard. Knows very few spells.

4. Muggle Wump- a "thing" that attacks you. (hehe)


1. Little Tom Twit- Barrow's town bulley. You must beat him to leave Barrow through the front exit.

2. The White Stag- A white deer with magic powers. Kill him for King Francis.

3. Romus- Remus's brother who kidnaps him.

The Battle Engine:

Well... The battle engine is planned out, but not coded. It's going to allow up to six enemies, and four heroes. It is not going to be real- time action, it will be a Final Fantasy 1-3 type engine. You order what you're character does, and they do it. Enemies will have some AI Where they can run, decide when to use spells and heal themselves. (Some will be brighter than others.) I'm probably going to make the GFX for it with MGI Photosuite, and load them with a gif loader. (They'll be BSAVED that, but it's easier to use a commercial product than PP256, or nmedia! I can do the code to BSAVE the images, and Photosuite has more features. Well... I've got a lotta coding to do! :)

The Tile Engine:

I'll use Tile Engine Three, or Tsugumo's Tile Engine. I'll be using 16*16, or 20*20 tiles. (Probably 16*16) I know that I'll have three Kingdom maps, and a map for every town, cave, etc.

That's all I have planned out now!

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