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Old Links
301.) Ramon's Cybersite A personal homepage with info on Ramon's QB projects. Check out the AWESOME 3D engine he is making.

302.) The QBASIC Exchange A really nice site that's updated frequently. The layout -- and content of this site are really great! Must See!

303.) Neptune Entertainment A programming group working on a lot of projects, but mainly a really great RPG called Beyond Destiny. You definitely should check out this game! (But don't forget about the other ones they're making too. :)

304.) Qbasic World A pretty small QB site that looks nice so far. A couple files by the webmaster and other QB site - like stuff.

305.) Pickers Games A small QB programming group that makes games.

306.) TypoSoft Moko Stevenson's site where he distributes his finished projects. A lot of cool games can be found here!

307.) Paul's QB LoveFest Dunric's QB site. Still in it's early stages. It has a couple files, so if you have nothing better to do, check it out!

308.) QNN A QB news site, and, you guessed it, a parody of CNN! This site is made by the creator of Simply QB, is updated freqently and has an awesome layout! Must See!

309.) Ğragon§oft Nice looking site with Dragoon's files on it and a bunch of other stuff. Nice layout and design. Check it out!

310.) DanSoft This site's purpose is to distribute Dansoft's programs. It's got quite a few cool programs, mainly an RPG called Void. Check out the game!!

311.) Chilliwilli's Page Chilliwilli's page of Qbasic madness! Here are ten words to describe it: average, fair, standard, typical, acceptable, competent, sufficient, suitable, satisfactory and, er... okay

312.) V PlanetThis site has tons of reviews on some of the most popular games, a message board, links, updated news, and it's definately worth visiting!

313.) Andy's Web Page A new little QB page that teamed up with CoreSoft to bring you the best QB site that he can get together. Stuff is constantly being changed and added, so you should check it out!

314.) CoreSoftThis QB site is teamed up with Andysoft. They share a URL. This site really looks good so far, and has a lot of content for the small amount of time that it has been around! I like the colors and graphics!

315.) CPSoftware A nice looking site...graphically. It's just starting out, so there's not much here yet.

316.) Rapid BASIC A site about a compiler called Rapid BASIC, being made by AetherSoft. Check it out! If it ever gets finished, it'll rock. :)

317.) PKWorld A very nice German QB site with QBASIC, Java Script and Visual Basic stuff on it. The layout is nice, and the content is great, but you might just want to visit Babel Fish before you go to this site. :)

318.) QbProgger's Engine Room A supreme programmer's supreme page of supreme engines. :) This is QbProgger's page that is mostly about RPG design, theory and engines. I like it a lot. All aspiring RPG coders should check it!

319.) The All BASIC Code (ABC) Archives This contains hundreds of BASIC source code examples for many different versions of BASIC, including ASIC/LibertyBASIC/QuickBASIC/QBasic/PDS/PowerBASIC/VBDOS/VBWIN/BasicBasic, and other BASIC languages. These are written by many different programmers, and submitted to the site. Must See!

320.) The Alphx Coding Group Home of the Alphx coding group, one of the best coding groups out there. They're making such programs as Syraphage, LiquidGL and BasicX.

321.) Neozones.com In no way related to NeoZones Productions run by Tek, this site was created by Marcade bought Tek a domain for NZP, and days later, Tek decided that he didn't want it. Now it's become a pretty good site with a lot of cool stuff, and a very unique concept of having tons and tons of webmasters.

322.) QBCC QuickBASIC Compatible Compiler. A compiler in the works by leroy that will use the same format as QBASIC, but will be much faster. There are many of these being made, but this one seems to be a bit better than the rest.

323.) Lightning Q 'QuickBasic at it's fastest.' This is the home of the Lightning Q library for QB. This is a very, very good library, and I highly advise that you check it out.

324.) Xlat Software XlatB's page. Info on his LindX compiler that he's making (a QB clone, mad in PowerBasic). It also has over 200 megs of .. stuff, some programming related, some not.

325.) TLP Online A couple nice things here, but the best part is the QuickBASIC Encyclopedia! The encyclopedia has a lot of articles on many aspects of QB programming, and is always growing! Must See!

326.) QTopia Dmitry Brant's QB site. This site has many cool programs by Dmitry that you definitely should check out, and there also is a lot of cool stuff to read. :)

327.) Special_kid's web page A small site featuring a bunch of awesome looking games by Special_kid. You definitely should check this out!

328.) David's Internet Homepage A personal homepage that, among other things, distributed the owner's Qb programs. Most of the programs are very good. This site is worth a check!

329.) Alan Yap's Qb Page A VERY nice looking QB page that also has semi-frequent updates and lots of good programs by the owner to download. The programs here are very, very good!

330.) Jo & Co Software A QBASIC RPGs site that looks pretty good. They offer QBASIC RPGs for download by other people, and also make their own games.

331.) RRiazi QBX Erm.... This site needs some work, and I'll leave it at that.

332.) L.V.K. Software A nice-looking, java enhanced site. The java 'enhancements' don't always work, though. Anyways, they are a Dutch QB programming company that are making a few neat looking programs. Must See!

333.) Jo & Co Software A cool site with nice graphics that's all about RPGs. This one distributes finished and unfinished RPGs by other people, and they're making one of their own called "Heroes of Might and Magic"!

334.) Lightning Entertainment A little tiny QB site that distributes Lightning Entertainment's games and has a few tutorials by the webmaster. It's got semi-frequent updates also. It definitely deserves a look!

335.) Budfish Software Bud_The_Fish and his programming team's "programming fish tank"! This site has a nice layout and good content, but there isn't very much, since it's purpose is to distribute and inform about BudFish Software's programs, like the awesome game "Pong: Battle Royal".

336.) Daniel's Qbasic Page It needs a lot of work... I'll just leave it at that.

337.) V2_Operating System A site about an operating system in the works! This OS is FAST, and is coming your way soon check it out!

338.) QBasicly Easy A nice little site with a lot of good content and a nice files archive. It also has frequent updates and a nice layout. If it had a bit more content, it would surely get the award!

339.) Lutasarts A cool-looking QB site, which distributes files, including some of their own. Make sure you check out the upcoming Boulderdash and Cyberion!

340.) QuickBasic Cafe Your standard QB site with a nice file count. This has a great java-script based layout and some other good content. Also, it's in English and German.

341.) Find Tutorials This site is a huge database of tutorials on all topics from gardening to pole vaulting to Qbasic programming. The only reason I'm linking to them is because they added the tutorials I have written to their database.

342.) Four In a Row The official site of a Connect 4 clone in QB.

343.) QB Easy Code A small, but growing site. It's purpose is to "try to make the hardest code seem easy with its structural interface." In essence, it's just an oversized newbies tutorial with a nice layout. :)

344.) Jammer's VB and QB Site A nice little Visual BASIC and QuickBASIC hybrid with projects, downloads, and some nice reading material on programming in both languages. Check it!

345.) ProWriter A project page for a QB text editor. It looks pretty cool to me, and also is meant to be a teaching tool.

346.) Qbasic-Center A German QB site with a lot of content that needs a little more orginization. Check it out if you speak German!

347.) The Desert Oasis Dunric's little place on the web where he distributes his programs and also uses as a personal website. If you want to know anything about any of his kewl programs, click the link!

348.) The Programming Sharehouse A truly great, professional, RESOURCE PACKED website for all forms of programming, including almost 1000 Qbasic resources. Must See!

349.) Programmer's Heaven A German QB site that's pitifully average. 'Nuff said.

350.) Shared QBasic Forum A QB Forum shared between a bunch of the smaller QB sites out there. Worth checking.. A group of programmers that are relatively isolated from the main boards. :)

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