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Old Links

151.) The QBASIC Gallery A great page! All kinds of stuff. Very popular.

152.) Connor's Programming Links Almost 500 Programming-Related Links!!

153.) QBlueSoft A brand new site with a few projects and files.

154.) Akujin's Site A QBASIC Page with some 3DO Stuff, and anime. Home of a few projects...

155.) Jaws-V Soft Home of all three mini RPGs! This place rules! The graphics from the Mini RPG series rock! Must See!

156.) NPI (Nuerotic Programmers International) A small QBASIC programming group that has an okay website, but still hasn't released any good programs.

157.) TF Software Small, nice site. Has a few finished progs and a few in the works.

158.) QB News A QBASIC News Page that is updated daily!

159.) BenJJ Productions Majik82's Last of the Legends Page! Home of one of the Best RPGs in the works!

160.) Star Software Small site with a couple of projects, and a files section that looks suspicously like Neozones'...

161.) The Qbasic Paradise QBASIC Paradise: Nice design, good content. I like this page! Must See!

162.) Netscorch Site with video games, music and, of course, QBASIC! He has a couple small tutorials, and a few programs! This is Spida's page!

163.) The QBASIC+ Page Nice page! Has the top site of the month, couple links and programs! The frame is a little big, and updating isn't one of it's strong points...

164.) Racer-XCON'S QBASIC PAGE Small site, with a couple links and files. It's by a person who knows thier site isn't the best. I like it a lot, though. :)

165.) My Qbasic Page Extremely small, one page link. Couple programs, and some screen shots.

166.) Reiner's Qbasic Page Very small site. Very few programs, but they're all his!

167.) Konstantin's QBASIC Page Small site, probably never going to be update, with a couple links. (NO PROGS!)

168.) My Qbasic Page Small Site with only his home-grown programs.

169.) Jeff's QBASIC Page Another small site. This one is more graphically appealing than some.

170.) Paul's QBASIC Page Home of Orgins, a space game with many cool functions!! No longer updated. :(

171.) Pete's QBASIC Page This kid stole my name! GRRRR! Well, that's okay. His site sucks. He has a few progs and links.

172.) Qbasic Programming Small QBASIC Page, but bigger than some. It has about twenty progs, with a .BAS, .ZIP, and .TXT file for each!

173.) QBASIC Stuff The name says it all. :)

174.) Qbasic Plus A few "Helpful" hints for newbies on QBASIC.

175.) GouldSoft The Brain's website. His site is small, but it will be updated a lot, and will grow. Download SpriteShop!

176.) MCCHome Network A pretty nice site :) Has a lot of potential.

177.) one nut Webshow KGB420man's "one nut Webshow", a homepage that looks l;ike it has nothing to do with QBASIC, but if you search deep inside, you find a few QBASIC programs! This site offers QuickBASIC 4.5, so when Microsoft gets rid of all of the QBASIC community's pirated copies, we can still get it here!

178.) The Ultimate Programmer's Referance A pretty small Programmers website with tutorials on most languages, including QBASIC.

179.) Wotsit A website that tells you about file formats. Very helpful for making load routines for other file types in QBASIC.

180.) BAPSoft Below A Penny Software, specializng in QBASIC / Visual BASIC Freeware. They're pretty small now, but more programs to come!

181.) QBASIC New Zealend Proudly made in New Zealend! Your run of the mill QBASIC Site with a couple cool things.

182.) QBASIC Tutorial A personal hompage, with one tutorial on QBASIC. It'll grow (maybe).

183.) Max Programming A small site, not much on it now. Home of the Max Programming team and Pokémon: South America!

184.) Sabre's QBASIC Page A small text based page with very few graphics, but it is updated a lot.

185.) Majico's RPG HomePage Majico's page dedicated to his cool RPGs. He has a number of them in the works, done and for download. :)

186.) Pokémon South American Adventure Page A small page to tell about their Pokémon game - Pokémon South American Adventure.

187.) WarkenSoft An almost text based page that uploads and advertises files in compliance with the QBASIC Station.

188.) QBASICUpdated a lot, but kind of annoying to navigate through. It has good content for newbies to QBASIC.

189.) United Programmer's Alliance This is an alliance of programmers in all languages who help each other program in many message boards and chat rooms.

190.) NeoVisions A QBASIC site that's more commercial than about QBASIC. Ads galore, but little other.

191.) AAB Software A very nice, orginazed site! It has a lot of unique stuff, plus has cool java script implemented in some places. Many files you won't find anywhere else! This is a pretty cool site. :) Must See!

192.) Ex-Change Software A pretty cool site. It's a one page site with a lot of files you won't find anywhere else. Check out QuickDos!

193.) G-Force Technologies A site that specializes in video games. It has sections on various games, and is making two in QBASIC! Cool. :)

194.) Stud Soft This site has a lot of ads and crap on it, but it's ok. All it has are QBASIC utilities, like compilers and sound players and graphics librarys and stuff.

195.) Official Zelda Clone Homepage The Official page of a Zelda 1 (for NES) clone in QBASIC!

196.) Andrew's QBASIC Page No longer updated, but a pretty cool site with a lot of programs written by himself.

197.) Dmitry's QBASIC Page A few downloads, but all are written by himself. Home of AAMSoft.

198.) Q-Basic Tutorial A small site owned by an Austrailian Woman. She wrote "Caged Girl" for her children.

199.) Qbasic Central A small site, but home of SonicX, a pretty cool Sonic Clone.

200.) QBasic For Beginners A VERY small site specializing in Beginners Tutorials.

201.) Jeremy's Programming Page A very disorganized Qbasic Page. You won't find anything special here.

202.) Kent Turbo's QBASIC Page I don't know if it's ever been updated, or anything. It's basically a pretty nice list of downloads, although small.

203.) Leonid Mamtchenkov's Qbasic Page A pretty cool site, but is basically a couple downloads.

204.) Three Programmers Online This is a pretty good site. It has a lot of compilers and stuff, but it has ripped stuff directly from other sites. Nothing you won't find anywhere else.

205.) QTopia Quite a few downloads, but "only the best - no unuseful files here". This site also has a good layout and stuff, and is kinda new. It'll be pretty good soon. :)

206.) The Raven's Nest A well-designed, content-full site. It has a lot of information, plus lots of downloads with a unique rating system. :)

207.) SimStarFox's Site A video game (mostly Zelda 64) and QBASIC Site. It's got a couple cool programs (the best ones) in order from best to worst. Not anything else yet, and a pretty annoying layout. :(

208.) QBASIC Source CD A CD with over 1700 QBASIC Programs for sale! It's a cool idea, but all these programs have been directly ripped from other websites. This is cool, though.

209.) THE BOMB! A lot of advertisements and junk here, with a minute amount of QBASIC junk here and there.

210.) Aeon Software This is a nice little programming group's page. They're making an awesome RPG called Terran, plus other cool games!

211.) Didi's Homepage A medium sized page, with nothing you won't find anywhere else, updated about once a month religously.

212.) qbGLORE ii A very organized, well layed out site, but it doesn't have much content at all. :(

213.) Bizzare Creations Very small, almost no content, mostly about an RPG called "Kalderan".

214.) The Official PHAT KIDS Homepage Wow, this is a really cool page! They have two great games, one of them finished - Snuff and The Kids of Karendow! The graphics in both of these games rule!

215.) Page Simple RPG A very small page about an RPG called Simple RPG. The RPG is in it's early stages now, but the battle engine is 3D and very cool. :)

216.) Umbra Software A nice site, updated a lot, home of an RPG called 'The Way of Wizards' (in conjunction with Venom Enterprises), and also has some other neat stuff, plus your average QBASIC site stuff.

217.) Eriksen Inc. This place is updated just about every other day! Home of Lost and Doomed, plus many other neat sections! The only games they make are comedy games too!

218.) Vertical Horizons Updated about once a week, with very good graphics and an awesome layout! The only problem is that it doesn't have much yet.

219.) Mica Soft Fairly new site, devoted to QuickBASIC programs with AI. Home of a small programming company.

220.) Eric's QBASIC Page A nice little site. :) It's updated about once every week, and is almost text-based.

221.) Angel Rift Software Very nice, organized site. Home of the QB Mission, plus many other features. The graphics rule on it!

222.) Progman's Project Page Home of Progman's programs, namely Of Hell and Magic, a real-time action RPG! It's a great program!

223.) Lost Sock Software Small site, main purpose is to advertise their software, namely, the Wrath of Sona.

224.) Flying Software / Groovy Concepts This site has really grown since it's initial release in early 1999. Groovy Concepts is making quite a few cool new programs, and -- get this -- they will make free 3D graphics for your games, logos, etc.! Must See!

225.) AbyssWare Studios AWS has grown to a big, beautiful, content-full website from it's humble beginings. This website is now one of the best that I've seen. Must See!

227.) Necromason's Domain A nice little site with many very unique things. It doesn't have much, but it's chatroom is very popular - once when I was there, there were six other people!

228.) The QB Counter A site to show off a new QBASIC Site only Webring/Counter System, all in one! This is very cool!

229.) UNDERWARE Labs A QBASIC site that is a little older than mine, that is not advertised much, so it's hits are few. It has TONS of programs, all written by them, and some of them are very good!

230.) Mattsoft A new site, with lots of sections, but not much in them. Sections include jokes, electronices, and other non-QBASIC stuff, plus things like Files and ICQ, plus programming links. Come by later, it will probably improve.

231.) Bizzare Creations A nicely layed out site, all about their projects, currently, an RPG called Kalderan.

232.) Wotsit File Format Archive THE SITE for file formats. If you want to learn about a file format to make a file loader or edit them, this is the place to go! Very useful! Must See!

233.) Game Programming '99 A great site for game programmers in all languages! It has tutorials in the now-popular languages, but also has things that will work in any language, such as theories and gameplay programming hits...I even found a medieval price list there! Very nice site! Must See!

234.) Die offizielle deutsche Q(uick)basic Homepage A German QBASIC Site with an English version built in! This is the first QBASIC Site I've seen that is in two languages! There is a large files archive, many features and some very nice graphics! Must See!

235.) actlab - Die Offizielle Deutsche QuickBasic Website Another German QBASIC site. This one is my personal favorite German site, because it has an excellent layout, plus a lot of content! There's an English version of it for all of you non-German speaking people out there, and it has a great MIDI player. It's also updated a lot...Must See!

236.) Pyro Electric Software A site that is updated about every three months, but has a nice interface and pretty good content. Many projects and products!

237.) Jernej Simoncic's Homepage A personal homepage, that's very nice. It has a directory of MODs, Links, and a section with his QBASIC programs on it (which are very cool.) Nice site!

238.) basic.de.cx Another great German QBASIC page! All German QBASIC pages that I've seen are nicely laid out and updated regularly. This one is really nice, and is up there with actlab and the Official German QB Site! Must See!

239.) JAD File Reviews A site mainly consisting of file reviews. Simple, but effective. Nice layout! The reviews are done a lot like mine, but with a 0.0 to 10.0 rating system, and without descriptions about each aspect. Very nice! Must See!

240.) Cafe Gemini Software Small programming company's site, home of a couple RPGs. Nothing really special, but some of their games look interesting. :)

241.) Basix Zone Very new, frequently updated site. Nice files section, chatroom and other stuff. Nice top frame to nevigate with too...

242.) Shadow Entertainment One of Umbra Software's "sister" sites. It has the same stuff on it, basically. YOu can barely tell the difference...

243.) Didi's Homepage Small, simple... A nice files archive, and a small links page. There is also a pretty cool Pipeline game here. This site is not updated regularly...

244.) QCharts77 A top sites list with the top 77 QBASIC sites, hosted by actlab.

245.) Vilsisoft Another German QBASIC site, not as good as the rest, but very nice! Pretty cool layout. Most sections have next to nothing in them, and there is some info on a few non-QBASIC German games.

246.) The E-P-Y-X-W-A-R-E Web Page A small software company that makes Star Trek games. They also have a pretty big files archive of files made by other people.

247.) Amin Soft A programming company that has supplied the world with a few QBASIC programs, and a couple other things.

248.) Serenity - 'The RPG Company' Darkdread's RPG company. They make, perhaps, the best QBASIC RPGs out there! Check out Eternal Frost!

249.) Shadow Realms (software) A "sister site" to Blurred Vision. It has a good files archive, and a nice links list. Everything is organized nicely, plus it said that my site is the best QBASIC site. :)

250.) TMB Productions Home of The Adventures, with a couple other programs with full reviews. (Not as full as mine, but pretty good.)

251.) Y Programming New site with many sections and a nice layout. It's a bit small, though.

252.) QBNet Soon to be a QBASIC links database, plus will answer questions about QBASIC. It's still in it's early stages, though.

253.) Magic Magicion's QBASIC Page Brand new site, with nice graphics. Not much stuff, but there are some files and other things.

253.) Microwsoft Small programming group's site, with a Y2K section, a section with programs that they made in Visual BASIC, and a section with QBASIC programs that they made.

254.) Progar.com A huge programming site for all alnguages. It acts as a programming search engine for files and sites for every language. Very nice! Must See!

255.) Stream's Computer Page A page about computer related stuff with a nice little QBASIC section. :)

256.) ARC Another site about a QB RPG. This one looks pretty cool, and is moving along nicely. This RPG will be pretty cool when it's done!

257.) The Game Programming Mega Site A site about programming games in general. This site does not specialize in any particular language, but has infor that will work in any language.

258.) Next QB A site for 'the next QBASIC compiler' (with other things on the side like files and tutorials.) They plan on writing another version of QB with greater capabilities.

259.) QB Flash A very nice site with a cool layout. This will be cool in the future!

260.) Nano Software "Nano is a small group which started 27.9 '96. We have now three members and sometimes we had even 11. Were made different projects even poison drink. But usually we made High teghnology Qbasic games with QB 4.5. Now we are moving to some other programming language what is a little bit advanced." There are a lot of nice programs here!

261.) PictoriSoft A small little site with java script galore! It's going to be cool when it's finished, althought it's not that bad right now.

262.) Frizzi Productions A small and new site. It needs work, but is off to a good start. The layout is very nice, and the sections and content is slowly but surely growing.

263.) QBASIC Pathfinder Holy crap! This site is awesome! Check it out -- this has all kinds of links and search engines to go to other QBASIC sites. It's like a giant search engine like site, but is really cool!

264.) Theta Technologies Inc. The official TGO (a QB GUI) site. This has a lot of information, including how to use TGO, File specs, how the program works, and much, much more. This is also the official TGO distribution site.

265.) QB OS Rumors A very nice site with GREAT COVERAGE of all the qbasic os's. It mainly covers CDos, MCCos, and TGO, though. This is updated a lot!

266.) Simply QB One of the best QB sites out there. Perhaps the biggest QB files archive on the net, with other sections, like their QB projects section with hundreds of QB projects by tons of authors in the QB community. A lot of great content here! Check it out! Must See!

267.) QBASIC Galaxy A nice little site with a crappy layout. The thing that makes this site stand out is are the QB comics! Check 'em out!

268.) Qbot's QB Page A nice little site with a lot of character. It's got a cool Conspiracys section, and also has a game called Hampster Wars that was inspired by the Hampster Dance.

269.) The QuickBasic/QBASIC News A site, with your normal QBASIC site sections plus a great QBASIC news hosting service! Must See!

270.) Qbsource Another relatively new site that is great. I like the layout and graphics here, and there's a lot of QB stuff for all of you people to feast your little eyes on. :P Must See!

271.) QBASIC America A HUGE site with a ton of stuff on it that will keep you busy for days! This site sprang up overnight, and has become one of the best QBASIC sites around! Must see!

272.) Lithumm's Qbasic HomePage A site that has gone from okay to great! Check this one out!

273.) BX Software Home of a small programming group that makes cool programs. The best part of the site, however, is the layout. The layout rules!

274.) WisdomDude's Domain James Robert Osborne's (WisdomDude's) Web Site. It is the official home of the Hack-Man series of games, plus all of his programs in the works. This site is really cool. :)

275.) Abyssware Studios A small site, and home of the Abyssware programming company. They haven't made anything notable yet, but have quite a few programs in the works!

276.) Steven's Web Page A personal site that's pretty small. It's got a couple hundred files, but there's no other Qb related stuff.

277.) Evil Seed A small programming group who are very good programmers! Take a look at the programs that they make in both QB and VB, and you'll see what I mean!

278.) Pickering Software Yet another small QBASIC programming group (this one is a bit bigger than the rest, though.) They are currently making some great looking games, but haven't really come out with anything good yet.

279.) Mastersoft This site is in either Spanish or Portuegese (I can't tell which one). It's got a small QB section where you can download a couple compilers, and then there are a few games by the webmaster, and then some programs by other people. I can't really tell you much about this site because I don't really understand the language. :)

280.) Qnewbie Not a bad site. Not a bad site at all. It's new, but has a nice layout and is slowly expanding. It's not a site for more advancd programmers, but for newbies (look at the title.) Definitely worth checking.

281.) AcidLabs I'd say it has average content, but it has the best layout and design I've ever seen on a QB site! It's so organized, and easily navigable that I couldn't help but give them the award. Must See!

282.) QBWeirdo Standard QB site stuff. It has a lot of files (not a huge amount or anything, but it has a good amount). There is also a FAQ section and links section, a chat room and a Discusion Board. It's a small and simple site, and appears to be meant for newbies.

283.) Master Creating A German based programming group called "Master Creating" with a site in both English and German. They are working on an awesome RPG called "Shadow of Power", plus some other projects. I highly suggest you download that game! Plus the site is updated every Friday! Must See!

284.) Vampire: The Masquerade Home of Collin Donnel (the author of CDOS)'s next project, an RPG. It looks very promising! Check out this site for the most up to date info.

285.) Benware Productions A programming company with a great looking site! This is small still, but is growing quickly!

286.) BattleCraft99 Online Woohoo! BC99's QB site. It's got a kewl layout, reviews, Starcraft stuff, his own projects, mouse cursors, and a bunch of other kewl stuff. Very good site! Try Sir Chomps!

287.) The Open Forum One of the best Qboards around, mainly because it is shared between so many QB sites. (QBNet, Cascade Studios, Synnine, QB:TM, Pasco's Page, Quixoft, SEAV Softwares, Wolverian, and more)! This is a great hang out place for some of the greats of QB!

288.) Thief - The Saga of Covah The official page of Thief - The Saga of Covah, an RPG with a kick ass story so far, but hasn't had any programming done on it yet. This may become a good site if someone decides to help out poor ol' Rollo with his game.

289.) Armageddion Games A really awesome site if I do say so myself. They make games in C and QB, and are pretty good at it. This site is a combo of a projects page, a regular QB site, and a programming TRS site. Their programming group is pretty big, and this place is updated a lot. Definitely worth checking out.

290.) The Quickbasic Network Huge, huge site! It's got tons of small, original sections that you won't find anywhere else. It has some sections that don't really get update much, but some get updated contstantly! This is a site that depends completely on visitor input and submissions, so drop on by!

291.) Jones Digital Basically QCity2 from NeoZones, but with more stuff and different languages. This is where you go to get info and demos of Tek's programs in the works, and his finished ones.

292.) TQBT Freeware A personal homepage/QB site. It's small, and only contains the author's programs, but there are a whole lot of them! He has dozens of programs written by himself.

293.) RZA Productions A really spiffy looking site with quite a few sections and stuff to check out. Make sure you get some of their already completed programs and take a look at their programs in the works!

294.) Tremble 3D An awesome looking 3D engine written in QB! It's a raycaster just like Wolfenstein 3D or Doom's engine, but doesn't have many features. You can, however, make your own levels! This program rocks!

295.) Xyber Tech Software A fairly new site with standard QB site fare. Nothing really special here.

296.) Origin Entertainment This is a website that is basically a compilation of projects from three different companies. Pretty cool. :)

297.) Reighn of Annihilation An awesome RPG that you should check out.

298.) Zengun Technology Another programming company. This one is headed by Marcade, and they're making a bunch of cool looking games. If you're interested, check it.

299.) AKA: QuickBasic Productions A QB, Javascript and HTML page that is designed to teach newbies how to program in all three, and also acts as a project page. This site is pretty big now, and is constantly growing!

300.) Zippy's QBASIC PageAn average QB devoted site. This one is kind of small, but the layout is great and it's very organized. This gets updated once or twice a month, so you should stop by once in a while!


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