Tutorial 3

Welcome to the 3rd tutorial! In this tutorial, we will be talking about some more $trings, and my favorite command...INPUT, and you will learn a few others, so COME ON!!!!

First type in this program:

CLS person1$="Big Bill" IOU1=5.00 person2$="Tiny" IOU2=10.00 person3$="Rocky" IOU3=50.00 PRINT person1$ PRINT IOU1 PRINT person2$ PRINT IOU2 PRINT person3$ PRINT IOU3

Now, what you should have seen diplayed is a little I.O.U. list, it should have printed out the first person, then below how much that person owes. Then under that the second person, and how much he owes....and so on.....You notice that we only stored the person as a string, and we left the IOU as a variable. I think that you have the right idea about what to do, so we are going to move on to the one and only INPUT command!!! This command is probably the most useful when you are just writing little programs like this, but it is most definitly, the most fun one to use in a program!! Punch this in the keyboard:

CLS INPUT "What is your name: "; name$ INPUT "How old are you: "; age$ PRINT "Hello ";name$;" You are ";age;" years old!"

This is a very good program to show us how to get input from something. The program first clears the screen, then asks for your name, and wait for someone to type one in. Then it will as for your age, and wait for you to type one in, the it will display a little greeting, saying your name, and your age! Now if we put a "," instead of a ";" in back of the input statements..Ex. INPUT "What is your name: ";name$....to INPUT "What is your name: ", name$, then it would get rid of the question mark at the end of the question you are asking.

Now we are going to talk about a couple VERY IMPORTANT commands...IF...THEN....ELSE. IF you ever decided to make a living off of computer programs...you will need these commands, they are very much needed in any game, program, ANYTHING!!!Type this in:

CLS INPUT "What is your age: ", age IF age < 18 THEN PRINT "You are too young!" IF age > 18 THEN PRINT "You are too old!" IF age = 18 THEN PRINT "You are good to go!"

Whoa!! Look at that!! Can you believe what you just did, you actually almost created a security program!!(ALMOST) What you did, is ask for an age and if it was over, or under, and then yuo displayed a message.

When writing programs, you are going to need to know how to use the less than , more than, etc. statements...so here they are, <....Less than, >.....Greater than, =.....Equal to, <=.....Less than or Equal to, >=.....Greater than or Equal to, <>.....Not Equal to.

If you ever wanted to make a phone book, and address directory...here is an example:

CLS INPUT "Name: ", name$ INPUT "Phone number: ", number$ INPUT "Address: ", address$ PRINT name$ PRINT address$ PRINT number$

So, there you have it...this is the end of the third tutorial...sad but true...See you on the other side!!!

If you have any questions at all you can mail me or you can mail me, go onto the next tutorial and be enriched!!

I am having difficulties with this page...for some odd reason the greater than, less than symbals, are not turning out like I want them..