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Fill out this form to nominate a programmer for the QB Hall of Fame section. There are a few stipulations: the person must have made a SIGNIFICANT contribution to the QB Community, either by releasing great programs, tutorials, games or libraries, or dedicating a lot of time and effort to maintaining a website or running a QB magazine. Also, you can not nominate yourself. Nominating someone does not necessarily mean that they will be added to the Hall of Fame!

How to fill out the form: (1) For Nominee, supply both the programmer's real name and their Internet handle that they go by in message boards and chat rooms. (2) Under Contributions, list what the programmer has done that makes him or her worthy to be in the Hall of Fame. This may include names of websites, significant programs, important tutorials, etc. (3) Under Comments, explain why you belive that this programmer should be added to the Hall of Fame, and give any additional information that might be helpful (such as homepage URLs, email addresses, etc.).

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