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News Archive: August 2005
August 18, 2005
QB Express #13 Released
The August Issue of QB Express is now available!

Lucky number 13 includes a collection of TEN great tutorials, including Chapter 7 of Na_th_an's I.F. Games series, a look at Enemy AI by Wallace, a pixel art tutorial by Josiah Tobin, an introduction to A* programming by Torahteen, tutorials on GUI and database design by MystikShadows, a QB Date and Time Tutorial by Moneo, Chapter 1 of Rattrapmax6's beginners' course in FreeBasic, "Evolutionary Programming" by Torahteen, and a FreeBasic ScreenSavers Tutorial by Rattrapmax6.

Also this month is a Gallery article previewing Lynn's Legacy by Josiah Tobin and Cha0s, "Why Do People Make GUI's?" by Jacob Palm, a rant on Reality In Games by Deleter, an article on Qbinux by Seb McClouth, some pointless points by Nathan1993, a poem by mennonite, and two personal stories about QBasic by The Awakened and MystikShadows.

Another month, another Bang-A-Rang issue of QB Express. Read it now: QB Express #13!

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