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The listing

The type of news that you select determines which icon is displayed in front of your news listing.This is the Headline of Your News Story
Posted by UserName, Month ##, 200# | Comments (#)
This is the tagline or the short synopsis of what the news is about. Keep it relatively short!
    Some Notes:
  • The image you see to the left of the Headline is determined by the News Category that you choose. This has no bearing on how the story is listed, it just changes the icon so that visitors can quickly discern what type of news your story is.
  • The date is automatically generated by the script.
  • The Comments (#) links to a post on the Message Board, and tells how many replies to your news posting have been posted.
  • Keep the headine to about 50 characters and the tagline to about 150. This is not set in stone, it's just a rough estimate.

The news article body

Month ##, 200#

The type of news that you select determines which icon is displayed in front of your news listing.This is the Headline of Your News Story

This is the tagline or the short synopsis of what the news is about. Keep it relatively short!

This is the body of your news article. You are permitted to put in any HTML or formatting that is necessary for your article. This includes images, but you must host them on your own server. Whenever you start a new paragraph (press enter and end the line you are typing) in the body submit box, <br> tags will automatically added so that your news has separate paragraphs. Keep this in mind if you are adding your own formatting. Remember, you will not be able to edit your news post once it is up--you'll have to talk to a webmaster or site admin to help you make changes...so be careful with what you post. Webmasters reserve the right to edit or remove your news post if it is deemed offensive or inappropriate. We also have tha ability to block your IP address if your posting gets to out-of-hand. I think that's about it, so I'm going to fill up the rest of this article with some standard printing industry format script. Whoo-hoo!

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