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Philosophy and humor...can they mix?
"If life is a mixture of Heaven and Hell, can we say that God loves to use XOR?"

"I have mutiplied, divided, added, and subtracted many things in this life. And yet my math test still comes out a 68."

"There are things that simply are, there are times we cannot change, but place a disk in our hands and we can debug the sucky like a moth in a fuse box" (What?)

"PSet and PreSet what is the difference? The spelling? The function? Or just how we use it?"

"If life could be compared to programming, could programming be considered a life?"

"Life is like chess, it is better to lose playing your hardest and learn from you mistakes; than it is to go the easy road and win the game only to gain a title."

"Philosophy comes in many shapes and sizes, each contains more and more, some less and less but one thing they all hold in common...they make little sense."

"I'd rather lose my life doing what's right, than to cower in the back pretending to be a man."

"Three programmers in a tree, one falls off, one climbs up, the other one eats the fruits of the branch. Moral: Sometimes it is better to remain where you are at the time than to excell or fall."

"This is truth life is pain
Life is cruel
Life is vain

And yet live this life I do
I live my life
Programming Goo 2."

"I have a wart on my thumb, spaces are so hard to use, and yet space space space I press for my program is making the news."

"The Moral of Rindercella is this: If you go to a bancy fall and you want a pransom hince to lall in fove with you, don't forget to slop your dripper."

"All's fair in love and war. War is hell, hell isn't fair. Love hates hell. Love is part of life. Life is war, is life fair?"

"I gave up programming to write books. I gave up books to write programs. Now I teach english, and fix computers on the side. Do what you love as both a hobby and a job, don't ruin them in meaningless work."

"Qbasic is a gem, a world of hacking and phlem. It's very old, and very cold, unique and the world said amen."

"Old isn't useless, it's use is just not seen. But take a look back, just for a second, and you'll see the result of its seed."

"Philosiphy I must admit does not come naturally, to me. I stuggle to find words that rhyme and yet its not poetry."

All by me, Levi. Later days.

"May thoe who love us love us
And thoe who don't
May the good Lord turn their hearts
And if he doesn't
May he turn their ankles
So we'll know them by their limping"
-Irish Prayer

"As you slide down the banister of life, may the splinters never point in the wrong direction." - Irish blessing
Posted by Levi on July 28, 2004.

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