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News Archive: 9/2/00 - 1/22/01

(News in this archive was posted by Indigo Fox after he took over Pete's QBASIC Site and changed the layout to that neon green format...but he gave up halfway through the process...and that's the way Pete's QBASIC Site sat for three years.)

1.22.01 - Dude, it's been a really long time... but I'm finally updating (I, as in Indigo Fox). Actually, there isn't really any info that I'm adding. But I did make a backup copy of the message board files, and those will be online again soon. I have some plans for a really neat site that will be a successor to this, but I need some hardcore help. If you'd like to help at all, just contact me: indigofox@zext.net, or more preferably, ICQ # 27238973.
Toodles - Indigo Fox

10.13.00 - OMG, did I update? Yes, check out Shell Shock!

9.28.00 - Yay! I found some time to do a review on JdR-PacMan

9.18.00 - I restored the latest reviews from my hard drive.

9.10.00 - Cyber Chick has a new build. It's build 36 with sound.

9.3.00 - Started uploaded the new look.

9.2.00 - Ok, check out this sweet layout. That's what the site will probably look like soon. If you don't like it, then TOO BAD!! Mwahahaha!

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