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Man, I'm tired. I went skiing from when I got out of school until 11:30, and now I can barely keep my eyes open. I have stuff to say, but no energy to type it in. Tomorrow's update will be real.

The rest of yesterday's update is up. (I would have put it up yesterday, but I fell asleep in front of the TV, and woke up at 2 AM. One new comic was added, and FIVE new title images by Les from UnderWARE Labs have been added! Kewl. I've gotta hit the sack. Bye!

Sorry about the update being late. It's explained below. There's gonna be another update tonight.

Cool, it's a leap year!!! Too bad this won't be able to get up tonight. I wrote a review of Four in a Row by Phillip Perry, but this can't get up since my server has exceeded it's bandwidth for the month due to too many visitors. I posted an article about this on the board a few minutes ago when I discovered this dilemma. Here's the post:

I had a nice update ready to be uploaded. I wrote a review, had to fix up some things in the Cyber Chick section, and I'm going to add some of the new stuff people emailed me..

Then, when I tried to go to my site, I got a 408 error. That's not good. 408 errors are errors that occur when too much information has been downloaded from our server under our account. We used too much bandwidth. That's not good, since if we go over our bandwidth for the month, no more visits until the next month begins. At least this happened at the end of the month.

But this is the shortest month of the year, and hits are likely to keep on increasing, causing more downloads of parts of the page, but more importantly, files. If we run out of bandwidth on this server towards the end of March, the sites will go down for a couple days, or I'll have to buy more bandwidth. The problem is that I can't afford it.

So, continue coming to this site as you normally do, but but only download games once if you can help it, and don't download all of the files at once. The viewing of the page isn't what uses up the BW, it's the downloading of big files. I'm not going to put restrictions on people downloading, but if you want this site to be around at the end of the month, please try to keep your downloads of files at a reasonable amount.



Oh yeah, the update'll be up tomorrow. I'd prefer to get it up in the morning before I go to school, but if I don't get around to it, it will be up when I get home from school. (Around 4:00 PM tomorrow, maybe a little later.)

... sorry ...

As you can tell by the three images above this text, I didn't do jack squat today for this site. I'm tired, and I'm in a bad mood since I have to go back to school tomorrow. I hate school. A lot. In about five minutes, the results of the Hell in a Cell Match between Cactus Jack and Triple H's results is up on tpww.net. I hope Cactus Jack wins. After some of the matches tonight, theyre probably going to miss up this one too. At least Too Cool and Rikishi beat the Radicals. (If you have no idea what any of this means, just disregard it.)

Well, yesterday's update wasn't finished in the night because I got tired and put it off. It happens almost every time I try to stay up all night working on this site. Nothing big. Anyways, this update is up. I'll check to make sure all the sections got up okay and look good tomorrow. Now, if all went well, the only places you should find errors on this site are in the reviews. (I'll fix these eventually too. I'm just lazy. :)

  • Main page updated -- the Mailing List section link fixed, the title rotated, and some news from a couple days ago was fixed. I'll move the old news into the news section tomorra'. Oh yeah, and the voting images were fixed.
  • The opening text of the files section and the bottom link to submit was moved to the top.
  • Files2's main page got a facelift. Both the text and layout were tweaked a bit.
  • The submitting files section was updated, and it's link on the frame was moved to the bottom under the 'submitting' heading.
  • All three links sections had the voting image updates.
  • Ditto for webrings.
  • The submitting part on the articles section was spiffed up.
  • The broken awards (all three of 'em) were moved to the bottom of the awards page and given a little explanation.
  • The opening text of the my awards section was changed.
  • A lot of tags in the news archives were closed, and a lot of typos in the html were fixed to keep one news article from scewing up the rest.
  • The best updates today were of the Cyber Chick section. I split the screenshot section up into smaller sections so that it isn't as cluttered as it was. I also added the TENTH DEMO of Cyber Chick for the world to see! Now it includes a mini-map in the bottom left corner!
  • The QBDance had it's links taken off of the lines of characters and written below the actual dance to get rid of those little lines in between the images. The Terran character profile was also fixed up a lot.
  • Challenges -- a header was fixed
  • The mailing list sectino had a couple horizontal rules taken out and the bottom 'past mailing' link was fixed.
  • The survey section got a nice little revamp.
  • The link to this site section was fixed up.
  • The frame got a small update.
And that's all I have to say about that.

I'm in the middle of working on a nice mini-revamp type thing, and It's going to take me about an hour more, so I'm posting this to let you know that today's update will be up tomorrow. (I hope you understand what I just said because I sure don't.) Anyways, I'm going to watch the Late Show, and when it's over, I'll finish this little update and upload it. Sorry 'bout it bein' late.

Ack! Last night when I updated, I accidently uploaded the main page into the main directory of the server instead of the /petesqbsite directory, and it didn't show up. :) The QB Dance update was updated in the right directory, though. Sorry about that. :) I'll probably do another update today.
Well, that little plan I made this morning when I fixed yesterday's update kinda didn't happen. I had fun today, so I didn't do much of an update. Sorry. What I did was make and add a new QB Comic, and make and upload the template. The image has been broken for quite some time on the comics section, and I finally made a new one. Now that there's a template up there, why don't you try your hand at a QB comic? In other news, WisdomDude informed me that he has incorporated a mini map in Cyber Chick! This is REALLY cool! It may or may not appear in the next build, but it will be in the final game for sure!

I would have done a better update, but I was busy all day. All I did on this site was add some characters to the QB Dance. (I was working on http://www.thunderbirdatlatl.com, the host of this site instead of this site.) The characters are some guys from Terran, an awesome RPG in the works by Joe Farrell. His site has tons of info on it. I think this game is going to rock. Build 5 will be out in a couple weeks, and I'm going to review it when it's released. That's it for today. I think I'm going to format the rest of the RPG reviews tomorrow. I should have a long time ago, but I keep forgetting. :P Bye!

I was visiting my site this morning to check the board and to make sure that last night's update got up okay, and I found that the files section was a little messed up from the Monster Slayer listing. I forgot to put the <TR> tag at the beginning of it's row. :) While I was doing that, I thought of two more questions that people have asked me to add to the explanation of file reviews, and I decided to add them. Finally, I did something that needed to be done-- I split up the news again. Now there are 7 news sections total. There's more news than that, but when Freeyellow crashed back in March, I lost all of it. :( If I could get it back I would, but I can't. Oh well. Anyways, there will be another update later today, but I wanted to get those problems fixed before I forget about it.

Oh yeah, one more thing. When I was looking at the files page, I decided to count the reviews. There are currently 96 reviews! Almost 100 of 'em! Nineteen of them have been submitted, and the other 77 were written by me. Thank you to all the people who have helped me with the reviews by submitting files and writing reviews. I wonder who will write the hundredth review... hmm..

Okay, I haven't finished doing that review that I said I'd add today yet, but I need to upload the rest of the stuff I just made. The review might not show up tonight, because I just got a new Playstation game and I want to play it. What I did:

  • A new headline was added, and the past headlines page was updated.
  • The newest demo of Cyber Chick was added. Two screenshots of it added too. I'm going to be fixing up the screenshots section of the CC section soon, since it's become really big and unorganized. The newest demo has blocks that you can shoot and break, and new types of doors, plus a new background animation and a new map! Spiffy!
  • A new link was added, and one was taken out. (By request of the webmaster of the site.)
Well, that's not really very much, but it took a while since I was chatting with a lot of people while I worked on it. There may be another update later tonight, but I can't say for sure.

No real update today, but I uploaded the reviews that I was going to add yesterday. That's gotta count for something. :) There would have been a real update if it wasn't for the fact that I didn't get home until 10 PM. I will review a file or two for tomorrow, and probably add something else. Now I'm going to watch the first Late Show after Dave's heart surjury. Bye!

One new file review today. It's a review of Monster Slayer by Noah Daleo, and the review is written by Dragonstein. One of the longest and most in depth reviews of all the ones on the site! You should definitely read it. Bye!
I can't connect. I've been trying to connect all day. When I was trying to connect, I did decide to write another review. It's of Pickman by Picker's games. Read it if I ever get it up. :( I tried to upload this update in the morning so I could go to sleep early tonight, but I couldn't connect. So instead of keeping on trying, I decided just to upload it later. Here I am trying to connect ten minutes before midnight, and I can't because of my damn server. This bites. This update will be late. :( I hope I can connect soon so that it's not that late.

I'll make this news quick because Mad TV starts in 7 minutes. (I'll upload during the commercials. :P) What I did today was write a little review of a program called Mad Libs written by Shady. The review can be found under the Misc. section in the first files section. It's not a very good program, but you can check it out if you're EXTREMELY bored. :) What I did yesterday was: add two links, fix the Cyber Chick demos section, fix two file reviews, and one or two other things that I forgot about. I thought it would take me a while to say that I did that yesterday, so I decided to do it today. I'm so stupid. G'nite!

There was a good-size update today, but it's too close to midnight for me to tell you what I did and get this up on time, so I'm going to tell you what I did tomorrow.

Quick update. I added the newest demo of Cyber Chick.

Sorry, no update. I didn't do anything QB-related since the last update except try the new demo of Cyber Chick which will be added tomorrow. That's all I have to say today.

The monthly survey has been updated, and last month's results have been posted. Check them out in the monthly survey section! I also did an update to the frame. The bottom heading, formerly "contact" was changed to "Site Stuff". I moved the Site ads link to that section, and I also put up a link to the brand spankin' new title rotation section! Go down there and check it out to get the scoop on the title rotation deal. I also rotated the title for the first time. I'll do it every once in a while, but I don't think I'll run it by schedule because I have a tendency to forget about stuff like that. That's it for today! I'm going to make the frame have links to all of the mini-sections that are semi important soon. I'm also going to do some much-needed general maintenance to all the sections soon. Thanks for stopping by!

About a week ago, I added a review by WildCard of Dynamic Beta, but I forgot to list it in the files section. I couldn't get the file to run, so it didn't have any screenshots, but I figured that I could just leave it up and not have screenshots of it, and then list it when I got screenshots. Anyways, I didn't get screenshots, but the review is up. If you can get it to run, and feel nice, send me some screenshots! I also added a new review, listed under the Misc. section of Error~8, a fake virus. The review is by Davido.

Most importantly tonight, Merlin (the same guy who wrote Shadow of Power and made the new title for this page) redid the awards for this page! They are SOOOOO much better than the ones that I made over a year ago. Check them out in the "My awards" section. The original images are still online if you ever want to see them -- just add '2' to the file name. He also redid the small button to fit the newer title picture. I'll dop the title image rotation image section soon, then I'll start rotating them every once in a while.

Finally, today is the last day before I put up a new monthly survey, so if you haven't voted yet, vote now! In 24 hours, you will never be able to vote again! Oh, BTW: Happy Valentines Day!

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