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I'm tired, but here's what I did: I added another demo of Cyber Chick, and I fixed up a couple things from when the site was at Hypermart or from 1999. It was a quick little excuse for an update, but it's not as bad as yesterday. :)


Sorry, I was busy again. I'll do a better job tomorrow. I really let you down, and I'm sorry. I'm not good enough to be the webmaster of this site. ::Pete cries::


I got home from skiing about 10 minutees ago, and I'm really tired. I slept the whole way there and back because I was tired to begin with. Skiing wasn't good because of the freezing rain. I was soaked by it, and very cold the whole time, plus all the slopes were completely icy and hard to ski on.. There's not an update today, but there will be a decent one tomorrow. Sorry 'bout this. I do have at least another demo of Cyber Chick to put up for you!


Just as I promised yesterday, the review of PONG: Battle Royal has been added. I'm tired, so I won't ramble tonight.

Wednesday, February 9, 2000

Hi! I'm feeling a bit nostalgic today. :) Like the font and colors? (If you don't understand this, then you didn't come to my site before the revamp in the middle of the summer.) Those were the good old days. :D What I did today was nothing except for add this news. Is there anything wrong with just news? Yes. I was online all day today. (Pretty much.) A lot of my friends were on, and I was just wasting my time, going to video game sites and wrestling sites. It was a day where I didn't accomplish anything, but I had fun doing it! Tomorrow will be different. I already decided that I will review Pong: Battle Royal by Bud The Fish tomorrow, and if I don't, I shall rot in hell for eternity! (That wouldn't be fun..) That's all I have to say for today, so see you tomorrow!

This was going to be a big update, but I got in trouble, and was banned off my PC for the night. Now it's 11:30, and I don't have time to do a nice sized update. :( Oh well. I added the mailing list message that I sent out two days ago to the mailing list section, and I added YET ANOTHER CYBER CHICK DEMO (with screenshots.) This time, it's got actual graphics, though! Check it out:

I've been feeling a bit sick today, and I'm really tired. There wasn't anything added today. There will be a nice update tomorrow. I would have added at least something if it hadn't been a Monday. On Mondays, I don't get home until about 9:30. Also, my ISP is acting screwy as always. I can't keep a good connection for more ten minutes (or so it seems.) I was disconnected as I wrote this short little paragraph!

A new demo of Cyber Chick has been added! This time, all the engines have been incorporated. Now the guns, enemies and graphics can be added! In the next few weeks, Cyber Chick will start to take shape as a real game, not just a bunch of demos!

I also told you that I'd explain the new title image thing today. If you haven't noticed, I've had the same title image for over a year at this site. (Before this, there were a few crappier ones made by me.) Well, I've decided to have different title images, and change them every couple days. A title images section will soon be put up so that you can view all of the title images that have been made in this site's history. The title image that was there for over a year was one made by Viper. Bud The Fish submitted one also, and finally, Merlin of Master Creating (the same folks who brought you Shadow of Power) submitted this one! I'll figure out how I'm going to rotate the images soon.

The February news letter has been sent! Check your inboxes for it right now! There was no January newsletter. I was going to send one out at the end of the month, but then I decided just to skip that month. Read February's for all the dirt on January and December. (Well, all that I can think of. :)

Well, that's all I have for today. Keep your browser pointed at petesqbsite.hypermart.net for all the QB crap that you'll ever need! :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

This is queer. About 1/2 the stuff I upload or download doesn't get uploaded or downloaded, even though the program says that it has been!!!! MY UPDATES GET UPLOADED ONCE, I THINK I'M DONE, BUT IT TURNS OUT THAT IT WAS NEVER UPLOADED!!! Last night's little news update didn't go up for this reason. :( Anyways, I'll put some kewl new stuff here later (if it really does get uploaded.) As I typed the last sentence, my ISP disconnected me. I better get a new one soon!!!

This is the way we update our page,
update our page,
update our page,
This is the way we update our page,
so late in the evening!

Hello. I'm doing this update in between watching Mad TV. I will explain the change in the title pic tomorrow. What I did was add a new review and put up a new demo of Cyber Chick and some screenshots of the demo. I'd be more descriptive, but the commercial break is coming to an end!

Check the board. I'm really tired, so I'll just update everything I was going to update tonight tomorrow.

Nice little update today. I made a new site ad (you can see it in the Site ads section), and I added that file review by Matt Borkowsi. Check it out! You can find the program listed under demos.

One of my reviews was added tonight. I reviewed MoonCrap 99 by DanielC. It's a pretty good space shooter written in PURE QB. Anyways, you can find the review listed under the action games. That brings me to another thought... The files section needs to be fixed up. First of all, I keep forgetting to upload the RPG reviews. (It will take a long time on this connection, and I'm not done yet.) Anyways, I need to get those done. I also need to split up the review categories down A BIT. If you didn't notice, 'Action' games has every genre of game (not program) except for RPGs in it. That needs fixing. I also have thought of a few more questions to add to the explanation of file reviews.. This all will be coming soon, perhaps on the weekend. Anyways, tomorrow's update will be at least one review (submitted three days ago). I was going to add it today, but I decided to put it up tomorrow in case I don't have much to add. G'nite!
Nothing new was added. Anyways, I noticed that I used the word 'anyways' a bit too much when I wrote the news today. Heh. I'm stupid. bye bye

Update tomorrow. Sorry about that, but I had a lot of homework, and I don't feel like updating. A file review was submitted. It will be uploaded tomorrow, along with one of mine. (I did start it yesterday, but I need to get screenshots still, and format it.) Sorry! I may update in the morning. Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you...I typed this whole news article with one hand!!!

Early, unsignificant update today. One new link added, and I fixed the Qb Ferret award. I will be reviewing at least one file by tomorrow. Well, gotta get to homework! Bye!
Oops... I forgot to do a few things in the last update, about 45 minutes ago. I forgot to fix some errors in the Zemmory review from yesterday, and I also added a new Cyber Chick demo! It's another engine demo, but it's faster than the last one. I also added screenshots to go with it. Now to do the homework. :(

I'll explain. My ISP has been acting really badly lately. I can connect fine, but when I do get connected, it says I'm connected, but I can't receive any information or send any! For the last month it's been like this. Maybe more. My parents have called in to complain about it, but it didn't get us anywhere. Anyways, in the last two days, I still updated this site on my computer, and I even wrote a review yesterday. Hopefully, I will upload all of the updates tomorrow morning. (I'd do it now, but I'm WAY too tired to spend 20 minutes uploading files, esecially if chances are that I won't be able to finish it in one sitting. :( This SUCKS!! Oh yeah, the news from the days is uploaded here.

Yesterday's update wasn't uploaded because my damn ISP is malfunctioning again! I can't connect AT ALL now! Anyways, it will be uploaded tonight. Sorry about yesterday. I added another review, listed @ the bottom of the misc. section of the reviews page. Gotta go. I will add more stuff tomorrow, but in a few minutes, I'm going skiing until 11:30 PM.

Eddo. Same ol' story. This time I added a new reader review by someone. It's of a file BattleCraft99 sent me a couple months ago that I finally got a review of... Anyways, I'll add the other review tomorrow. Bye!

Sorry, as I said yesterday, I have no time to update. There will be a bigger update tomorrow, and a real update on Friday. I forgot to say that yeserday, I added two awards. Today's update was just a link and an update of some link descriptions.

I don't have much time to update today, and I have lots of stuff to add. But homework comes first, since I've been putting this homework off for weeks and weeks. I will be doing okay updates for the next two days, which will be taking stuff that people have been sending in and just adding it a little bit at a time. I have had two reviews submitted, plus a few links and stuff like that, then a bunch of files as usual. Remember, if you have some spare time on your hands, email me and I'll send you a file to review! :) Oh yeah, one more thing. I realized today that I didn't send out a mailing list letter this month. I will do that soon, and I'll make February's sent around the 15th, and then March's on the first again so that I don't send a lot of them in a short period of time, and also so that I can get back to my regular first day of the month sending. Chao!

Kinda small update today, but what I added did take me a long time to make. I added a FAQ of sorts for the file reviews section. Access it by clicking the "Questions? Click here!" thing at the top. I'd love to stay and talk, but I have a shitload of homework to do.

James Robert Osborne once again has made a would-be crappy update a good one. First of all, he submitted a file review of Shadow of Power, a really great looking RPG being made by Master Creating (a German company.) This is a really cool game, and you really should check it out. It's available through the link at the bottom of the RPGs section of the files section. Second of all, James Robert Osborne submitted another engine demo of Cyber Chick. This one is a less-flashy, but better engine than the previous one. This is a demo of the improved ladder handling, and also has great advances in collision detection over the last one. (The gun was taken out of this demo, because this is meant to show the cool new collison detection.) Anyways, I updated the demos section of the Cyber Chick section, and I put up one new screenshot in the screenshots section of the CC section. G'nite!

In between waiting for updates of what happened at the WWF Royal Rumble, I reviewed one new game -- Arrakis. One of the best QB games I've ever seen. The review is listed on the bottom of the 'action' heading in the file reviews section. I also received another award, this time from Lightning Entertainment. Anyone who gives me an award is okay in my book. If you want to get on my good side, give me an award! Gimme, gimme, gimme! :) Just kidding. Only give me one if you think that my site deserves it. Anyways, tonight is a school night, so I've got to get to bed.

Oh wait, I forgot to do something. As I said on Friday, I wasn't going to be here on Saturday at all, so I couldn't update. I gave Indigo Fox permission to update whatever way he wanted, or not to at all, and he was nice enough to add some news that says that I'm not here. Anyways, let's all thank Indigo Fox for keeping my updates daily. Daily updates are good. Anyways, as I said two minutes ago, I have to get to bed. Good night!

I will be gone until Sunday. I rushed a quick little update in today. All I did was add one new link. I won't be able to update tomorrow. :( If Indigo Fox, who had FTP access wants to do something, he can. (I haven't asked him, but if he wants to, he can. He has my permission.) Anyways, see you Sunday.

My server hasn't been working very well over that last two days.... I'm not sure why. Anyways, I started making a new files-related section today, but I didn't finish it yet. I added one QB comic (made by me). It's in the QHumor section of the comics section. I didn't do any reviews today, because I was lazy, and I have a big English report due tomorrow. Talk to ya then!

This morning didn't go too well, because my ISP was acting up again, and I couldn't get online. Anyways, tonight, all of the stuff that I was going to add has been done. This update took a LONG time, and it was all just a bunch of busy work. :) I'll add a review or two by me tomorrow. Below is a list of what I did.

  • Added a webring
  • Updated a link description in Links #1 and Links #2. I deleted one link in Links #3, and added four new ones to that section.
  • I received one new award and added it. I am now hosting copies of the award images that I have received of all of the images except the broken ones, which I am still trying to locate.
  • I gave one award out.
  • I updated the monthly survey section, and started a new survey. Vote!
  • I added one file review which was submitted. It is the last file under the 'Misc' heading.
  • I realized that I made a boardfaq for the Qboard a long time ago, and finally put a link up to it on the board. :)
I did a couple more things, but that's mainly what I did. Anyways, my friends and I are making an anime site. I will put a link up to it when it is finished. It's really looking good! I made the layout and site graphics, my friend is working on the main content, and our other friends have submitted a lot of fan art. Our site is going to rock! But don't worry, this site's updates will not suffer because of that. The only reason that I might not get an update up is if I can't get online. (My ISP never works!!!) Anyways, I have to get to bed. I have a lot of homework to do, and I plan on doing it in the morning.

I have so much to add for tomorrow that I'm overwhelmed with it. So much was submitted to me in the last couple days that I need some more time to sort it out. I want to get some sleep because I'm tired, and wake up early to add that stuff tomorrow. It's quite a bit of small stuff, plus I have one review done that I wrote that I need to get screen shots for still. Seeya at 5 AM!

I finally connected to my ISP! Yesterday's update is up, along with today's. Since I couldn't get the update up yesterday, I put it up today. Anyways, today I added a file review by Retna, and yesterday's update. I hope to review more files for tomorrow. Bye! Gotta sleep!

I finally got around to re-reviewing Around the World. TMB Productions wasn't happy with the 50% that BattleCraft99 gave it, so I reviewed it myself. Anyways, check out the review under the action section of the files section. I know this update's kind of early, but I want to watch all of those Fox shows on Sunday night like The Simpsons and the X-Files. Anyways, I have no school tomorrow because of Martin Luther King day. I'm going to quit now, because I can hear the opening song to 'King of the Hill' right now. :)
Ack! I tried to upload this earlier, and my server wouldn't let me connect. The X-Files just ended, and I was going to upload this and go to bed as soon as I finished, but my provider is not working!! I'll keep on trying to put this up. This ISP is really pissing me off lately.

My server was acting weird yesterday, so the update was a bit late, but it was no biggie. Anyways, today, I updated a few link descriptions, and I also added DirectQB to the Cyber Chick section of this site for download. That's all I'm going to say today, because the next day is coming VERY shortly.

I just got back from skiing, and I had a lot of fun. (Except for the fact that there was a -15 degree wind chill. It was really cold on those lifts! Anyways, it's 11:30, and I'm tired, so I'll make it quick. I added two new links (one of them got an award, so that section was updated.) I also added a mock-up of what the Cyber Chick screen layout is going to look like. Now I've got to upload this stuff and get to bed! I hope I can get my ISP to let me connect, because it hasn't been working very well all day. At least I'm going to get a cable modem soon. :) My new PC will be coming in the near future too! Anyways, tomorrow is Saturday, so if I don't decide to do something with my friends, my update will be good.

We had our first snow day today. Because of the snow day, I was invited to my friend's house, and I just got back. I'm wet, tired, and don't feel like updating. I have a .txt file with about 10 quick, easy things that I can update, but I don't even feel like doing any of them. I know that it happens a lot, but I guess I'll take the second update in a row off. :( Anyways, there will be a real update tomorrow.

Rat lab again. Sorry. This will be the last time it happens, because I'll be able to finish it tonight.

My computer and server have been being really weird lately. First of all, a couple weeks ago, my computer was hacked. Now, I don't have any sound whatsoever. (Except for very low static and PC speaker music.) Anyways, every once in a while when I'm online, I realize that I'm being hacked. It's horrible. I live in fear of having my PC destroyed every single day. Anyways, yesterday evening, I realized that a hacker was hacking me. I usually notice when, for no reason, my processor starts working for a couple seconds and I didn't do anything. I disconnected, waited about an hour and went back on. I wasn't being hacked this time, but I was connected at 26.4 KBPS, and was downloading and uploading at such a slow rate that ICQ couldn't even stay connected. I reconnected, and the same thing was happening. I kept on trying for a couple minuted until I gave up and went to bed without uploading the update. When I got home from school today, it was still happening, but I could actually download and upload stuff at about 1% usual speed. I found out that someone was pinging me. Not just a few pings, but millions of them, over and over again, with a cable modem. Anyways, I got the pinger to stop doing it. (He started it the day before, and minimized DOS, while it pinged my IP continuously all night. He had 'forgotten' that he was pinging me. (likely story) Anyways, that's the reason for the update from yesterday being a day late... Read the news from yesterday for info on what I did.

I added yet another title demo for Cyber Chick. Also, with each demo I add, come new screenshots, so be sure to check out those pictures before you download. Check it out in the Cyber Chick section. I also made another headline, which you should read. I updated the the past headlines section, because all of the links were broken there. Anyways, that's what I did. Updates will probably return to normal after Wednesday, because I won't have millions of Biology labs due. Hasta luego!

One new link added. Yesterday, I stayed up all night, and now I having no time or energy to update. Plus, I have a rat to disect for Biology class. G'night.

It's a good thing that I started my update early today, or otherwise, I would have nothing to add. My friends are having a big LAN 'party' at my friend's house. All of us bring our computers (except for people with crappy ones like me) and hook them up and play network games. I'll be playing Quake III in a couple minutes. :) Anyways, what I did:

  • I completely redid the About section, especially the 'Site History' of that section. It's much better now. :)
  • I changed the red asterisks in the files section to a little tiny image that looks cooler. Check it out if you're bored. I also fixed the spelling of Angelo Mottola's name.
  • The Qb Dance was majorly updated. I got the ash.gif (first image) to work again. I also fixed every one of the characters sections' links. The review links needed to be updated, and so did some of the site urls. I also added Cyber Chick to the dance, and her section.

I updated the Cyber Chick section with yet another Title screen demo! I also had Bud the Fish make an awesome title pic for this site too! I think I'm going to do something special with title pics soon.. Wait until I figure out wha t I will be doing, though. Here are the other two title images:

The bottom one is the new one. It's awesome, wouldn't you agree? I'd love to stay and chat, but tonight is one of those rare occasions where a lot of my real-life friends are online and chatting. Seeya!

Sorry, I was lazy today. I have a lot of stuff to do, and I know that I can do it over the weekend, but tonight I have too much homework to do, and I also have to finish dissecting my rat for biology class.

I'm really tired today, because I stayed up almost all night last night. I didn't do much again today, because I'm very far behind on a white rat dissection lab that I'm doing for Biology, and I worked on that A LOT today. Anyways, I updated the Cyber Chick section's demos page and screenshots page. A new title demo for the game was released! Check it out! I also fixed the link to the headline below. People told me that it was broken, so I fixed it. I decided to go through all of my site and find all of the broken images and links so that I could fix them today. (There are a LOT because of the recent server change.) Anyways, I hope to individually fix every problem on every section so that every link and image works. Good night!

Indigo Fox just happened to stop by and do a little update earlier today. :) I gave him FTP access to the server so that he could install this site's scripts, and he used it to do a littl update of his own. I don't really mind him doing that update, because he improved something, and he also did something that I planned on doing for today's update. Of course, if he ever starts messing up the site, I'm going to have to retaliate. :) (I don't think that will happen, though.) Anyways, small update today, because I spent a lot of time helping Tek with judging December's CodeX programs. I'm also helping him with the QB Gazette, and some other shite. I also have to finish doing those tutorial reviews for Alternate Logic, plus I got an account to post news on QNN today. I've got a lot of work to do on QB sites other than this one. :) What I did today was add a new headline, because the last one was very old. I also put the Christmas title away for the year. Now we're back to that regular, old, boring title. Oh well. Maybe I'll 'dress it up' for some other holidays.

Hey, Indigo Fox here. I know Pete's gonna' kill me for this.. ("That's not why I gave you FTP stuff! I gave it so you could install my scripts!! Blah blah blah..") Well, I'm hoping Pete will understand really. I fixed all of the links on his files page and posted this news. I'm also using a special font so that people will know this wasn't Pete's work, and I should get flamed on his Qboard or something.
Laters - Indigo Fox

I went back to school today. :( :( :( That sucks!!!! Anyways, today's update was the following: 11 links added, 2 of which got awards. Five new file reviews added. Two by Bud the Fish, one by Gavin Cross, one by BattleCraft99, and one by DizzyGoat! That's right, five file reviews added, and none of them were by me! Amazing! That's all I have to say for today. I hope to be able to finish formatting the rest of the reviews for tomorrow, but who knows what I'll get done?

Okay, I have some explaining to do. I'll start at the beginning. On the 31st, at 11:20, I was still working on finishing reformatting the file reviews, and I realized that I wouldn't have time to do 20 more of them in time. (They take 10 minutes a piece.) I also didn't want to miss celebrating new years, so I just uploaded all of the files that I had finished, and posted news that said they were uploaded. The next morning, while doing my regular daily email checking and stuff, I decided to check the reviews and make sure that all the ones that I got up worked and stuff when I realized that I hadn't updated the link on the frame. Then I realized that no one could have found out that I didn't finish all of the reviews in time, and I had a good excuse. I was going to finish the reviews, then post the news below, but then I got a phone call from one of my friends inviting me to a party. He lives half an hour away, so I was forced to leave early with my parents (thinking that I would get back early enough to update) or not go. We went to see Bicentennial Man, which was an okay movie, but was a bit too sappy for me. After the movie, I went to the party, which lasted longer than I thought it would. At about 11 PM, my friend's mom invited me over for the night so that my parents wouldn't have to drive for an hour to come and get me. I decided to stay, and forgot completely about the site. This morning, after church, my mom picked me up from my friend's house and took me home. I realized that I didn't update the day before. Anyways, when I got home, I took a shower and then went to sleep. I woke up at 4 PM, and then I played my Playstation until 5:30. I decided to finish the reviews, and then explain about yesterday, and then go to bed, but my sister needed to type something. She's a very slow typer and a very stupid person, and I started watching TV while I waited for her to finish. At 7:00, I started watching FOX, and I watched King of the Hill, two Simpson episodes, and then the X-Files, up until 19 minutes ago when I finally got on my computer. Anyways, around 85% of the reviews are up, and I have more reviews that people submitted to add tomorrow. I will also finish formatting the rest of the reviews, and maybe even review one or two of the files that have been submitted. Sorry about the last two days. I guess that's the price you have to pay for me having friends. :)

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! Isn't it ironic that nothing happened because of the Y2K bug? Anyways, when I uploaded the reviews yesterday, I forgot to update the link on the frame. :) There will be another update later, but I wanted to fix that ASAP.

It's uploaded!!!!!!!!!!!! Happy New Year! Sorry about the briefness of the news, but I want to watch TV for the last half hour before the apocylapse. :)

My server was very screwy since the 27th... Nothing to do with Y2K. I can connect fine now. Anyways, I don't have an update today because I couldn't go online since my update on the 28th. Well, I could, but for 2 minute segments where I had unbelievably slow download time. Anyways, I rented a DreamCast with Sonic Adventure and the best fighting game ever -- Power Stone. I've played it A LOT since I got it. I love PS!!!! As I said in the news a few days ago, I would have the files section up before the Year 2000, and I will hold that promise. Tomorrow's update will include the files section. Bye!

Sorry about that. If you came by earlier today, this page wasn't loading properly, because transfer of the HTML file got messed up... Anyways, I've fixed it, and reuploaded all of the other sections I updated yesterday. There will be an update later on today.

I'm really tired, but I'll tell you what I did anyways. I worked for a little less than an hour an hour on the files section. I also updated some link descriptions in links #2. That's all.

I was away from 8:00 AM to 11:30, so I have no time to update. Sorry. I think I'll be able to do a good update tomorrow, though. :) Seeya then!

1 2 . 2 5 . 9 9
Christmas has finally come!!!!!!!! The title picture got it's final update for Christmas, and I reviewed UnderWARE Labs' Christmas Card. click here to read it. It is in the new files format that I'm changing the old files to, which is a big pain. :) That link is the only way to get to it currently, but as soon as I finish the files, I'll add the link there. Anyways, Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!

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