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News Archive: 8/9/99 - 12/24/99

I'll explain what happened yesterday. I planned on updating before 8:00 PM yesterday, and I was ready for the update at 7:30. The problem was that I was adding a new section that I needed James Robert Osborne to check over the section and make sure it was all right with him. Well, I waited for him to sign on, and at 11:50 or so, he signed on. He checked over the section, but I needed another hour to work on it and fill in the holes in it while he was online. I did that, and now almost two hours later, the site is up. There is more stuff, though. I added one new link, updated the title picture, and added the new section, which just so happens to be a section about Cyber Chick, WisdomDude's awesome new Metroid-like side scroller! Lick the link on the frame to check the new section! Also, UnderWare Labs made a Christmas gift for Christmas 1999. Go to his site and get it! I will be reviewing it for this site ASAP, but if it's not before Christmas, you can get it there. That's it for now. Good night! BTW, there is a good chance of another update today.
I planned on doing a lot of work on the site today, but I realized that it was Christmas Eve, and I should relax and have some fun. Anyways, I spent half of my day at church anyways. I'm leaving for the candlelight service in ten minutes too. Too much church makes your brain go numb. Ahhh well. At least I don't have any church tomorrow. :) I also get a lot of stuff. I guess it's worth it. Anyways, I added another image to the title, and I added one new link. I'll review UnderWare Labs' Christmas present for tomorrow, and that will probably be it. Merry Christmas!

Hold yer horses! Give me 1 more hour!!

I hope you liked my .. little joke yesterday. December 21 is not only the shortest day of the year, but also the date of the last time that Freeyellow made backup copies of their sites. Anyways, I fixed a link's description, and received another award. I also got another review submitted. Tomorrow will be a big update, because starting tomorrow, I have no school until January 3!!!!!! The new section I was planning on adding will be up tomorrow for sure, and I might finally get around to finishing the reformatted and spiffed up reviews. I read every single one so far, and deleted every single spelling error I saw, and rewrote a lot of the stuff that didn't make a lot of sense. Seeya tomorrow. I will do an (earlier) update, most likely before 8:00 PM.

Okay, that was a nasty trick. :) If you actually got to my site and are reading this on the 21st of December, 1999, I salute you for knowing the new url. Otherwise, you are reading this in the future. That was my nasty way of saying 'no update today'. Seeya tomorrow.

I updated the title picture. It's getting pretty crowded now. :) I also added one new link. That's the update for today. I am almost done with that new section that I've been working on with WisdomDude, and it should be up either tomorrow or Wednesday. I have also had two reviews submitted by Bud The Fish, and one review submitted by Gavan Cross. These will be added as soon as the files section is put back up. (Very, very soon.) I'd like to thank both of them very much for submitting. Thanks, guys! I'm going to be going to bed early for once! I'm pretty tired because I stayed up 'til one watching E! last night. I watched an hour of Howard Stern, and then the E! True Hollywood Story for Hulk Hogan. The when I got home from school, I surfed around, worked on the new section, played a little PSX, then went to a Christmas party from 7:00 to 9:00. :) G'nite! Two more days of school!

Another small update today, but at least I did something. :) I did update the title pic, it's just that I added three small pictures this time to make up for yesterday. :) On Christmas, I'll animate it, showing all of the pics being added, one by one. I also finally added THE SHAGGY MONSTER to the QB Dance. I kept on forgetting, but he's finally there! Check it out! Finally, a new section is being worked on by James Robert Osborne and me. It will be added ASAP, and will be really great! That's all the news for today. Hopefully I will be able to finish the construction of the new files section soon. Anyways, I was planning on doing more, but I spent close to eight hours in church today. I went to Sunday school, the church service, youth group, and Christmas pageant practice from 9:00 to 3:30, and then I went back to church at 6:30 and stayed until 8:00 for the actual Christmas pageant. Thhis year, I wasn't one of the 'actors' in the pageant. (Actors is in quotes because all they did was dress up in bath robes and pantomime what the narrarators were saying.) Anyways, my Sunday school class and I wrote new words that had to do with Christmas and church to two of the songs in Grease, then we sang and danced (we made up our own dance) to some midis that we put on a tape in front of the church. It was EXTREMELY stupid. I don't even know why I'm telling you this. Anyways, I'm going to shut up now, because I haven't made a Christmas list yet, and my parents don't know what to tell 'Santa' to 'make' me. It will be pretty much a list of CDs -- Playstation, CD-ROM and audio, and maybe some hardware. I'd ask for a Dreamcast, but I don't really want one until I know what the other next-gen consoles will be like. Maybe Nintendo will start making more mature games, because most games for the N64 are pretty childish. Playstation is the best console, just because of the fact that it uses CDs. If the Nintendo 64 used CDs, I think that it would be the best system, because of superior hardware. Then game designers could have the best of both worlds -- the space and the hardware to do what they want with games. The only reason that the Sega Saturn failed was because Sega didn't know how to market it very well, and they didn't have enough third party developers, or enough games at launch. I may get a Playstation 2, but I'm not sure, because according to Sony, it's going to be A LOT of money for the console alone, even though it will have a ton of features. You will also be able to buy hardware galore for it... That may be a bad thing though. The closer consoles get to becoming PCs, the more problems they're going to run into........

Hehe. :) I just realized that I'm rambling on and on about video games when I've got to get some sleep, and I also have a couple CD titles to type up. Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!

No update. I'll add 2 images to the title picture tomorrow.
Yesterday at the last minute, I decided to go to my friend's house overnight, and I got home at 11:30 tonight. Talk to you tomorrow. I'm WAY to tired to do anything.

No update. I updated the title pic. I'll explain tomorrow.

Nothing but a title picture update today. :) I'm going to be staying up really late tonight working on my Biology lab summaries. I have about 9 to write still, and they take about an hour each, so that can be a problem. :) Oh well. The reason for not having an update today is beacuse I like to watch TV on Thursdays. I sit in my room, on an air chair in front of the 19" TV that I have my Playstation hooked to, scrolling between three channels, watching Who's Line is it Anyway? (ABC), Guiness World Records (FOX) and WWF Smack Down (UPN). I'm mainly watching Who's Line, but during the commercials, I change to UPN, and if that has a commercial too, I watch Guiness. Gotta go. Letterman has Jim Carrey on tonight, and it's 11:56!

I want to get to bed before 11 PM tonight, so I'll be brief. I added four new links, updated the frame link to links #3(again), and also have the first files link linking to the old Hypermart files page. Also, I updated the title picture. I decided to make it more Christmasy, so every single day until Christmas, I will be adding another small Christmas picture to it. :) Today, I added the santa hat. I worked on the files section from about 4:15 to 6:00 today, but I'm still not done. :( It's taking way too long, because I'm going through each review word by word, editing out every mistake and converting them to the new format. Thanks for your pacience. Again, the files section is here.

An okay update today, I guess. I added one new link and took one repeat link off. I took the second link to Simply QB down, and put a link to AcidLabs in it's place, which I gave an award to, which meant that I updated the My Awards page. I also updated the third links page because I forgot to close some tags and stuff. I made a new Qb Comic, and added it. It's not very funny, but I got a stupid idea and decided to put it in .GIF form when I was working on the files again. I wonder if I'll ever finish that... Oh well. You can see the new comic in the QHumor section of the Comics section. Lastly, I indented the Links(300 on) link because it was on the left and should have been indented under the links heading. That's it for today. Please sign my guestbook or vote for my site or something! No one votes for my site, and no one signs my guestbook anymore. If you're going to vote, either vote on the Programmer's top 50 one or the QB TRS one and rate this site a ten! Thanks if you do! I really appreciate it. It's the only thanks I get for working on this site hours each day, and the thanks I get is dropping lately. :(

No time to talk, cuz it's 11:56 and I have to FTP this site up now. All I did was a small links update and I made the title of this page ready for Chsistmas. I think I'll redo it.... It was rushed, just like this news. Bye!

You have no idea how tired I am right now. It's 9 PM, and I'm going to sleep. Last night, as I predicted, I stayed up all night, playing Playstation, and now I'm wickid tired.. I fell asleep in church, and slept all the way through to the end, then I went home and downloaded some music for 2 hours or so, but I decided to let it download while I watched tv. I fell asleep. I woke up at 8:30 PM, watched King of the Hill, but I was falling asleep every couple seconds... I guess that's what happens when you get 5 hours of sleep (12AM-5AM) on normal school nights, and I'm always tired, then I stay up all night.... Sorry, no update agaim. :(

Links update. One new link, and the introduction of the third links section. You see, Links #2 got too big for a .txt file, and Wordpad decided that it was saved as a .doc file... That's why it was kinda .. messed up .. So now I have two 150 link sections, plus one of about 12. I was planning on finishing the files section, but I found out that I had a church youth group 'lock-in' tonight. Pretty much, we spend the night in the church. But never fear! I'm bringing my Playstation and a TV, so I'll be playing PSX all night. :) If I finish the files section tomorrow (only about 2 hours of work left!!), I'll put it up. Thanks for your patience. Again.

If you want to go to the old files section on the old server, click here.

I don't feel like updating today. I was going to add the shaggy monster to the QB Dance, but I was lazy, as usual. Sorry, peeps.

Three new links, one received an award! That's a total of 310 QB links! Before the year 2000, I plan on having the files section completely finished and moved (Should happen in the next few days, perhaps on the weekend.), Tutorial #5 written (I've had at least 5 people ask me to write this in the last month. I guess it's got to be done. :), and finally, I want to go through all 310 of my links, weed out the dead ones, update the urls, update the descriptions, and transfer it to my new format. That will take a looooong time. I also want to get all of the files submitted reviewed soon, but I'm not going to try to do that before Y2K. Finally, the most important goal I have is to add the SHAGGY MONSTER to the QB Dance!!!! Well, gotta get some sleep. My grades are dropping because of my lack of sleep. My overall average has dropped from a 97 to a 96 in the last month because I have been going to bed at midnight every night. Oh well. School is easy anyways.

Very tired. Need sleep. Two new links, two links updated. The images on this page were fixed. (Voting images @ bottom.) The mailing list section was updated, and so were the Qcomics. I also got one more award. G'night.

Hello. I worked on my parent's site a lot today (thunderbirdatlatl.com), and am really tired now. I have a lot of stuff to update in the near future, and the files section will return shortly. (CLICK HERE IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO SEE THE OLD FILES SECTION!). That's all I have to say for today. Sorry about the lack of updates yesterday, but I do have other things in my life to do.

This site was moved yesterday, but I forgot to make the Hypermart site link to here, making noone know where the was. Sorry about that. :) Now you'll notice two very annoying problems with this site. None of the links or images in different directoried work for one (quite annoying indeed, even though the urls are correct in the html!!! I have to put the full address in to these links and images now. :( All sections are up, though. You'll have to paste the url in to the address box and add a /petesqbsite/ after the thunderbirdatlatl.com to view the pages. I'll hopefully have this finished tomorrow.) Secondly, I haven't uploaded the files section yet, because I STILL have a couple reviews to finish off. :( Oh well. I'll try to get them done ASAP. Thanks for your patience.

I finally did something! I uploaded the (almost) finished, (kinda) revamped site! Now if you'd excuse me, I'm going to get some sleep.

I got home late. Yes, same story, but this is the last time. The site finally will move tomorrow.

This site will finally be moved Sunday. I'm sure that it will be done by then. Thanks for your patience! I'm posting this news this morning because I will be going to my friend's house overnight tonight. I've gotten quite a few submissions, including an award! Seeya tomorra, peeps.


December first and the site is still being gotten ready to move. I have started redoing the html of the file reviews, because they desperately need it. This takes forever, because I have to cut and paste everything from one file to another over and over again. It's boring and tedious. Besides that, everything is ready to be uploaded. The mailing list message will be sent tomorrow because I forgot about it until now. Oh yeah, Indigo Fox wanted to let you know that I said that Razor was released a day early, but the truth is that it was released on the first for the people in the Eastern hemisphere, where T_Z lives. Anyways, he's already giving up [editing] the mag, so I guess QB on Acid which everyone seems to like better anyways will be the top QB Mag out there. Gotta get some sleep. Hopefully I will move the site over the next two or three days. (If I can get those damn reviews done.)

...No update again... When I first signed on, James Robert Osborne told me that my site wasn't displaying properly. I spent about half an hour trying to figure it out, when I realized that it was a problem with all Hypermart sites, not just mine. (Later I found out that Hypermart was updating their servers.) Then I worked on the site for about 45 minutes. I got bored and decided to check the NeoZones Qboard. I saw that DarkDread fixed the bug in the Secret of Cooey II (AWESOME!!! MUST CHECK OUT!!!), and he finished the game from where he left off yesterday. Then I was tired, so I watches the Maury Povich show (how low can you get?) for an hour. I come back to his computer and check both of my email accounts, then check the Qboard again. Razor has been released ahead of schedule! I downloaded it, then I read it. I'll leave you to make your own opinion about it, but I didn't like it... one bit... Oh well. The engine is cool, but it's hard to read because of the background, and isn't 'complete'. So then I sign back online and hang around and download stuff, when I decide to run IRC. I chatted in #quickbasic on Efnet for about 2 hours, and quit because I got tired. Oh well. The dancing babies are up again because I didn't do anything. My site will be moving ASAP.

Everyone hope that it snows A LOT tonight, because then I might have a snow day, therefore giving me enough time to finish moving my site! Yeah, that's right. I didn't get the move done today. So kill me, why don't ya? I was busy tonight, and only put in about 1.5 hours of work on the site today. I have decided to fix all of the errors and mistakes in the reviews that I can find by just skimming over them. I see quite a few when I look through them. I also will be editing links, and the directory format, and deleting the Hypermart ad code at the bottom of each page. This may take a bit longer than originally expected, but it will get done. (Preferably sooner than later because the files keep piling up and the pop-up ads are more annoying than ever.) Well, gotta get some sleep. Oh yeah, and if you haven't noticed before, there is a guestbook on this site which people seem to neglect, not to mention the board....

It looks like this site will be staying here for a little longer. I have to update just about every single HTML file on this site for the new server by getting rid of Hypermart's add code and editing the links. I also will be re-doing the directory structure (behind the scenes work) of this site, so I need a little longer before you can view this site without being annoyed every 2 minutes. :) Sorry about that. I have a nice sized update for when this site will be moved. (Soon, probably beofre December 1st.)

This site will move tomorrow. I didn't do much in terms of updating this site today. I did make my first Visual Basic program today, but I won't give up QB. Right now, I still prefer QB to VB .. very .. much.

Nice big update today! I added three new file reviews, two by me and one by BattleCraft99. I reviewed Tomb Raider by Davidio and Move!! by Rizzler, and BattleCraft99 reviewed Dungeon by Davidio. Check them out in the files section! I also updated the file for the ARC RPG review. I may update the review later too. Two more links were added to the links section, my 304th and 305th ones! I have a few things that I have to do soon, namely writing tutorial #5 and moving this site. I also have smaller things that need to be taken care of and big projects that loom before me at all time. (New links section...ugggghhh). Anyways, come back torrow for another update. Also, could you please vote for me in one of the top sites lists below? I'm always pretty low in the list, and because of this site's three week abscense, the site has pretty much been pushed off of the list. :) Thanks if you do. Bye.

Happy Thanksgiving! The reason that Cyber Chick wasn't promptly put up yesterday was because I decided to develop a new section -- the previews section, with previews of upcoming games and reviews of demos. Unfortanately, I decided against that idea when I finished the section. I thought it was kinda .. stupid .. because I have too many sections that need updating. Well, anyways, read the regular old review of the Cyber Chick first beta. It's under demos in the file section. I will be adding a lot of reviews tomorrow, so stay tuned!!!

I have a big update in store for you tonight. A really nice one, including the first release of the first demo of Cyber Chick by James Robert Osborne! That's really cool. :) I will be going to a party with some friends until about 10 PM or so, but it might last longer, so just in case I get back behind schedule, I'm posting this to let you know what's happening. Thanks for being patient if I'm late.
I got back from my part at 11:00, and it's 11:38 now. I'm pretty tired, so I think I'm going to get some sleep and update tomorrow morning, because I will be adding a new section, and it needs some fine tuning before it's released. I don't like the format right now, but I'll finish it and have it up before noon tomorrow. I'll set my alaarm clock so that I can get up early and get it up ASAP. I wanted to finish it tonight, but I have neither the time nor the energy to do so, so I guess I'll do it early tomorrow. Once again, I apologize to the people who are looking forward to Cyber Chick and the new section.

A lot of work has been done getting certain sections ready to move, which should happen soon. I will need to change just about every url on this page and get it organized for the new server. And since I'm moving to a HUGE server that I own, with a bunch of nice stuff like unlimited bandwidth, cgi-bin, secure server, faster server, and some other things, but most importantly, it is FREE and MINE. :) Now for some really good news. Today, James Robert Osborne (aka Wisdomdude) gave me the very first engine demo of Cyber Chick, his awesome new side scroller, which resembles metroid, just with a girl with a gun-arm like Barret in Final Fantasy 7. This game is going to rock, and I will be putting up a review of this demo and the demo for download tomorrow. I really didn't have time to do any real update except for a couple links. One won an award. That's it for today. Bigger update tomorrow because I have no school.

I added BattleCraft99's file review from yesterday. It's under the 'action' category of the files section. That's all for today. School gets out for Thanksgiving Vacation at 2:30 tomorrow, and then I'll have until Sunday with no school. In that time, I hope to move this site to a new server, and write the long-awaited tutorial 5. When my site is moved, I will start advertising around the QB community that it has returned. (I haven't told anyone except for a few people on ICQ, and the people that posted on my board when the site was down that this site is back.)

One new review by me today. It's of BattleCraft99's graphical demo of Sir Chomps-A-Lot. It's in the demos section of the Files page. BattleCraft99 also wrote and submitted a review of TMB Production's latest game. It wasn't added, because this afternoon, Crosswinds, the host of TMB's website had a fatal hardware error, and all of the sites got deleted. That's not good. Anyways, I didn't have a copy of the game, but I had BattleCraft99 send it to me, but he only sent the main game file and no sequential files. I didn't think about this, because I thought it might be a self-extracting compressed file. (A .zip file with an .exe extension and doesn't require an unzipper to open.) When I ran it to get some screenshots, I discovered this little problem, and decided not to put up a review with no screenshots and no game to download. :) Well, gotta get to bed, because I do have to sleep sometime.

I've had one busy day today, and haven't had time to get together much of an update. I wasn't home until 10:30 PM, and I left at aboout 9 AM, and I'm really tired, so that really well needed update will be coming soon. This website will be relocated to an ad-free server soon. I've made backup copies on my hard drive and on 3.5" floppies of every file on this site, so don't worry if it goes down -- I'll be able to upload it with no problems. Seeya soon.

Hypermart has reinstated my account! They disabled my site on October 26 because of the compilers section, but now it is back up!!!! I have deleted all traces of the compilers section. When I get back from school, there will be a well needed update. Thanks for your pacience, everyone!

No update today. I was lazy when I finally got to my computer (which didn't happen until 9:00). I'll do something tomorrow, but Ally's babies are here for the count. I'll work on getting more link reviews done in the near future. Also, Breeze (also known as Microtrip and Indigo Fox) will probably be installing this site's CGI scripts on to my server, so he doesn't have to host them, and just so that I will have them on my server. The only thing I did was fixt the link to Unknown Origins on the bottom of this page. :P

Small update, because I've been busy with school and Alternate Logic updates. One new link was added. As soon as I have time, I'll start working on converting the links to the new format. Oh yeah, and the old news was moved to the news archive.

I'm back. Not much of an update today, just because I didn't really feel like doing anything today. I added one new link to Zippy's QBASIC Page, and also updated the comics section. (I added that comic I posted on the board yesterday, and changed 'Zappy' to 'Zippy'. Tomorrow might be a bigger update, but I also have to help HAL_8900 with some updates of Alternate Logic, so we'll see. Later!

Erk. I'll be gone for the weekend, which sucks. Never fear, though! I will have "Pete's Assisitant" post news on the Qboard tomorrow with a new QB Comic by me. I'll be back on Sunday. Seeya later.

Another small update. I made and added one more QB Comic (Once again put in the QHumor section of the QB Comics). I also added Bob from Guardian Bob's "Bob's Great Adventure" game to the Qb Dance. (That includes a profile.) That's it for now. I have a lot of homework to do tonight.

Another small update. One new link, two new QB comics by me (in the Qhumor section of the QB Comics section). They're better than the one yesterday, if I do say so myself. I also updated the challenges section because B-Czar submitted a hint where I couldn't think of one for the last Challenge on the page. That's all for tonight. More reviews will be coming sometime in the future, after I finish doing link reviews, and after I write tutorial 5. This may take a week or two to complete. Of course, I will be making more QB Comics, because it's kind of fun, and pretty easy. Last, but not least, I've taken down the 'birthday' picture, because it's already 8 days old. That reminds me that I was going to put up a 'nostalgia' section of the page when it was a few days old... I also have a ton of other stuff that I could do that needs to be done. I've also got an idea for a new section. I might post news about it sometime, but it definitely won't be added (if it is ever added) in the next ten days. That's enough rambling for today...

I added one of my own Qb Comics today, and fixed Josh's last name because I spelled it wrong yesterday, plus added in the artist of the formerly unknown comic -- Zappy. Two new links. Also, James Robert Osborne wanted me to tell you that he won't be around for at least two weeks so that he can concentrate on his latest project, Cyber Chick. He thinks that some of the routines need to be updated. He also is assigning limitations to the game so that he will be able to finish it. Five areas have already been named in the game, and a story has been made. A demo will be released as soon as James gets a new 3.5" disk drive for the computer he programs on. Otherwise, he can't get the files on to his internet-worthy computer to upload to the world.

Josh Reagan of QBASIC Galaxy has given me the QBASIC Comics section of his site because he is no longer going to update it! This section is extremely cool! Just click on the link on the frame to visit it! Also, the Files 2 section is finally back up! I added two new articles, both cheats for games. Check the articles section. Last, but not least...well, maybe it is least...I added a link! Nice, big update today! (Basically the stuff I didn't get done at the revamp yesterday. :P) I have quite a bit of stuff left to do, though. I also have a lot of file reviews to finish, and people keep on begging for tutorial #5, so I'll be busy for weeks. Seeya later!

I'm EXTREMELY tired right now, so I'll just list what I did.

  • Email/ICQ script added!!! Go to the Email/ICQ list section to view it!
  • The QB Dance got updated. Now every charactre has a seperate profile page. Go there and click on the character you want to read the profile of!
  • Boardfaq added for the Qboard!
  • Two new links!
  • Files updated!
  • Monthly survey updated (yesterday)
  • Check the Qboard for hints. A new section might be coming soon.
  • Go to this address to see what Breeze did to make my site tabular when he was bored!
  • Got to sleep. I will talk more tomorrow.

    The revamp's going to be delayed until tomorrow, because I couldn't get at my computer all night. Seeyas.

    One new award and one new link! Whoopee! Not much I can say today other than that I've spent 3 hours making stuff for this site, because I've decided to have a spur of the moment mini-revamp! There will be at least three new sections, and maybe a fourth added tomorrow! Come back soon!

    Two new links added. That's it for today. I have very little time to update tonight because of homework. I wasted my whole afternoon surfing and stuff, so now I have to stay up all night doing homework. :P Oh well. A couple things you should check out. A demo of PROJECT RT is out! Check it out at http://ec.quickbasic.com! Also, QB:TM's successor, Razor Diskmag is coming out very soon. Check it's site at razor.quickbasic.com. Better updates coming in the future, so keep on stopping by!

    Hello. I haven't found the backup copies of this site from the first week yet, but I will soon. The birthday pic will stay up for about a week, because I like it. :) Today, I added four headlines. Check them out below! This one is twice as big as my largest one so far. Keep those headlines rolling in, everybody! The second thing I did was add three characters to the QB Dance. Agent Squeak, the Peanut Patrol guy and Gerfy from Lost 2 were added. The frames for these images were gotten by James Robert Osborne (WisdomDude). This guy is supreme. He submits a whole bunch of stuff to this site, and helps me update on a regular basis. He also is an awesome programmer, who wrote the Hack-Man series and also is programming Cyber Chick and will release a demo as soon as he can find a way to get the files from his old computer to his newer one. Breeze from Unknown Origins Design is almost done with the email/ICQ script, and I must say that it's really cool! It will be finished by Friday, so look for it then. The new links section will begin being made before the end of the week. It will take a couple days to do all of the links, but they will all be done soon. Also, I will be doing a revamp of the QB Dance so that I can improve the load time and make it less cluttered. I will also be making descriptions of each character on seperate pages, with links to the game where he/she is and the author's site. That's all for today. Seeya tomorrow!

    Pete's QBASIC Site is ONE YEAR OLD! (Notice the banner above.) I'll be putting up the original site in the first week of it's creation up for you people to look at and get that nostalgic type feeling. :) The only person that I know went to my site in the first week of it's creation is Zapbatz (EvilBeaver) and me. Later on, others went, and now I get about 80 hits/day compared to two or three that I got a in the first week of my site. Ack! The site did oficially open on November 1. The extra days in October were to get it presentable to the public, but here it is -- the site that shares it's birthday with the discovery of the New World by Christopher Columbus! Okay, enough rambling. I didn't do much, other than make that banner above, but I finally got up the example of what the new links section looks like. VIEW IT HERE! I was going to have you vote on which one to use -- the mainly text one or the one with graphics around the outside. I made the choice for you by picking the text one for greater flexiblity. Go there now. Also, I updated the news section, because the news was piling up. Seeya later.

    Ack! I thought I was going to come home late yesterday, but ended up staying the night at my friend's house. Then, I stayed at his house until six PM tonight, until my mom picked me up. We went to town, and she had to go to a meeting at church. I waited for it to end for four long, agonizing hours until we finally left. It was 10:30 before I got home. I have homework that I *forgot* to do over the four day weekend due, so I didn't have time to do a good update. (Not even one measly file review.) All that was added was a link. I'm up to 290 now. I know that someone's going to complain about how lazy I've been lately, but don't waste your breath. How many other QB sites that you know update as often as this one? That's what I thought! So a couple small updates are better than no update. I've got to get to work on my Bio labs. Maybe (just maybe), I'll get a chance to review a file or two for tomorrow. I'd like to, but I do have more important things in my life than QB. Oh yeah, I'll have the two links examples up tomorrow for you to vote on. You'll have you post your feedback on the board, but the two examples will be in a seperate HTML file because DiscApp boards tend to mess up tables. Now I'll really leave! The rambling stops here! I'm telling you! Not any more words in the news for today! It's over! Stops here & now! Wow, it really did stop. Amazing!

    Hiya. I'm just posting this now in case I don't get back before midnight tonight. I'll be getting back very late tonight, but I may not get back until after midnight. I did a couple small updates around here. I did a bit of links updating, and stuff. I can't wait until the new links section is up, because it will be so much better! That big, unorganized, out of date list is really annoying to use, and doesn't work half the time. Oh well. Website Garage gave my site an overall 'fair' rating, with excellent spelling, no broken links or images, lots of content, and everything else was positive except for the webpage design. I don't know why they thought my page design was bad. That's what only got me a fair rating. That gets me mad. Those stupid site mechanics don't know what they're talking about! Seeya later tonight. If I get back before midnight, I'll do another update. Maybe I'll add a review or something, but for now, this is it.

    No update today. I'll be adding tutorial # 5 soon, and I might get around to adding those two characters to the QB Dance that I was supposed to add a while ago... Also, I've got a couple things here and there that I have to fix up tomorrow. Seeya then!

    Heyas! Just got done with two hours of updating. (That is what an average 'real' update takes to complete.) I'm really tired, so I'll just list what I did. I wrote a review of FPList by Frizzi. Check it out in the utilities section of the files 1 section. I added two links. Updated webrings. Gave out two awards, one to Groovy Concepts, and one to Master Creating. I got the news from the 6th from the Qboard, and took the news from the main page, and moved it to the news section for storage. That's it, I guess. Oh yeah, I tried a different, more simple design for the new links layout. I'll post both on the Qboard tomorrow, and have you people vote on your favorite there. Cheers!

    Sorry, guys! Too busy to update today! Shake it, babies!
    Hypermart's down again. I waited for it to go back up for a couple hours, and I guess it won't go back up tonight, so I have to post news and updates here. Most importantly, I found out that Breeze wanted to make that links CGI script that I talked about in the news yesterday. Yipee! Also, he is almost done with the email/ICQ script that will be added soon. Thanks a lot, Breeze! Also, EvilBeaver of PickSoft is working on the File Reviews CGI Script, so he deserves much thanks! WisdomDude, writer of the Hack-Man series and the new game, Cyber Chick is having difficulties with his 3.5" floppy drive on one of his computers, and now isn't able to copy the finished Cyber Chick demo on to a disk to give it to me for reviewing and distributing. Let's hope that he gets that fixed soon, because we're all anxious to see Cyber Chick! Now, other than that, here's a list of what I would be updating if I could sign on to Hypermart: (list) This was posted on the Qboard because of Hypermart's site manager being down.

    One new link. That's boring stuff. What I did do, however, was a bit of coding for school, and I decided on the format for the new links section! Also, I was chatting with Tek via ICQ today, and I heard something about NeoZones getting a big revamp with quite a few new sections and a nice blue ccolor scheme... But you didn't hear that from me. :) Expect to see it at NeoZones soon. That's all for today. I might get around to putting a demo of the new links section up tomorrow. Oh yeah, one more thing -- Breeze saw that EvilBeaver was making this site a files CGI script, and got mad. He already made the Files 2 CGI script, and an ICQ files script that will be incorporated by the 15th (or so he says). Maybe I could get the new links section to be CGI diven too. Pretty soon this site will not have on bit of HTML in it except for the index file that makes the frames at this rate. :) "You've got to admit it's gettin' better, gettin' better all the time!"

    Lotta news today. 1) I got another shareware GIF animator, so I can finally update the QBDance. 2) EvilBeaver of PickSoft has offered to make a CGI Script for the file reviews page. Cool. 3) I started doing a small bit of coding today to show the art teacher that I can create art just be writing a few lines of code (ie: drawing random circles on the screen continuously). Neato. 4) WisdomDude informed me that this site will be the only site that will get the first demo of Cyber Chick available for download. What an honor. :) 5) Breeze of Unknown Origins is almost done with the new email/ICQ list CGI script, and will be installing it soon. I have more less important news (the usual stuff, that just got sent in the newsletter, but I'll spare you the misery and add it later.) Well, seeya.

    I've been taking micro sleeps (can barely keep my eyes open, fall asleep for a few mins) for the last hour, so I'll be brief -- One new award added, three new links to links #2, and TWO FILE REVIEWS that I wrote last Sunday. I have one more, but I'm too lazy to find it on the vast nothingness that is my hard drive. G'night!

    The monthly mailing has been sent! It should arrive in your inbox at about 2 AM tomorrow morning. That means that I updates the mailing list section. Whoopee! In the next hour or two, I'll be adding some reviews, so seeya then!

    This is one of those days. You know, the days where I don't really want to do anything but go to bed. Those days when even watching TV seems like too much work. Those... never mind. I'll just tell you this - if you think that I'm going to do a real update today, you're sadly mistaken. :P Tomorrow there will be a real update.

    One new review added. I'll add the other two tomorrow. Also, the past headlines and past news sections have been updated. Link #224 in Links 2 got an updated review, the direct download link for colony was fixed in the files section, and the articles section was updated. Two cheat files, one for the game Spinball, and the other for The Adventures were added. Check 'em out! If anyone knows where to get a free GIF animator, tell me. Animagic, the shareware one that I had and was using for the QB Dance just expired, so I can't make animated GIFs now. :( That's bad because I have two characters to add to the dance as soon as I can make the animated dance images.

    I didn't feel like adding a file review tonight, partly because I'm lazy, and partly because I'm connected @ 14.4 KBPS. I should be connected at 56 KBPS, but for some reason it won't let me. Too bad. Well, I did update the links 2 section. I update link #277. I also added a new headline. That' it for today. Gotta get some sleep.

    One new review added (I have two more to add in the next two days). It's of QB Invaders, a Space Invaders clone by Tim Truman. I also added two new links, and I updated the top sites list code for all four of the sections that it is on. (Links, Links2, Webrings, this page). Tomorrow I finally have nothing to do after school, so I might be able to do a bigger update.

    Things didn't work out right today. Hypermart is updating their server right now, so the only way I can update is by FTP (twice as much time...ugh...), and my shareware GIF animator's trial liscense expired, so I couldn't convert the frames for the new QB Dance character to an animated GIF. I did manage to add one review. It's of Seargent Squeak by ... um... I fogoot, but it's by someone. :) I've got 3 more reviews that I will be adding soon when updating becomes more convenient. Later.

    Hello. You may have noticed that there were no updates for the last two days. My Internet Provider (Pronet) was having problems, because they transferred their accounts to a different server and something happenned to the files - I'm not sure about the details - but we had to re-signup so that they could add us again. We didn't have time to go in to town and re-signup today (because of church), which caused me not to be able to get online. Don't worry, though. That caused me to get some stuff ready for updating. Expect to see the reviews I did tomorrow, and today, you can see the fast little things that I updated. (Challenges, links, email/icq list, etc). I also have a new character to add to the QB Dance tomorrow. Seeya then!

    The QB Dance was updated a bit (I did some image editing so that it would load faster). I also updated the compilers page. You can now download QB v1.1, 2.0, 4.0, 4.5 and PDS from there. Last, but not least, I did a lot of little updating, which is basically fixing weird little quirks that make the page aesthetically unappealing.

    Metal Gear Solid. I've played it for 9 hours in the last two days, and I want to get back to the game. It rules! I will add some more stuff tomorrow, but not tonight.

    Hello! Two new links added, (for a new total of 280 QBASIC Links)! B-Czar was added to the email/ICQ list. Also, I gave an award to one of the links that I added -- Simply QBASIC. I have written a review, but I decided not to put it up yet, because I decided that I was a little too hard on the program, and now I have to change the descriptions around and stuff. Expect to see it tomorrow. Good night!

    I kinda stayed at my friend's house longer than expected. I left at 6:30, and didn't get home until nine. I'm incredibly tired. Real update tomorrow.

    Gasp! Pete finally updates before 11:00 PM. :) Too bad today's update sucks, just like yesterday's. In fact, it's half as good. I added one person to the email/ICQ list. Yesterday I added two. Ack! The reason that I didn't wait 'til later so that I could do a review or two and maybe find something else to add is because I'm going to one of my friends houses, and won't get back until tomorrow afternoon, causing me to not be near my computer, not letting me update. (I could do it at his house, but it's common courtesy not to update your site when you're at a friend's house. :) Well, seeya tomorrow. There WILL be at least one new review added. I know I'll have time to do one. That's all I have to say today. Oh, I guess I can do this:

    Please vote for this site (and give it a 10) for the QBASIC Pathfinder Top Rated Sites! Just fill out the form below!

    Arpith reset the code, so my former score of 9.4, with about 50 tens has been wiped out, and some asshole who was just trying to screw up my site's score gave me a 0. It was probably another webmaster of a QB site in the t.R.s who wanted to get his site ahead of mine. :( Oh well.

    Two minutes to midnight... I added two people to the email/ICQ list (Retna and Big Nose). That's it. I also signed up for an account at Red Rival for file hosting. GTG. I'm just going to download mp3s, let my All Advantage Viewbar make me money and play my Playstation in the other room all night. Final Fantasy VII rocks!!!

    I added two file reviews, one reviewed by me and the other one reviewed by BattleCraft99. He submitted four files, so I talked him in to decreasing my work load because he made it so heavy. :) Also, one new link was added, and two new awards were added. The survey will be updated tomorrow, so tonight is the absolute last day that you can vote! Also, someone requested that I tell you to go to the Qboard and post messages. :)

    Three words: Final Fantasy Seven. Yes, I'm addicted. This site will not get neglected like Blue-Tek, though. I can garuntee that I will have a file review finished tomorrow, because this morning before school, I wrote one. I just need to get screenshots and stuff. :) I've played FFVII for 6 hours today so far, but that's only because it's such a good game. If only QB RPGs could be that good... Well, gotta get to bed. I have to wake up at 5 AM tomorrow. Oh yes, one more thing. The compilers page will be updated once I get some more server space somewhere. Red Rival, where I was planning to get an account for uploading files to crashed last week, so I guess I'll have to settle for an account at one of the other free webspace providers. Maybe I could begin putting my site on my parent's server... I don't know. I'm too tired to think straight, and sometimes that can be a bad thing. :) G'night!

    I added one new person to the email/ICQ list, and updated some descriptions. I also added a new challenge. I'm really tired, so I didn't have time to get much done. Now it's your turn to do something for this site:

    • Please sign the guestbook!
    • Please rank this site a '10' with the QBASIC Pathfinder Top Ranked Sites voting booth thing below!
    • Last but not least, please vote in the monthly survey. Lately, turn out has sucked, and there are only two days before voting will be closed for the month. This is the last time in your life time that you can vote in that survey! Go and make daddy proud!
    I'd really appreciate it if you people would do those things for this site. Remember, I update and maintain this site in my free time and I don't get anything for it but compliments and a few votes for the QB top sites lists here and there. Please vote, rank my site and sign the guestbook!

    I should be adding two reviews tonight, but I don't really want to stay up past midnight on a night when I have to wake up at 5 AM. I added a review of Colony by EvilBeaver. It's the last file in the last section of the reviews page. Good night. I will be updating the compilers section soon, and actually be hosting my own files.

    Maybe I miscalculated the size of the update yesterday. I didn't add any reviews like I said I would, but I'll add two tomorrow. I did add the compilers page and the past headlines pages, though. The compilers page will have more compilers added as I find them. I know where I can get QB 2 and QB 4, and if I find any other versions, I'll add them. For now, I'm linking to the zip files on other sites because I've run out of server space on Hypermart. Don't worry, I have plenty of extra space, though. I'll upload them to one of my other servers once I have time. Good night!

    There will be a HELL of an update tomorrow. I will add the compilers section to the site, and will also make a Headlines Archives section. There will be a few files added (at least two) and more! I already have some of this ready to upload, but I'm too tired to do it now. Seeya in 24. :)

    Well, I guess that bug that I mentioned yesterday only happens on really old computer. I mean REALLY old. ARCHAIC (like Apple IIe's and Commodore 64's). When I was in sixth grade (1996-97), our school still used Apple IIe's, so I shouldn't make fun of them. They are fun to play with, and they do have some pretty cool games, but I'd take Quake 3 over Montezuma's Return any day. :) What I did: I added one new person (BED) to the email/ICQ list, and I fixed an error in the headline yesterday. I also moved all of the old news on this page to the news section. Tomorrow will probably have a good update, but who knows... I might get one of the PSX games I ordered...

    Tomorrow (9.9.99) may cause computers to be screwed up by a bug similar to the Y2K bug, but not as serious. This bug may cause some programs to close prematurely, because a string of nines is often used to tell a program to terminate. This probably won't do a thing, but if it does do something to my computer, I may not be able to update for a while. Here's what I did today: I added one new headline (read it below), and I added one new challenge. That's it! Good night!

    Don't you hate it when this page loads up, and there are three dancing babies at the top of it? I do, and I'm the one that puts them there. There's no update today fo one reason -- Final Fantasy 7. I finally received the game after winning the ebay auction for it two weeks ago. It's a really great game, but I don't have a memory card yet, so it's pointless to play it, really. I realize that, but I still played it for an hour and twenty-three minutes (I got to the part where that guy on the second floor of the store next to the AVALANCHE's hideout shows you how to use the menus and stuff), and didn't get a chance to update this site. Sorry people! When my memory card (a 360 block one) arrives, I will be able to draw myself away from the game long enough to update, (since I'll know that I won't have to start over when I turn the game off.) That's all I have to say today. Expect a real update tomorrow (not a big one, but an update). Goodnight!

    Hello. I'm really tired right now. I updated some links and added one to the links page. I also updated some info on the email/ICQ list, and I updated some code for a top sites list. Last, but not least, I added a new headline. Read it below!

    Oops. I forgot to put news up yesterday when I updated. Here's what I did:
    Yesterday: I added a review of ARC RPG by Mark Hall. Check it out in the files section.
    Today: I added a link and fixed a few things here and there. That's a shitty update, but I didn't really feel like updating much today. Tomorrow will be a bigger update than today, and on Tuesday...SCHOOL STARTS! shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit

    (I hate school.)

    Hi! I don't like to do this, but I'm finally bringing the Dancing Babies out to get a breath of fresh air. :P The reason the site is getting neglected today is because I'm going to the state fair (New York state fair), and I might not get back until after midnight, and then I might not be able to update. If I can get back, I'll try to do a review of ARCRPG by Marc Hall. It's the next file in the reviews waiting list. Seeya later!

    The new mailing has finally been sent! It should have arrived in your inbox early this morning (around 2 AM). If you aren't signed up for the mailing list, please sign up! If you would like to read past mailings (including today's), check out the mailing list section! Also, I updated the survey section, deleted someone from the mailing list becuase their email address is no longer active, and updated the Quizlet. Seeya later. Oh, one more thing -- Hypermart's online update thing is working again, so I can update more quickly and easily! This is good, because FTPing up all of the files I want to update after I have already update them on my home computer is a pain in the ass.

    Hypermart has been down for two days (well, the online updating part, anyways). I've been posting stuff on the Qboard for the last two days while I waited for Hypermart's updating script to be fixed. Since it hasn't been fixed yet, I found a new FTP Client and decided to update the site through FTP. It's harder to do it that way, but it's something that has to be done. Here's what I did:

    • Finally, I've added a new Headline! Check it out below!
    • I joined the QBasic Pathfinder: Top Ranked Sites. Please rank this site a #10!!
    • I got an award and added it.
    • I gave an award to the Qbasic/QuickBasic News.
    • I added one person to the email/ICQ list, and I edited someone's info.
    • I joined the Pantheon of Qbasic Gods Webring, and added the code.
    • Added four links
    • Added four File reviews, two by me and two by WisdomDude. Thanks WisdomDude!

    Hyperfart (copyright, Breeze) is still down, so I'm just going to post everything that I was going to add in this article, and hope that Hypermart starts working soon. The tables will be a bit deformed. That's because of the board, not me.

    Erk. Hypermart's updating their server right now, and I won't be able to sign on for twenty minutes. Too bad, because right now is 11:50. I have three reviews to add, plus a lot of general odds and ends here and there. It'll be a nice update as soon as I can connect.

    I'm back! I'm really tired, but there will be a real updated tomorrow with at least two reviews written by me, and maybe even some by some other people. Sorry about the lack in updates lately, but I'm really busy in the summer. Good night.

    Sorry, I guess those two reviews won't be added until after the weekend. I was planning on doing them last night, but at around 3 AM, I fell asleep, and didn't even get the first one done. :( I'm going away for the weekend today...again... First, I'm going to Six Flags, and then I'm going to Letchworth State park for the rest of the weekend. Sorry, I don't like to leave this site without updating it. I'll be back Sunday night (I think).

    Erk... I spent hours working on my parent's site today, and not any time on mine. There will be AT LEAST two reviews added tomorrow, because I've been slacking on reviews lately.

    Small update today, because I've been playing my brand new Playstation. :) Syphon Filter is an AWESOME game!!! I'll try to do better updates - that is if I can draw myself away from the playstation. Here's what I did: I updated the email/ICQ list. One new person added, and I edited some info on it. Breeze of quick-basic.com is writing a CGI script for the email/ICQ list so that you can add yourself! This is the second CGI script that Unknown Origins has written for this site free of charge! Thanks a lot! I also updated some info on the links section. Wisdomdude is writing another review for me. He's awesome. Download his games: Hack-Man 2 and 3. They're awesome Pac-Man clones. Well, gotta go. It's 11:59. I gotta press submit soon.

    Okay, I really slacked off today, but I did add a really cool section that everyone should check out if they're in for a laugh. It's dumb, but it's cool... Kinda like bell bottom pants... Check it out. Now. Otherwise, you'll never know what it is. It will torment you forever. You must go there.

    Also, PLEASE VOTE IN THE MONTHLY SURVEY!!! This month has had the worst survey turn out...ever... Please vote. I might leave it up for another month if not enough people vote. Click 'Monthly Survey' under the interactive heading on the frame. Thanks for voting if you do!

    Twenty minutes... Hold your horses...

    I finished uploading the new format. Now all of the pages on this page (except for the file reviews) should be in the new format. Neato. ALSO: THREE FILE REVIEWS HAVE BEEN SUBMITTED!!! A big hand out to Retna and James Robert Osborne for reviewing files for me! Retna did a review of 'Space Commando 2', and James Robert Osborne wrote a review of 'Wetspot II' and 'Compugotchi'. Thanks a lot for your support of Pete's QBASIC Site. I will have a few more file reviews up tomorrow. (It's about time that I get around to the files in my inbox that people submitted.) There will also be a huge advertising campaign started tomorrow. Please sign my guestbook. No one has signed it in about a week. :( Also, add your files to the Files 2 section!

    Erk. I was planning to finish adding the new layout yesterday. Then I went to a baseball game. I was supposed to be home by 9:30, but the game went in to over time. Thirteen innings. And then the visitors, the Bowie Baysox (this is the minor league) got a home run with bases loaded. They won over the Binghampton Mets, 7 to 3. I got home at 11:30. Too bad. Then I thought 'hmm... I'll just finish it tomorrow'. Then one of my friends called me up, and I went to the Blair Witch Project. It's a bit scary, and an okay movie with a good plot. The only bad thing about the movie is that the filming sucked, because it was filmed by amateurs who were almost trying to make it look bad. :P

    I will be updating Alternate Logic in the next couple minutes, and then the rest of the night will be devoted to updating this site. I have a great update lined up for all of you out there in QBASIC land, so stay tuned!

    The new layout is here! I hope you like it. I did a really crappy job on uploading the new pages, partly because my shareware ftp program expired, and I had to try a newer, weirder one. I'll finish the job later, but I'm really tired now (3:30 AM), so I'm going to go to bed. I've sat here, editing the html on these pages for about 3.5 hours, watching Ernest Goes to Camp, and slapping my face to keep myself awake, and now I can't seem to keep my ey...snore...

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