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News Archive: 5/28/99 - 8/7/99

August 7, 1999

Guess what? Lazy old Pete is gonna need an extension to his midnight deadline. He will have the new layout up by dawn for your viewing pleasure. Not that many people swing by this site in the wee hours of the night anyways.

August 6, 1999

Tomorrow I will be uploading the newly layouted version of my site. It will look a lot better than it does now. I have already started formatting some of the sections, and they look better, so I guess it will be here to stay. :)

August 5, 1999

It all started on Monday. I was sitting at my PC, anxious to try some of my new CD-ROMs that I got for my birthday. I began to install them, but when I began installing Warcraft II, I got an error message. The error message said "You have run out of space on drive C:\". I thought 'no problem', I'll empty out my recycle bin... I opened my recycle bin, and to my surprise, it was empty. I had already emptied it! I had to delete something. I began searching the hard drive for something that I didn't want, but I couldn't find anything that I wanted to get rid of! I told my dad this, and he and I drove to our local Circuit City to buy another hard drive. It was strange that he agreed to buy me another hard drive so quickly. When we arrived, I picked up an 8.4 gig one...a $179 one...and took it to the register. We bought it and went home. I opened up the box, and took out the poster that tells you how to install the drive, and run the installation disks and stuff. (There also is a huge manual, but I overlooked that.) I oppened up my computer so that I could see all of the wires and circuitry and cards and stuff. I plugged the power cord and motherboard attachment cord in, attached it to the old hard drive, and plugged it into the card. I slid the jumper on the way that the manual said to designate it as the slave drive. That's when I noticed something. The old hard drive had a 6 pin jumper port. The new one had 10. I took a look at the manual that came with my computer, and changed the jumpers so that they said it was the master drive in a two drive system. Now that that was taken care of, I inserted the boot disk to install the new drive, and turned on my PC. The boot program ran perfectly. When I was done, I took out the program, and ran my computer. It crashed as soon as windows began running. I tried again. The same. I tried installing the drive again. No luck. It went on and on like this for 3 long days until one of my dad's friends who is a computer hardware installer guy for IBM got home. We asked him what to do, and he told us that we had to get some numbers from the dealers, and input them in setup. (That menu that pops up when you press some key right after you turn on your computer.) I did, and it works. I missed four days of updates. I'll try not to have this happen again. I missed four days of updates. That's horrible for all of you people out there in QBASIC land. I'll get back to work on my site tonight. I will try to do big updates to make up for the last few days, and for the time I was at camp. I'll see you later for now. Good night, and thanks for waiting for me to get my computer fixed.

August 1, 1999

I'M BACK!!!! Finally!!!

I have a lot to do now that I'm home. My birthday was on Monday, so when I got home, lots of CD-ROMs awaited me... I like games... Now, if I only had Starcraft and the expansion set (ah hem, Microtrip). :P I'll see you tomorrow with a real update. I'm busy because I came home to 146 emails to my two email addresses, which, after I deleted the spam was only 87, but it's still not cool. Quite a bit of them are submissions, so expect a big update. This site needs a lot of cleaning up and stuff, which I hope to accomplish. (yeah, right :) Good night!

July 31, 1999

I'll be back tomorrow - Sunday and will be able to update. I'm leaving Camp Barton today but will be in Pennsylvania overnight with my family. Enjoy the day! Until tomorrow!

July 30, 1999

I have nothing to say today. I'll be back Sunday. Until then, read the last three day's updates, because I added a lot of stuff. Also, be sure to add your files to the second files section! I'll see you all tomorrow.

July 29, 1999

It's Thursday. My camp will soon be coming to an end, and I'll be able to start updating again! Woohoo! Here are two more links to hold you over. Oh, and go to the files 2 section and add a file!!!

July 28, 1999

Howdy! Hrm...I can't think of anything to say, and "when you can't say anything good, don't say anything at all". Here I am adding a review of DarkDread's "The Legend of Lith II". Screenshots and the program to download are not uploaded, so they aren't included now.

July 28, 1999

Howdy! Hrm...I can't think of anything to say, and "when you can't say anything good, don't say anything at all". Here I am adding a review of DarkDread's "The Legend of Lith II". Screenshots and the program to download are not uploaded, so they aren't included now.

July 27, 1999

Tuesday, tuesday, tuesday... My 3rd day at Camp Barton today, my second full day. I hope I'm having fun (I'm writing this in advance), but who knows. Today I present to you a couple new links to new QBASIC sites that were submitted, and not added yet. I'll take care of them when I get back, but for now, check out these new links!

July 26, 1999

Hello! This is my first day at Camp Barton. I'll be there until Friday, and there will be daily posts on my Qboard. Cool. Today is also my birthday! I'm turning 14 today. Neato. Tomorrow, along with the news, there will be new site content, probably links tomorrow. I'll add a new review on some other day. That's all I can say for now. See you on the other side.

July 25, 1999

Everything that I was planning on adding is now up. Tonight I decided to start doing huge general maintenance type things, but I decided against it, because I'm tired...really tired.

I redid the files I and II sections (YOU'VE GOT TO CHECK OUT FILES #II). I also redid the tutorials section, and introduced the brand new 'news hosting' service. Click on the link above to check it out. There were quite a few other things. I can't remember what I did..it's almost 4 AM. I need sleep.

I also have bad news. I will be leaving for camp today and will be gone until Friday. :( I will have posts posted on the Qboard with some kind of update attached every day. I'm making them in advance and having them added one day at a time. Seeya. I need sleep. Now.

July 24, 1999

I've got about 95% of what I'm planning to add finished on my computer. I could finish the last 5% before midnight (20 minutes), but I can't add it all bafore then, and add the news about what I did and stuff. I'll be finished adding the new stuff in about an hour. Thanks for waiting!

July 23, 1999

I'm working my A$$ off right now doing that revamp. I'll be up all night, so there won't be an official news thing about what I did until then. Sorry for any inconvenience. (right)

July 22, 1999


Okay, now that I've got that over with, I have added one new file review of Chines Square by Cheng-Ning. Check it out while you wait for the revamp. :)

July 21, 1999

Boy, time flies when you're having fun. I got back from my trip today, and have a lot of stuff to add for tomorrow. I have a huge notepad file of stuff to work on, plus written text. There is a big and important bit of news tomorrow! This is a must read thing! See you then!

July 20, 1999

Hello. I'll be back tomorrow night. Until then, it's just posts on my QBoard. I'll see you ...I guess...

July 19, 1999

Hi, it's my first day of my canoe trip on Raquette Lake. I guess this is good bye. :P

July 18, 1999

Sorry, I won't be able to update until Wednesday because I'm going on a canoe trip. Check the Qboard for updates.

July 17, 1999

One new file. It's got the longest title so far, and it's listed under the RPGs section. It's called: "Sir Chomps-A-Lot in: The Escape from the Rebel Crocs". Kewl. I'll see you later for now.

July 16, 1999

I'm REALLY tired right now, but I did manage to finish the last file reviews and put them up. There are four new file reviews up tonight! All four are RPGs. They are the last four files listed in the RPGs section of the files section. I have gone through every section of my site and have written down everything that I want to fix on this site. (All of the little things that need mending and fixing.) I will be doing this over the next two days. Now I'll go to sleep, because it's 2:35 AM, and I can barely keep my eyes open.

July 15, 1999

Hello. I have 3/4 of my file reviews ready to upload, but I need about an hour to finish the last one. In about an hour and a half, I'll put up the four reviews. Also, I'm planning to do a mini revamp on Saturday where I'll make all of the pages on this site look better, and do a bit of other kinda things. Yadda yadda yadda. I just thought I would put this up so that I wouldn't miss the 12:00 deadline. (it's 11:57 :) Seeya in an hour. (Around the time the Late Late Show with Kreg Kilborn ends.)

July 14, 1999

Sorry about yesterday. My great grandma (yes, great) came to visit. She'll be here for about a week. I spent a couple hours explaining how the internet and computers work to her, so I couldn't get around to finishing my file reviews and putting them up. Also, my dad decided that he wanted to play Warcraft. He used to play it a lot a couple years ago, and started playing it once again...

Well, enough with my crap. About this site... Today I added two new QBASIC links to my massive QB links collection. I now have 265 links. :) Remember those two files that I was going to add? They will be up tomorrow. I'm going to fix the format of the files section and add at least...AT LEAST four file reviews! I'll also take care of the news flooding this page and do a lot of general maintenance kinda stuff. Seeya.

July 13, 1999

Heyas! Just a quick stop to add some webring code for Keiproductions Webring before I overwrite it on my clipboard. :) Those two files will come later, which means (oh, the excitement is unbearable) another update later!!! Actually, I don't like to update. It's like doing homework now - I do it without thinking while I talk with people (ICQ, Instant Messenger) and watch TV, so It takes me a while and I don't notice I'm doing work. :P I have a couple cool things to say now, which will result in a list.

  • I found a few copies of some old news! I will put them up tonight. I will never get all of my news back, but it will be better than before.
  • Also, when I found the old news, I found a copy of this website in it's first week! That's cool. Re-live some nostalgic moments with me! I'll put it up for you tonight. :)
  • I don't know if I should say this, but Tek's been working on a really cool script for QCity over at NeoZones. It will revolutionize the files section. :P Not really, but it will make the file section format of Future Soft have some competiton. That's good, since I like NeoZones better.
  • See all of that old news below this? I'll take care of it later when I do an update of the news section later.
Well, I've got some file reviews to finish (and some dishes to wash). I do have chores, you know. :)

July 12, 1999

Hello. No new stuff today, but I have two file reviews in the works for tomorrow. Submit something, dammit!

July 11, 1999

Another small update today. I added a new link to an awesome new QBASIC search engine type site. Check it out! I also edited some people's info on the email/ICQ list. I fixed a couple things on the Monthly survey page also. Don't forget to vote by clicking on the survey link on the frame!

Now here's the big new thing today - see that link where the dancing babies are when I have no update is? That link goes to the section where I ask you to submit file reviews. No one has submitted one yet...no one at all! If you're reading this, you haven't submitted a file review. If you're not reading this, you didn't submit a file review. It's sad, isn't it? Well, I'm not taking that link down until a file review is submitted. I know that people would rather me have do all of the work, but I can't do it all on my own. That's why you people submit stuff. Now get off your big lazy as...er...butt and write me a couple reviews. Please?

July 10, 1999

A nice little update today. Small, but nice. I added one link to Frizzi Productions, and added Zapbatz and Frizzi [Productions] to the email/ICQ list. My mom's threatening to ban me from my computer for a month if I don't get off and do some dishes, so I guess I better sign off for today.

July 9, 1999

Aww...crap. I spent all day doing...stuff... Not sure what. I know that I jumped some jumps on my bike for a while...I played a lot of computer games today too. Not sure what else, but I do know that I didn't ddo anything at all for an update. That's because nobody really submitted anything. (hint, hint)

One more thing -- when I was going through some old CDs I ran Warcraft, which used to be one of my favorite games. I noticed that it's in 320*200 resolution with 256 colors! Screen 13! Kewl! I don't think it was written in QBASIC, but it might have been, but what I'm trying to say is that if someone did a really good job coding, it would be possible to do a game as good as Warcraft in QB. It would have to be someone like Angelo Mattola or Danny Gump...but imagine...REALLY GOOD GAMES IN QB!

July 8, 1999

?????: [Small man in metal chair with back turned, with a large cat who he slowly strokes says:] We've been expecting you, Mr. Bond.
[Enemies close in, guns pointed at James' head]
Bond: ......
?????: Yes, Mr. Bond I've won this time! You see, now that I've got you gone I have nothing to stand in my way of destroying the White House! Planted on the hills surrounding the Distric of Columbia are four carefully placed shrink rays which will minimize the U.S. government for me to hold in my pocket! Mwahahahahah! You'll never stop me now!
Bond: But why?
?????: So that I can TAKE OVER THE WORLD!!! You're stupidity insults me, Mr. Bond! Get him, boys! [Hundreds and hundreds of henchmen attack James, who he quickly defeats.]
Bond: You'll have to do better than that!
?????: Oh, I'll never meet with you without a second plan.
Bond: Wha???
?????: Care for a train ride, Mr. Bond? [the walls of the room lower and fall of. Bond and ????? are located on top of a speeding train.]
Bond: I should have known!
?????: We've got you now! You will now pay the ultimate price for messing with the Claw!
Bond: You just gave away your identity. [While saying this, takes a small laser off of his belt loop behind his back.]
Claw: Well, you'll never live to tell anyone about it. [Presses small button on the arm of his chair.]
Bond: Not so fast! [Takes lazer and cuts the train car off of the rest the train. Meanwhile, a cage begins to raise around Bond. Jumping out before he is trapped, James slips and hangs on side of train. Seeing an obvious chance to destroy his arch rival, the Claw begins shooting a machine gun at the struggling secret agent. Bond jumps out of the line of fire and shoots his laser at the engine of the train. It begins exploding. The Claw presses another button on the arm of his chair, and the chair lifts up, with a rocketed bottom.]
Claw: You may have beaten me this time, but you will never succeed again! [He flies away on his rocketed chair. James jumps off of the burning train as it falls off of the track and crashes into a rock face on the side of the track and explodes.]


[Bond is reading a London newspaper with a headline saying. "Claw spotted in Jamaica". Further down on the paper are two more headlines, one saying "James Bond stops American government destruction" and "Pete adds one more link to his site!"]

As the headline said, I added one more link. Why did I waste my time on this stupid James Bond story? I was bored. I guess I've played a bit too much Goldeneye lately. :) Seeya tomorrow, which is in about 3 minutes. :P

July 7, 1999

My clock says 11:57, so I'll be brief. I put up FOUR new files today. Check 'em out in the files section. I didn't put them up last night because I fell asleep before I finished. :P I'll have a 'so-so' update tomorrow. Seeya.

July 6, 1999

"Great things will come in the future..." says Pete. He was going to put up 5 new file reviews for your viewing pleasure today. Too bad Pete didn't get them all done. He has two done, and wants to finish the last three. He will do it before the break of dawn, but that will be after midnight. Pete dreads midnight, because if midnight passes before an update, his update record will be lost. He decides to put a notice saying that in a couple hours he will upload the five new reviews and update again. Before Pete did that, though, he uploaded the answers to the challenges in tutorial two. He forgot to put them up after the horrific Freeyellow crash in March. He did this because a boy named BattleCraft99, who wishes to become an RPG programmer wanted the answer to the simple text adventure challenge. Pete put this up because he and others who would like the answers to tutorial #2's challenges will be heart broken if they find a broken link. Now Pete will get back to work taking screenshots and writing reviews of files written in the language he loves -- English...er...QBASIC!

July 5, 1999

I woke up this morning thinking "I'm going to do a huge update today, and finally get to those 10 file submissions I have neglected for so long!" Well, one thing led to the other, and it was 10:30 before I got home. I saw Tarzan and Wild Wild West today. Both are pretty good. WWW is kinda funny, and has some good action. Tarzan is pretty cool, despite the fact that it's made for 6 year olds. The animation is some of the best that I have ever seen in a Disney movie. It looks really 3D, even though it was drawn by hand with the aid of computers... Well, to the update. Today I added my 260th link! I also added Fox to the email/ICQ list. Tomorrow will bring files, unless I get on a day long tangent like today.

July 4, 1999

Just under the wire... My clock says 11:58. No update today. Just got abck from a July 4th party. I'll do a real update tomorrow.

July 3, 1999

Okay, quick one link update. I'm working on a new layout for the pages that looks like the new frame. I've also worked a lot on my parent's website. (I get 5% of all online sales, so it's worth it to do a good job.) I might have another update later, but I figured that just in case I don't get around to it, I should put this up. :)

July 2, 1999

It's 11:41. I'll be blunt: I'm too tired to do an update today. I spent three and a half hours working on my parent's website, soon to be located at http://www.thunderbirdatlatl.com . They have 60 megs, so I might be able to move my site on to their server if they have a lot of extra space. :) (Hoping...) Well, I'll see you in 24 hours (or less.)

July 1, 1999

Notice something new? That's right, I finally made the frame look...well...good! I like how it turned out, even though it has the scrolling bar on it now. (I don't like scrolling bars.) There might be another update later... Don't know... I have to go some guy's lawn. (How else am I going to make money for video games? :) Seeya later. Oh, tutorial #5 will be out tomorrow, and I will be redoing about 90% of this site's layout, one section at a time. My Freeyellow days are over, and I don't want any of it's horrors to be left over (for example, the Link to me page.) I made that around November 10 last year when my site was brand new, and I haven't changed it since. Somehow the code to copy and paste got turned into HTML...

June 30, 1999

Not much of an update today, but I did a bit of stuff behind the scenes. A bit of general maintenance was done here and there. (Namely on file reviews.) I'm within three commands and one final thought of completing Tutorial #5! I'm also working on a nice makeover for this site, which will make it nicer to navigate through, while keeping it's quick, mostly text-based form. Take a look around this site. There are pretty much no graphics whatsoever (except on the main page, webrings and links sections.)

Life without a mouse continues. I bought another mouse today (a cheap $12 one, because when I was returning the mouse, I forgot to put it back in the box. I left it hooked to my computer... and went off to Circut City to return it. Silly me. :) On return, I plugged the $12 Fellowes 2 button, plain and simple mouse in to the mouse port, and it had the same problem -- the computer wouldn't accept clicks. I think I have a problem with my mouse port, not the mouses. (Believe it or not, the plural for computer mouses is not 'mice', but is 'mouses'.) Well, gotta go to bed. I'm tired and I got Pokémon Pinball today, so I have hours of fast - paced pinball action ahead of me...but not tonight...must sleep...snore...

June 29, 1999

Lazy, lazy Pete... Lazy Pete with a broken mouse. I didn't do anything for this site today, but I did spend about 3.5 hours working on reviews of console games for other sites. I did a lot, but didn't do work for this measly little corner of the internet. Sorry... Maybe I should have spent those three hours doing reviews for the files section or finishing Tutorial #5, but I didn't. There's too much BORING stuff to do and too little time. (I do have to have fun once in a while...) Well, seeya.

June 28, 1999

I'm still missing a mouse that works. Updates will be small until I can get a new one. Well, anyways, I added two new links. Check out the debate on my Qboard . . . should I move my site again? If I do move my site, you people will have to change bookmarks and fix your links, but my site would have twice the space and NO ADDS!!! Check it out while I tab my way around the world wide web.

June 27, 1999

Crap... My mouse broke today. That's not that bad... I thought... Well, I went to Circuit City to buy a new one. Since I only had $30, I asked for a Kensington Intellimouse (Has the little wheel between the buttons). Well, they were sold out of that mouse, and it was the best one that I could afford, so I talked the salesman into selling me the one in the display, where people can try it out. I got a five dollar discount. I took it home, with nothing but the receit, mouse itself and installation disk. I booted up my computer and popped in the disk, and ran the installation prog. I plugged in the mouse, and it scrolled wonderfully...there was one problem, though... the buttons don't work! Life sucks, you know?

Well, with no way to click, I managed to find one new link and add it to the links section...and type this... The next tutorial will come out either tomorrow or Tuesday. Check out the link while I go and complain to Circuit City... They probably won't accept the mouse back (stupid Nazi bastards). :(

Oh, one more thing... Check my post on my Qboard ... NOW!!!

June 26, 1999

No update today because I'm...kinda...banned off of my computer again. Gotta go. I'll work on tutorial #5 on the 386 in my room tonight, so I can do a real update tomorrow.

June 25, 1999

One new file...SonicX v2.3 . I know adding one new file doesn't sound like a big update, but since I do full reviews, it takes about an hour to do an update. (Run prog and examine it, get screenshots, write review [in html], upload it and all screenshots and html file, update files section). Tutorial #5 is coming along. It will be out soon. That's all I have to say. Good bye.

June 24, 1999

I finally started tutorial #5, and I also have four files to review and add. One is the new version of SonicX, another is CDOS, and I have two in my inbox to check out. I'll be busy for a while, but nothing new today. I'm tired, so I'll go to sleep now..........yawn...........

June 23, '99

Just got back from my trip to Six Flags today. I rode all the roller coasters that they had there (Viper, Predator, Boomerang, Mind Eraser, Superman) which are rated from least cool to coolest. Fun! Because of that and my extreme fatigue, I only added one link today. I will have a good update tomorrow because today was my last official day of school!!!

School's out for summer, baby, yeah!
(sorry, Austin Powers syndrome)


June 22, 1999

Small update tonight because I feel lazy. :) I added one link to http://www.progar.com, a brand new all-programming language search engine with all languages, including QB. You will also notice that Pete's QBASIC Site is in the QBASIC section. I also fixed the review for the Adventures. I had a broken link to the file, the tables were too small, and I miscalculated the score. :)

June 21, 1999

Quick update, but the dancing babies can finally take a rest. I've added a review of The Adventures, as I said yesterday and Saturday. It's a pretty good game - you should try it. It's one for the best QBASIC side scroller, even though Peanut Patrol is better. I also fixed the ever - growing news on the main page problem. :) Good night!

June 20, 1999

Those reviews will have to wait. I'm really tired. It's 11:06, just got back. I'll add those reviews tomorrow.

June 19, 1999

I've got some reviews started, but not done. I have to leave now, and I'm not sure when I'll get back, so I'm posting this... just in case. Until I do a real update, go to This site and download "the adventurers". It's pretty cool, but a bit too hard.... I'll do a review later. Seeya.

June 18, 1999

Sorry guys, no update again. This morning I spent studying for my Earth Science Regents Exam. At 11:30 I went to take it (test went from 12:10 - 3:10). Took it. Got 95%. Went to party. Now tired and no want to go to bed...(well, that or Austin Powers...yes, I haven't seen the sequel yet. :( ) I'll do a real update tomorrow. The updates will be bigger if you submit stuff too..... (hint, hint)

June 17, 1999

No update today.

"Now I lay me down to rest,
A pile of books upon my chest,
If I should die before I wake,
That's one less test I'll have to take!"

June 16, 1999

I've taken my English and Social Studies finals. I have my local Spanish exam tomorrow, Earth Science Regents Friday. (That's a tough one.) Monday, I have the state Spanish test, Tuesday, Course I math Regents, and Wednesday CLASS TRIP TO [SIX FLAGS] DARIEN LAKE! Ooohhh.... Fun... I just want to tell you that updates won't be so great until about Thursday. Few new files and stuff. (Yes, file submitters, you'll have to wait for my verdict. Of course, you could get someone to review it for you by clicking HERE!!!) Well, what I did: I updated the survey page with this month's results. (They go from 15th of the month to the next 15th.) I also changed the survey. Go vote! Well, seeya later tonight or tomorrow. Updates will be small unless you people submit things!!!

June 15, 1999

Two new people added to the Email/ICQ List. Check it out. Email them. Bug them until they go insane!!! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH! Also, one new challenge that someone submitted. Seeya. (Remember that there will be crappy updates this week.)

June 14, 1999

One new link. Updates will be slow this week because up until Wednesday next week I have finals everyday. :( (Except for Saturday and Sunday.) Seeya tomorrow. Oh, and don't forget to click here!

June 13, 1999

That update in the next hour thing kind of flopped because I fell asleep last night before I coould update. :) I added a new article to the articles section, and a new link. I also fixed a couple oddities in odd pages. (General maintenance.) Hasta luego.

June 12, 1999

Hello! 11:55 update in the next hour, but it'll be tomorrow by then, so I better post this. :)

June 10, 1999

Tomorrow is my last day of classes...tests in every subject...must study...even though studying sucks. :( Homework galore...Update tomorrow on the weekend. Hasta luego!

Click here!

June 9, 1999

It's not too wise to stay up to 11:00 PM the night before a major exam, is it? Oh well... Notice that big link above that says "click here"? Click it. That's one part of my update. My other part is editing the files section because it was a little messed up because I forgot to finish tags and stuff. I also fixed the Compugotchi review up a little. Good night!

June 8, 1999

Hiya. One new file today - a crappy ASCII fighter game by JiM Productions (with a full review). Read it if you want to - it got a 48%, tied for the lowest score I have given. :) More stuff tomorrow. I've got to study for part I of my Earth Science Regents Exam. Isn't New York State great?

June 7, 1999

Power shortage...trees through your living room...lightning striking small children...river in your basement...FUN! Don't you love storms like that? Power shortage (not outage, there was about 10% power) today. When I was babysitting three bratty Bosnian refugee kids today, a huge thunderstorm started. A tree in their backyard got struck and fell over. Branches broke the window and stuck in their window. How nice! My next door neighbor's big tree fell in the street and cut off traffic. A house two blocks away caught on fire. The sewer pipes overflowed and dumped in the streets. Not enough electricity to light a light bulb. I love this kind of weather!
Well, enough talking about that. I did a lot of general maintenance (editing sections in need of work) and joined Tek's new top 25 QB sites thing. I also took the Programming Top 50 link off because I want to stay in QBASIC exclusive top-site lists. I also edited the info for the top 100 QB sites. I weeded out some more bad web rings, and fixed some code. I did a ton more...can't remember. I was updating around 2:00, and then the I had to leave and babysit... seeya.

June 6, 1999

No update. My mom's waiting for a call and mad at me because I locked her keys in the car...and it's in the park. She's also mad at me, and wants me off my computer. If you're mad about my no update updates, refer to yesterday's .WAV sound.

June 5, 1999

No real update today. Today I got a nice new bike to jump the jumps (that sounds dumb) with. It's a Dyno XS, made by GT, costing only $285 (I don't know if that's cheap or expensive for bikes - I'm not the kind of person that reads bike catalogs even though I know I'm not going to buy anything from it.)...

If you're going to complain about this no update routine, maybe you should listen to this .WAV sound. (I think it fits the people who complain about that very nicely): CLICK HERE

June 4, 1999

Close to midnight. Zapbatz emailed me a link to his new QBASIC links/help archive with nothing in it yet. :) It's #252.

June 3, 1999

After a short five day no-new-content-updates, I'm back. First of all, I'm going to make this quick since it's 11:55 PM. My dad was on the phone for about four hours, and I couldn't get online. I added one new file review, for Mini RPG 2. It's in the files section. Read it. I also added an article that I wrote for QB:TM back in November, but never submitted. It was about some stupid DarkDread Scandal thing on the Neozones Qboard where people said that they were DarkDread. Read it. :) I also got my 8000th hit today! Seeya.

June 2, 1999

S o r r y , n o u p d a t e t o d a y . : ( M y g r a n d p a d i e d t h i s m o r n i n g , a n d I ' m t o o s a d t o d o a r e a l u p d a t e . : (

June 1, 1999

I'm back from my trip, probably the worst trip I've ever been on. The bugs swarmed around me and bit me and bit me. I think that I have bug bites on my bug bites. Crap. Well, it looks like I won't be doing a "real" update today...just a bit of general maintenance. The teachers are piling the homework on -- I guess they think that they underworked us and are panicking since everyone is probably going to fail the finals anyways. Better make some conversation... Well, so I says to Mable, Mable I says, Mable -- you've really got to fix that shower head... Never mind... Well, I'll go scratch my bug bites and slave over my homework. Good night, sleep tight, don't let the bed bugs bite...Awwww...crap!

May 28, 1999

I'm off! I'm going on a three and a half day trip to the Adirondecks this weekend. There will be no real updates, but news will be posted on the Qboard every day by someone else. Sorry that there won't be any real updates, but I can't update when I'm not around. For the latest news, go to the Qboard.

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