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News Archive: 3/7/99 - 5/27/99

May 27, 1999

I added one new link, my 251st one, and I added the Secret of Cooey review by DarkDread to the files section. Check out the review! Well, I'm tired...it's 11:00 PM, and I've got to get to bed. Sign the darn guestbook!

May 26, 1999

One new file (not reviewed) was added.. It's Compugotchi by Mathias Magdowski - a Tomagotchi clone. I can't get it to run, but I have it up with screenshots so that you can download it. It's under the Misc. section. I finally got Darkdread's RPG, the Secret of Cooey to run, and will review it tomorrow. I also joined another top sites list, the top 219 QBASIC Sites. (Link at bottom with the rest of the top QB site lists.) I won't be here from Friday after school until Monday at 10:00 PM this weekend, so I will have someone else post news here, but there won't be a real update. More tomorrow - I have homework to do...

May 25, 1999

Okay, I've been banned off of my computer again for tonight... :( If I can sign back on later, I'll do a real update, but I'm grounded right now (until 12:00 PM). Seeya later (or tomorrow!)


The dancing babies are asleep, and I fixed a tag that I forgot to close, making the whole site have a huge font, and I added my two - hundred and fiftieth link! Aweseome! Well, I'll see you.

May 24, 1999

Even though it's Monday, I still managed to do an update even though it was a very crappy one. I added one new link. Woohoo. Well, I'll see you...got to start my homework... Maybe a new file or two tomorrow - or that new files section layout I've been promising...

May 23, 1999

Oooh, a week since the three dancing babies have greeted you when you enter! That's pretty cool. Well, I finally added the Tuke v1.0 review, Microtrip. Read it in the files section (I haven't changed the format yet because I edited it, but didn't like the way it turned out. I'll try a different format.) I also edited the pic2text review picture's caption because it made the table that held the screenshot too long because I didn't "wordwrap it." Well, I'll go to sleep now since I stayed up all night yesterday. Tomorrow's Monday, but I still might be able to do a bit of an update...maybe not... If you people would submit more stuff, I'd have more stuff to put up... (hint, hint) Think up a challenge, sign up for the email/ICQ list, write an article, send me a file or link...anything is great!

May 22, 1999

A new file - Picture to Text by James Robert Osborne is in the files section. I'd normally do more, but it's midnight in ten minutes, so I'll do something else tomorrow (probably a re-done files section. Please sign my guestbook and post on my qboard! Oh, and there's a mailing list to sign up for, plus a lot of stuff that you can submit to this site!

May 21, 1999

How's it going? One new person added to the email/ICQ list, and that' it. I have two files to add tomorrow, but I went to see Star Wars again tonight and ran out of time. Star Wars isn't as good as the rest of them, but it's an excellent movie. Two more files, plus a new files section format tomorrow! (Yes, Microtrip, the new Tuke will be added tomorrow.)

May 20, 1999

Small update today... I tweaked a couple links' description and edited the links section a bit. That's it because I have a big English project due tomorrow. (Write 21 poems and hand 'em in.) Gotta go...

May 19, 1999

I added a new article to the articles section, a text file with tips, cheats and tactics for Hackman 2, I added one new link to the links section, and I updated the survey section. I was going to do two reviews, but I can't get one program to run and Microtrip sent me the wrong URL. Seeya!

May 18, 1999

Howdy! One more file review hot off the print! Hackman 2 by James Robert Osborne has just been added to my files section. I want to either add another file or re-layout my files section later today, but right now I've got to wash some dishes and take my dogs for a walk. Submit stuff, everybody!


Sorry... that second update isn't coming tonight. You see, one of our neighbors just gave me two tickets to STAR WARS: EPISODE I for MIDNIGHT TONIGHT! That's the first possible showing of Episode I ever! What luck God has bestowed on me tonight! Three hours before the premier showing, I get two tickets! (Sorry, I'm a big Star Wars fan.)

May 17, 1999

I have an excuse today...yes, no update, but it's Monday, and you've heard many a time of how I don't get home until around 9:30 to 10:00, and I'm too tired to work on my site. I do have a cool idea, though. Would a 'phrase of the day', listed at the top of the site everyday be cool? I don't know. Tell me on my Qboard... Good update tomorrow.

May 16, 1999

Too lazy...don't feel like updating. It's about 100 degrees outside, and I just don't feel like doing anything, including working on my site. Tomorrow is Monday, so there probably won't be a good update then either.

May 14/15 1999

Ooops... I did an update yesterday, but forgot to post news. I've done this before. I updated the main page, but was in a hurry and absend minded, so I put up the dancing babies and everything, but forgot to post news. Anyways, I added one file yesterday. There might be another update tonight...I'm not sure. I'm very tired right now because I stayed up all night last night with a couple friends. We were watching anime movies (we're all anime freaks), playing N64 and Gameboy Color, eating pizza, drinking soda... We also went swimming and sat in the hot tub for a while (there WERE girls there too...)

May 13, 1999

Finally a half-decent update! First of all, I added one new link to Amin Soft at the bottom of links #2. I also added two new file reviews: Elysian Fields, and RPG by Panterra55 and Niket, an Action RPG by Nutzboy. I also started a new "thing" in the files section. If the file is one of my favorites, I put a red asterisk by the end of the link and author's name. This is to give you a further idea on whether you should read the review. I'm going to re-do my files section soon, because it pretty much sucks right now. I will be telling more info about the file on the link to the review, and I'm also to start accepting file reviews done by other people! I want to have other people doing file reviews once in a while, so there are more than one opinion. You can do a review of a file that I have already reviewed, or do one that I've never heard of. If you submit a file review, you can either link the screenshots from the ones that I have and link the zip file if I have already reviewed it, or if you haven't, you have to give me a screenshot or two and send me the file, or where to download it.

Well, off to bed for me. It's 11:38 PM, and I've got to get back to my pup tent on the Star Wars ticket line. Good night!

May 12, 1999

The dancing babies make another appearence today... I'm tired, and I just don't want to update today. I got a copy of Shadowgate Classic for Game Boy Color... it used to be called Shadowgate and be for NES. You walk around in a haunted castle, solving thousands of complex puzzles that a human can just barely handle without going insane. How fun! I played that a while...well...about four hours, and now I'm going to go to bed because I can't figure out how to learn the spell of motari. Oh, well... I guess I'll return to the deep, dark hole that I call my home, where I will play another 20 hours of Shadowgate until I can figure out that damn spell...

May 11, 1999

Kind of small update today... I added a new link, and got rid of a site that has become a C/C++ site. Zapbatz's site, Pickering Software is now QB - less. I put up a link to the new site by Terminator_Z called the QB Demo Scene. I also edited the awards section, fixing the code for Mark's QBASIC Site's Blue Diamond award. There is a mailing in the works, so if you want to get it (about 2:00 AM on Thursday is when it will be sent), sign up now in the form at the bottom of this page or in the Mailing List section. I hope to add some files tomorrow...we'll see...

May 10, 1999

Mondays, Mondays, Mondays... The day that updates just don't happen... Maybe, just maybe I may be able to add a link or something later, but as of now the update is zilch. Dance with the babies...

May 9, 1999

Hiya! This site now has a chatroom! Jorden from Future Software told me that I could link to his chatroom, like sites such as Neozones, Nemsoft and a few others. Check it out - chances are that someone might be in there. Just click on the link on the frame. I also did a big update on both links and links #2. I fixed the names of three sites on the first links, and changed the address of Future Soft and Nightwolf's Page. In links #2, I added four new links, making 256 of them. Not a huge update, but not a bad one. Sign my guestbook! (Oh, I redid the format for that too.)

May 8, 1999

Today is basically a big update that no one will notice. I'm doing tons of little tiny things to make this site set up better, faster to load and nicer. I'll list the changes later, now I have to do them... Stay tuned....


Much updating... Too much to list. I'll just say that I did a major Webrings section update, a lot of images were changed to my server. I fixed a lot of spacing on sections.. Gotta go...

May 7, 1999

Why didn't you tell me before that the U.S. dollar wasn't a food product!?!?!?!? You've had me fooled all of these years!!! NO!!!!!!!!

Now for the real news: There is none. I completely slacked off this week... (Well, since Tuesday...) More files tomorrow. The dancing babies are back again. I'm tired - it's getting late, and...well... I guess that's it. Seeya!

March 6, 1999

Oops, I got rid of the code for the title picture and not the babies. Oh well, it's fixed now. I added one new link. If you're wondering why the update is so small, read yesterday's news. Gotta go - submit stuf for tomorrow, though!

May 5, 1999

I'm banned off of my computer again... no time for a good update. Despite that, I added one new link, letting me take my three good friends off of the top of this page. I can use my computer again on Friday. (I'm sneaking on right now.) Since I have nothing else to say, go to Basix Zone the newest site added to my links collection. They did a good update today. :) Tomorrow I'll try for something better. Maybe a new challenge or something pretty fast and easy to update. Gotta go!

May 4, 1999

I'm so tired that I can hardly keep my eyes open. My mom needed the computer for most of the night, so I couldn't get anything for the update. The three dancing babies are dancing again... All I did was fix yesterday's news because I made it into a huge blue heading text for the whole thing... :) Seeya... Now Pete go bed...

May 3, 1999

The Three No-Update Dancing Drunken Babies have returned. It's Monday, and updates are crap or slim on Mondays. Read some old news and pretend that yesterday's update was today... :) Sign my guestbook and post on my qboard...submit stuff! Then I'll have something to add on Mondays.

May 2, 1999

Two new sections today: About and Contact. Contact gives more detail about contacting me then the "Email Pete" thing did. About tells little tidbits and the history of this site, and has the disclaimer. No new files, I was busy, and my mom needed the computer. Mondays are always crappy updates because I don't get home until 10:00 PM, and I leave at 7:00 AM... One more thing: Family Guy is the funniest animated show on the air right now. I really like the Simpsons, but it's getting crappier and crappier. They need new [and better] ideas. The PJs is stupid, I think that's kind of boring, Futerama is okay right now since it's in it's beginning episodes, so they haven't run out of ideas, King of the Hill is still there with the PJs - not that good, but good enough to watch. South Park is a good show, but it was better last year. I like Dr. Katz too. Well, wasted your time doing crappy reviews of all of the prime time cartoons that I watch. Now I'll go back to sleep. Good night!

May 1, 1999

Cutting it close today... It's 11:27. I didn't get much done today because I went to get some new clothes and video games, then had to help cook at a chicken barbeque, then had to practice for a church service, and then I came home and started playing my new games. Well, anyway, I added one new link, my 240th QBASIC link, one new webring to my webrings section, got one new award from basic.de.cx. I also did one file review for Westfront PC, made by Dunric. You can find it in the files section. More files tomorrow. Seeya!

April 30, 1999

Hideho. I added one new link and gave out an award to that site. It's very good, check my links section for it. I also edited the Projects section. (I fixed the broken RPG Map picture.) I also edited the mailing list section because I put the unsubscribe form under "Subscribe" and Subscribe under "Unsubscribe". I'm going to send out a mailing later tonight or tomorrow, and add many files in the near future. It's Friday, and today was a half day of school, so I have a lot of time to work on my site. Finally, the mini-revamp that my site needs!

April 29, 1999

Slim update today...only one new link and a quick update of the 'My Awards' section, but it's a start. German QBASIC sites are beginning to pop up all over the place! That's cool. More files tomorrow (hopefully). The weekends coming, so I might be able to start doing some more work. Also, tutorial 5(?) is LONG overdue. Maybe I'll start that. I don't know, we'll have to see. The Dancing Babies won't be back until at least Sunday, but probably Monday. (On Monday's I do crappy updates.) Well, seeya. It would be nice if someone signed my guestbook once in a while...

April 28, 1999

The three drunken babies are on a hangover today... I added a new file, Othello by ULTRA [RAVEN], which is a very nice program, and I added one new link. Many files to review, and much other stuff to finish. I have to award the awards for April, update the monthly survey, and do a couple more things, but it's mostly files for the next couple days. I'm tired, seeya!

April 27, 1999

I guess the three dancing, drunken babies will have to stay for one more day. :) All I did was add a new award from actlab. I have chosen the recipients for April's awards. (The three best of the month.) I just have to make them and email the people. The reason the last two updates have been slow is because I have a Social Studies / English project that counts for 40% of my grade in both subjects, so if I do a bad job, I'm already failing two subjects, and that's not good, especially at the end of the year. I'm not repeating the eighth grade, so updates will start getting a bit better tomorrow. If you don't know about the three dancing, drunken babies on slow update days, read yesterday's news below.

April 26, 1999

New Concept today: If I don't have a "real" update, I'll post the three drunken babies on the top to signify that. The only new-worthy stuff I've seen is that both German sites taht I awarded an award to have put up a cool message about it on the main page! actlab and qbasic.de.cx have put nice little write ups about the awards. There's much to do, but Monday's are the days that I don't get anything done since I don't get home until 10:00 at night.

April 25, 1999

School again...already? Noooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!! (I hate school.) I made one review. I uploaded it, it's screenshots, and the program. I put the link in the files #2 section. Now you can read the brand spankin' new review for P.R.O.G.U.E. by Dunric. If I get anything added tomorrow, it will be little because it's monday and I'm gone from 7:00 AM to 9:30 PM with a 10 minute dinner break at 5:50 in between. I'll try to get something added...Well, sign my guestbook and read that review!

April 24, 1999

I'm afraid the update's gonna slip. I'm working on some files and have some stuff to do, but was REALLY bust today. (I was gone from 11:00 AM to 11:50 PM), and I have about 8 minutes before my huge update record is down the drain. Don't worry, something new tomorrow. :)

April 23, 1999

I edited Link #235's title and I added one new person to the Email/ICQ List. More updating later, probably. I hope to add some files, maybe put up an interview.

April 22, 1999

I added one new link, #236. I also added one more tops site list link to the bottom of my page. I'm going to decrease top site lists on my pages soon. I'm kind of mad at the QBT25 and the QBRPGT50 (Now Game Programming Top 50). I also want to make animated .GIFs just plain images for load time. I also have another top sites list that I joined a while back to add, but I won't for a while. Gotta go...

April 21, 1999

The Articles Section is now up! Only three articles are in it now, but there will be more to come. Also, I added two links, both to German QBASIC sites, and I also updated the weekly survey section. Now I'm going to get back on track, adding files and things people submit. I have tons of things in my inbox that I have to get to. They just keep on coming in. Yesterday, I got 6000 hits. :) Please sign my guestbook!

April 20, 1999

Sorry, the articles section will be added tomorrow, with a couple of files (hopefully) and a link and an update to the awards section. I've got much to do, but I'm way too tired today. The articles section is complete, with two articles by me and an interview (though, because it got lost right after it had finished.) Well, I'll see you tomorrow.

April 19, 1999

Not much of an update today. All I did was fix the form (or try to) for about the hundredth time in a row, because I'm always busy on Monday nights. Tuesdays are a different story, though. Also, the Weekly Survey has become monthly. I'll explain later, but not enough people are voting, so I'm only going to have twelve a year instead of 52. It will be a much better survey if I have about 100 people vote instead of 17. :)

I got 'QBASIC By Example' by Greg Perry today, and have read the first four chapters. It's really good! I learned a lot of things that I didn't even know that QBASIC could do! PRINT has so many features that most people don't know about that you wouldn't believe it! I'm also learning a lot of basic stuff that I seemed to over-look, plus some new comands. The articles section should be up tomorrow, but it may be later. I have three things that I have written to add, and I'll be doing interviews in the VERY near future. I'm kind of tired, and I have a huge Earth Sciece test tomorrow, plus someone is Netbus-ing my computer lately, so I'm trying to keep internet time to a minimum until I find out who it is. Sign my Guestbook, please! ... ... ... Please?

April 18, 1999

I have added two more links to the links section, one to, get this, a.org site! Neato! I also added one cool new challenge into the "difficullt" section. More file reviews Tuesday, don't worry! I'll be busy tomorrow, but I'll put up some news. Also, the weekly survey will soon become monthly - more on that tomorrow. Other stuff later... Oh, I moved the old news off the page, and took down the three dancing babies. :( Don't worry, you can view them here! (Will open in a new window.) Have a wonderful day!

April 17, 1999

Slim update today, but a cupple newsity thingamijiggeramos. Heh. QB:TM came out last night, with an article by me. (Pretty big, I'd say second or third biggest.) And it was a pretty good one, but still not the best. I also added one person to the email/icq list. I'm tired because I pulled another all-nighter last night, and It looks like I'll be up till midnight today (Mad TV is at 11:00) and I just got a GameShark tonight, so I'll be a bit busy. I re-uploaded the form. Hopefully it works now. Seeya! P.S.: I left the dancing, drunken babies up for just one more day... :)

April 16, 1999

Sorry, the update is being canned tonight. I'm just too busy. Since I'm not uploading anything, I'll leave you three drunken dancing babys to pass the night away. :) I also updated the link for Flying Software / Groovy Concepts

April 15, 1999

Twelve minutes to midnight! I just spent four hours working on my Learn to Program: BASIC review for QBASIC: The Magazine. Nothing new will be added today, but tomorrow, something will be added. If you're bored, click here. Post on my QBoard and sign my Guestbook!

April 14, 1999

We have forms! I made a brand new submit form! Now if you want to submit something, you can use the form instead of email or the stupid MaxPages form I had before. You can access it by pressing "Submit" on the frame. I also changed a link's name since I spelled it wrong and finally got the old news off of this page and put it in the news section. I hope to have a couple new files tomorrow, if all goes well. I've still got to put the finishing touches on my article for QB:TM, so I'll probably have some time to finish it. I would have done a little bigger update, but I started playing Zelda for my Game Boy, and couldn't stop until I beat it. :) Well, seeya. SIGN THE DARN GUESTBOOK!

April 13, 1999

I'm VERY tired right now, so I'll make it quick. I made a new submit form on my computer, I'll upload it tomorrow. It's not crappy like the one I have now. Updates have been slow these last couple days because I've been flooded with the back-to-school homework assignments, plus I've been gone a lot, and today I worked on an article I'm doing for QB:TM, so I'm a bit busy. Enough talk now, I have to go to sleep...

April 12, 1999

Sorry, just news today. I'm really busy. I just got back from watching three "No good ruffians" - taken from Wario on Wario Land II for Game Boy. Now I have to leave again, and won't be back until about 9:30 tonight. I'll try to do an update if I'm not too tired. Sorry... Maybe a link...

April 11, 1999

Sorry...I had some stuff planned for yesterday, but I went to a movie with some friends at 6:00, and I didn't get back until 11:30. :( There goes that update. Well, I am working on many things for both this site, and other sites. I'm doing a lot of work on a Pokémon page for one of my friends, plus I'm writing a review of LTP: BASIC for QB:TM, getting some interviews done for my new articles section, and getting some file reviews done. Much work to do. Anyways, I added one new link, my two hundredth and thirtieth, and I added one new person to the email/ICQ list. There probably will be another update today. Please sign my guestbook! Please?


I added one new link to the links section, my 231st. Updates are crappy lately because I'm spending a lot of time on a Pokémon site for one of my friends. It's pretty cool! Go there now! http://members.tripod.com/stevepokemon! I made all of it so far, but Steve's going to be doing the rest, just telling me where to put stuff. I'm the just the html guy now. Since I no longer have to do anything for Steve's Pokémon Site until he emails me with what to do, I'll focus on this site. I'm working on adding CGI scripts for my own forms, and I'm also going to be doing interviews of QB programmers soon, so if you want to be interviewed, email me! Files should be coming in tomorrow, at least one. I have school for the first time since Wednesday two weeks ago tomorrow, so I won't have as much time to update. I do get more stuff done when my time is limited... Sign my Guestbook!

April 10, 1999

I'm planning on doing anothre update later today. I added one new link to links #2, my 229th. Also, B.E.D. noticed that if you look at my frame for a while, the links seem to form the Planter's Peanut guy! Neato!

April 9, 1998

VERY late update. Sorry, people! I kinda forgot about the update, and had to wake up and come downstairs at 11:50 to put this up. Better update tomorrow. (THis is just news.)

April 8, 1999

Howdy! Today I added one link to Links #2, finally posted last week's survey results (I took the image on Monday, but forgot to put it up.) I also am ready to do interviews, because I finished the questions...kind of. I'm going to edit them a bit. The Article section is made, I just need to get some stuff to put in it before I put it up (next weekend, 17-18). I'm going to try to do a couple file reivews and maybe an interview. (I have two people on the line.) I also moved some news on to the news section. I'm working on moving files over to petesqbsite2.hypermart.net slowly, maybe averaging one or two a day. I'm going to do a file moving frenzy thing some time. Enough talking, sign my Guestbook and post on my Qboard!

Later... The QB Counter

My last update was just 20 minutes ago, but I decided to tell you what I did now. I got a new QB-only-sites counter from The QB Counter. It's really cool because it's a counter with a 'text' webring attached. It doesn't make your site look that bad or affect load time much. I figure that if I put this in my news I might be able to get one more person to join, and keep it growing. I'm also going to put a link to that site in my links section so you can sign up from there.

I also joined another QB Top Sites list, but I'm not putting up the picture for a couple days. (Probably tomorrow.) Seeya!

April 7, 1999

Once again, I did next to nothing on my site. On my computer, I started working on the new Articles section. It will have lots of neat stuff, including interviews. I'm also working on the questions for interviews. This site will start to shape up tomorrow. I'm going to try to do a couple of file reviews for tomorrow to shrink that file debt a little. More tomorrow, it's getting late, Letterman just started (11:35 PM, EST), and I'm tired.

April 6, 1999

Hideho. Sorry, I kinda lagged behind in my update yesterday. I fell asleep too early and didn't have time to stay up, and today, I worked on Steve's Pokémon site for three hours. I just sent him the zip file of files to upload. I do the html for his site and he does the content and email management and stuff. I'll be up kind of late tonight finishing moving my files to my second server. Seeya!

April 5, 1999

5000 HITS!!! Early yesterday, my site got it's 5000th hit! Awesome! I took down the easter pic, and replaced it wih the 5000 pic. The easter pic is here if you missed it and want to see it, but it's not that good. I don't have anything to add now, but late tonight or tomorrow I'm planning on putting in some CGI forms and stuff. I'm also planning on pulling an all-nighter moving all of my files over to my second server. That one will be getting full, so I'll also be opening my third (and final, for now) account with Hypermart. All I did was move this old news to my news section. Seeya!


I added one new link. It was submitted, so I decided to put it up sooner than later. It was to Abyss Ware. I also began working on my CGI Forms with the help of Wafn. They will be up in the next couple days, probably tomorrow. I will be up half the night tonight transfering files to my other account, so there will probably be an update early tomorrow.

Easter, 1999

It's Easter! Cool! I that Easter picture at the top of the page. I also added one link and changed someone's info on the Email/ICQ List Page. I will be getting my 5000th hit either today or tomorrow (probably today), so keep an eye on the counter. I just uploaded five files about two hours ago, so I'll leave yesterday's news up for you to read. Have a happy Easter and sign my Guestbook!

April 3, 1999

Hideho! I have five file reviews done, and I'm waiting for Hypermart to send me another email telling me my username enable code so I can upload. I will put files on that space and just link them. I'm leaving all html files on this one. There will be more updates today, so stop by later!


Okay, I signed up for a second Hypermart account to upload files to, (it's at http://petesqbsite2.hypermart.net, if anyone wants to go) and uploaded five files with all the fixins'. You can read the reviews in the files section. The reviews are for Stupid by Viperstrike, Bob Saget Killer 2000, A Space shooter by unknown, P1scroll by Apocalypse, and Lost 2 v1.1 . I'll get the file 'debt' down some time. Have fun, and send in awards! Oh, and if you would like to be interviewed for my new interviews and articles section, email me! Sign my guestbook and post on my Qboard. I'm serious abut signing my guestbook! I have about 30 signatures out of the 4980 people that have come here. Oh yes, all I need are 20 hits to get 5000! Imagine, 5000 hits on Easter day... Well, enough rambling. I'll stop wasting your precious time.

April 2, 1999

Sorry this update is so late. That April Fools thing stayed up one day too long. No 'real' updae today because I'm running out of space on Hypermart. I'm going to get some more space on some other servers to upload to. I'm using more than 60% of my Hypermart space already. Today I made five file reviews to upload as soon as I get some new space. I'm going to keep html and image files here and upload the zip files to my other servers. Sorry about the April Fools joke staying up too long...

April Fools!

April Fools Day, 1999

Happy April Fools Day! Heh. Like the intro page? Well, I'll do some more updating later. I just updated to make my page ready for the April Fools rush. :)

Wednesday, March 31, 1999

Finally, Spring Break has begun! Joy! In the next week and a half, I'll do updates that are bigger and better then days when I have school. Today, I got a shipment of four new games for my Game Boy, two are RPGs, so they'll keep me busy tonight, so tonight's update is small. I edited two links, on one, I forgot to put a /a tag on it to end the link, so it higlighted the whole descrrption, and on the other, I left the title as ???????? becuase when I was redoing my links section, I forgot to go find out what it was, and I just put it up. It's Quixoft. The second thing I did was organize my Awards section to make it look more spiffy. Bigger update tomorrow! Sign my guestbook, and join my mailing list! Seeya.

Tuesday, March 30, 1999

Sorry about yesterday. Inn the middle of my update, my provider, spectra.net, crashed because it got a virus. All of it's computers are down. I tried and tried to reconnect, but I couldn't. Now I'm using my 100 free hours of AOL (ugh) to hook up to the internet. My server should be back up soon. Today, I added one link to Lost Sock Software, and I added two more awards! Neato! I've got 14 awards now! Also, I decided to get rid of the two files to add per day, because my file debt keeps on growing, and I can't keep up with it. I'll do about four file reviews a day, and not have any that are 'required' to do every day. I have spring break starting tomorrow, so I'll be able to catch up. Seeya, sign my guestbook and post on my qboard!

Monday, March 29, 1999

Today's update was cut off. My provider crashed during my update, so all I had a chance to update was the challenges section. Two new challenges were added. For more info, read Tuesday's news.

Sunday, March 28, 1999

I just added six new links, two more people to the email/icq list, two more awards, issued the awards to the programmer of the month for March and the site of the month, fixed up my awards, added a webring, and did some general maintenance on sections, changing fonts and fixing link colors and making things look nicer. This site is best viewed with 800*600 res, but I have tested it on 1024 and 768, and it doesn't look bad. Seeya!

Saturday, March 27, 1999

I decided to make Saturday and Sunday's update one update on Sunday. I have a lot of stuff to add, and a lot of reviews to do...Come back in a few hours,

Friday, March 26, 1999

Ooops... Yesterday when I updated, I forgot to post news about what I did. Funny. haha. Well, I uploaded a graphics example with a review by Venom Enterprises. The file 'debt' is currntley 19, but in the next couple days, it'll drop because it's the weekend, and I don't have school. I won't forget to poste news next time...

Wednesday, March 24, 1999

Hey hey hey! Nothing new today. (Not even a review, which makes my file 'debt' 16.) I won an award from BekTek Software, but I can't post it because the image is missing. I couldn't update today becuase I have a huge Spanish project due on Friday, and I really need to START working on it. And anyways, what's more important, QBASIC or grades? Wait... don't answer that question. It was ritoriacal! I know QBASIC is more important than grades! Why bother!?!?!?!? Well, I know that on Friday I'll have a big update, a small one is likely tomorrow, Saturday will be okay and so will Sunday. Thanks, and bear with me!

Tuesday, March 23, 1999

Time for another update. First of all, I added Tarak to the email/icq list. Second, I added two more files, leaving the 'file debt' at 14 for another day. I'll probably be cutting down on it with extra files tomorrow. I also uploaded Spriteshop because I forgot to upload it yesterday. I moved the news that was piling up here to the news section. Dunric submitted three files today, which I will review tomorrow. Have fun, and post on my Qboard and sign my guestbook!

Monday, March 22, 1999

Hurray! No school today! Expect a bigger-sized update today. I might even cut down on my file 'debt' which is now at 14 files, plus two for today, which makes it 16! I updated the survey section, and uploaded the map picture for the projects section.


Dagnabbit... I only did two file reviews. They were both on tile editors. Read them in the files section. Seeya! File debt is at: 14

Sunday, March 21, 1999

Aaarrgghhh! I'm back! (With a fourteen file debt...) I let my four file per day thing slide too much and now I'm up to 14 that I owe you. (I was gone all weekend.) I've decided to cut the files per day thing down to 2 per day for this week so that by next week at this time, I'll be caught up, and then I can go back to four per day. I have much to do to get my site bigger and better, but nothing to do. I'm updating the survey section today. Seeya!

Friday, March 19, 1999

Sorry... I'm going to be gone all weekend! I can't update... My mom will update tomorrow. Seeya!

Thursday, March 18, 1999

Only two more files today. I don't have time to do the other two. :( The files are Of Hell and Magic by Progman and Indigo Moon by Tek. Click here to view them. I also added two people to the email/icq list. That's it today. Oh, I decided to can the graphics section because now I have at least 60 screenshots of programs, and I upload more each day, so it is pointless. Seeya!

Wednesday, March 18, 1999

Four more file reviews in the files section for you to read! Neato! Three were submitted by some kid last night. (I forgot his name, but you can find it out there), plus I did the original Wetspot. I also added thirteen links! Now there are 216 of them for you to visit! Really good! Well, post on my QBoard, sign my guestbook and vote with my Quizlet!

Tuesday, March 17, 1999

Once again, four more files (with full reviews!) for you in the files section! Neato! At this rate, I'll have 200 files uploaded with reviews and screenshots in the next 50 days! That's good! That's all I have for today, but use the link on the frame to submit so that I can get more stuff to add!

Monday, March 16, 1999

Four more reviews coming your way for a grand total of... 11! Cool! I also sent out a mailing list thing. I uploaded it to the mailing list section for all of you who haven't signed up yet. When you're at that section, be sure to sign up! The more the merrier! If you want to know about all the news and cool new stuff I'm adding, go there and read mailing #5. It has all the info you need to know, and more! Also, I updated my weekly survey section with a link to the survey booth. (heh.) I have switched to Quizlets because they are easy and less work. Also: I plan on doing four file reviews a night, and if I miss a day, I'll make it up as soon as possible, but at that rate, I should be able to get all my files in review form. :) Also, I put all the news into the news in it's new section. I'll try to find as much as I can. That's all for today! Sign My guestbook!

Sunday, March 14, 1999

I just wrote and uploaded four reviews. They were for Drug3D, Beatdown, Water and The Ring of Everdown. Click here to read them! I also formatted my files so that the tables that the reviews are in take up 100% of the main window instead of just 80%. I fixed my links section. QB:TM issue #8 just came out, so I'm going to it's site to read it. Seeya! (More is in store for today!)


I just did a little bit of work on the imperfections in my site. The missing sections will be up later, and I'll finish fixing the little errors and quirks and stuff, then I'll begin doing hundreds of file reviews. (I already have seven. :)

Saturday, March 13, 1999

I was right. This site will be back up and in business by tomorrow. I have done about two hours of work today so far, plus three hours yesterday, which got cut off before I was finished, so I decided to just finish it and tell about it today. Almost all the sections that I had last week at this time are back. I have lost about three months worth of news, with bits and pieces that I can get back. Oh well. I have all the VERY old news from when my site was new still, though. (Nostalgic news...that's cool.) The news section where all the extra junk news on this page will be posted in the news section soon. (As soon as I make it.) Right now, all the links should work except for 'graphics library' and 'news' because they haven't been made yet. All the other sections have. Also, I totaly redid my links (#1 and #2). Now the text is small (and Verdana), there are no graphics except for the Top Sites lists at the top of the page, There is a space between the parenthesi after the number and link, the links are green, the 'Must See(s)' are bold, there are spaces where I accidently forgot to put spaces, target="_top"s on all of them so you don't get stuck in my frame, and other things. I will be going through my links soon, and weeding out the broken ones and redoing reviews. That will happen in the near future. I will also begin focusing on doing file reviews for my files section. Many things to come. Now I will fix the little imperfections and broken links and quirks and stuff that appear on this site right now. Tomorrow will be a good update, but I don't know what's coming. Well, have fun - there will be more updating today. I'm taking a break now, though.

Friday, March 12, 1999

Today's going to be a big update! I added the frame, uploaded many files, images, all kinds of stuff. I have much more to add, too. I just got finished incorporating the frame. Later I'll fix the font on all of my old pages, finish uploading the hundreds of pictures and html files and tutorials and stuff that I have to upload. This site isn't completely "up" yet, but I've got at least 80% of what I have up. Now I just have to get settled in and stuff. Have a nice day!

Thursday, March 11, 1999

Sorry, my mom needed the computer today, but tomorrow I'll do what I said I'd do today and even more!

Wednesday, March 10, 1999

I kinda got home late tonight. Tomorrow will be a big update because there is no school on Friday. I'll stay up late and put tup the frame and links to everything and stuff. I'll get all the graphics up and my page functioning and then I'll start doing regular sruff like adding links and files. Today I can;t, though, because I'm very tired. Tomorrow...

Tuesday, March 9, 1999

Well, I did a lot today. I uploaded most of the html files from my old site to Hypermart, so most of the links will work on this page. There will be many broken images and stuff. That's life. I have find and upload them. I also decided to change my font to size -2 Verdana, so the text will be smaller and therefore look neater and stuff. I'm going to be doing very many new and wonderful things to this new site, so stay tuned. I will have this site back to original working order by Saturday night if all goes well. P.S.: There's no weekly survey this week because of the crash. There will be one next week, though. Seeya! Much more to do, much done!

Monday, March 8, 1999

What I did today: I got about 80% of the 75% of my website that I have retrieved ready to be uploaded tomorrow. I also made many maps for Tek's cool new RPG, Indigo Moon. (Yes, he talked me into making some maps for him with his AWESOME map editor. Tomorrow will be a good update because I'm uploading a big portion of my site.

Sunday, March 7, 1999

Our first day at Hypermart. Cool. Freeyellow screwed my site, so I decided to move it here at Hypermart. It will take a while to get my site moved in and back to it's previous level. I'll doing a lot tonight, but I have to get some sleep. **NONE OF THE LINKS WILL WORK TODAY**


Okay, I've done a wee bit of work on my site, but more will be coming today. First, I decided to make my site have two different files sections. The first is the new files section with full reviews of every program. (I currently have three, with more being made!) The second is the old files section with a list of files and a small review of each. Go to the First Files section (with reviews) or the second one (without reviews). I uploaded Xeno.zip for the review, but I still have to upload SonicX and Dark Ages. Links will be put back up tonight. I have managed to keep about 95% of my links, and I might be able to get the last 5% if I search my hard drive. I my website will be back in full force, with implementation of frames and all the old sections soon. Just bear with me. (And don't start clicking on the links on this page yet- They're still broken.) I'll have more news later.


Okay, I didn't get any new stuff added online, but spent about four hours getting together files and pictures and stuff for this site. I have about 60% of what I had yesterday, but the other 40% is still either gone forever or hiding out there in cyberspace somewhere. It will take me at least a week to get this site back up. I plan on redoing all of my pages, by adding fonts, making them look better, organize them, fix headings, change colors, etc. Tomorrow, I'll do as much as I can in a day. Check out my new files section, and until tomorrow, don't try clicking on too many links on this page.

In Freeyellow's crash, I lost months of news. It's irreplaceable, but I do have the news from this site's first couple months which I retrieved from a backup file.

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