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News Archive: 12/1/98 - 12/19/98

Saturday, December 19, 1998

Wow, this update was a little late :P. I have a few minutes before it becomes tomorrow. I decided to upload the tutorials tomorrow (less than half an hour) just so the news about me releasing them will be shown for half an hour instead of fifteen minutes. I want people to know that they have been released, since only one percent of my visits are between 11:30 and 12:00. I've almost got 1200 hits! Well, that's enough for today! Oh, yeah! This is important!

Fifty updates in a row!!!!

Wow! That's a lot! Time to work on tomorrow's update :)

Friday, December 18, 1998

Boy, the news is really pilin' up here. :) Tutorial #3 has been delayed till tomorrow cuz I'm too damn tired to go on. I spent the time making games for the answers to the challenges from tutorial two, and not making the tutorial. I did, however make a groovy text adventure using only the commands that I taught in tutorial two. (That was tough!) Well, it came out okay. The other three were too simple. They took a good tweny seconds :P. Tutorial three has four out of seven commands written up. I've been spending too much time on this site and on my tutorials to work on my projects. (I'm a bad little boy!) That's okay, at least I update! It's been fourty-nine updates in a row. Also, someone post on my QBOARD and tell me where to put Tarak's "This site is Newbie Friendly" Graphic. I don't know if it should go on the main page, the QBOARD page, or the tutorials page. It can't go on the awards page because it's not an award. Well, time to sign off. I've had a long day. :P

Thursday, December 17, 1998

My tutorials's coming out tomorrow. SpriteShop Rules (made by The_Brain) etc. It's so cool! Soon will be better than PP256! (If it gets all of its featurese incorporated.) This isn't really an update, just a short news brief :)

Wednesday, December 16, 1998

Take 100. Divide it by 5. Add one sixth of thirty to it. Divide by five. Multiply by ten. Subtract twenty-five. Multiply by seven and you've got the number of links I have! One hundred seventy-five is a lot of links! I added The Brain's QBASIC Page to the bottom of Links 2. He made a kick a** new sprite editor called Sprite Shop. He and his site have a LOT of potential. :) I decided to take it easy today to get tutorial #3 done. Look for it by Friday. Post on my QBOARD, sign my guestbook - anything you want! Oh, I'm pleased to announce that Apocalypse (see my QBOARD) said this is his favorite QBASIC Site! Wow! Well, keep your coding projects going. (I've gotta work at that. My RPG's work rate thing is slowing down. Let's get going, Pete!

Tuesday, December 15, 1998

So, how's life? Oh. That's what I thought. Well, on a completely different note, I added a lot of links, and now I have more than 170 QBASIC Links! Wow! Most of the ones I added today were far from being Must See!'s , but one in ten were half desent. I also split my news section into two sections. It was getting very large, so I split it up so that I have anything before Decembe first in one, and anything after in the main one. As soon as the main one gets filled, I'll make another one. If you want to visit the really old news, go to the news section, go to the bottom and click on the link to it. I've delayed my third tutorial from one week to two. (As if anyone cares.) It is, however, on commands that are not often written about. There are too many PRINT and PSET tutorials out there, and not enough on DEFINT A-Z and TIMER. That's probably because the tutorial writers out there have trouble with them, so they have a hard time writing about them. Well, that's fourty-six updates in a row. Keep your cameras safely winding and keep your coding projects going. (To quote Bob Saget.) P.S.: Download Bob Saget Killer 2000 :)

Monday, December 14, 1998

Not much time for an update, but I did manage to add five more tutorials. It's not much. Now I have 97, though. ATTN: My site's hits are slowing down! (Yesterday, I got only eleven hits!) I did pass 1000 hits on Saturday, though! Tell people about my site! Gotta go!

Sunday, December 13, 1998

I added lots of little things today, but nothing big. First of all, I added four webrings to the webrings section. In two of them I'm only the second site to join... I also added three more links to my second links section. I added one tutorial to the tutorials for a total of 92. I also changed the description for "Venom Enterprises Tips" to "Venom Enterprises Tutorials Page". Also, Tsugumo moved his site once again. (It seems like I change the URL for that page every day, even though it's only been two times. Tutorial number three is on it's way. I started it, but have a lot to go still. Have fun reading number one and two. Also, *post the answers to this question on my QBOARD) should I have a mailing list and/or a webring? I'm not sure. If you signed up for my mailing list, I would email you when I did a big update/revamp, or when I did something special with my RPG (or other project) or when I released a tutorial. If I had a webring, it would be the same as everybody else's, but I think it would be cool. If you go to webring.com and search 'qbasic', you get eighty-six results. (For today, at least...) Some have a lot of sites, but most have one or zero in them. I'd push my webring on the three QBASIC communities. (Neozones QBOARD [the one I post on], Tsugumo's, and Qbasic.com's] If people didn't sign up, too bad, but I would advertise it to get it going. (Why do you think this site gets ~30 hits/day?) Also, one more thing: I have almost 1000 hits! Wow! That's probably more than the whole pepulation of North Dakota. Well, time to wait for issue five of QB:TM. It'll be out within the next two hours due to time difference! That was a lotta news, wasn't it?

Saturday, December 12, 1998

Well, I only updated an hour ago, but that was yesterday, so here comes another update! Since I was running low on time an hour ago, and it was 11:58 when I pressed build, I didn't have time to do general maintenance around here. So I did! I fixed up the enemy descriptions so that they don't look like crap. I also am moving all of the old news over to the news section. I also added Target="_top" to links so that they wouldn't open up in my frames. (That's annoying.) I also added two more links to the second links section. Files is a different story, though. (I haven't updated that in weeks!) (I added a webring to the webrings section. I have more than ten now!) I'm working on making a new storyline for my RPG. The three kingdoms idea won't work with all of the other stuff I have planned out. (Map, places, etc.) I'll write a new one... Also, I've got to write tutorial number three by the deadline (Don't know when that is...). I've also got to make the tutorials into HTML form so that you don't have to download them. CAN YOU WAIT FOR QB:TM?!?! I CAN'T IT COMES OUT TONIGHT! Also: ~960 hits, and forty-three updates in a row! Other than that, sign my guestbook and post on my QBOARD.

Friday, December 11, 1998

Whoa... Sorry about yesterday's update! In a last second fit, I ran downstairs, and hooked up and wrote one line of HTML to keep my record going. It's 11:57 PM right now, so if I don't hit build soon, it'll be tomorrow, and my record will be ruined. Well, I finally added the enemy info on the projects section. It's there, but it might not look pretty :) Well, in ten minutes I'll write some more.

Thursday! (I updated!)

Wednesday, December 9, 1998

FORTY UPDATES IN A ROW!! Wow! That's a lot of updates! I don't have time to add anything to my page, because my mom needs the computer. I just sat down on it for a few minutes while she left. On our 386 I'm typing up my RPG stuff. It'll be up soon. (As soon as I can go online next...) IT WILL GO UP!! Post on my QBOARD, and sign my Guestbook! Please...

Tuesday, December 8, 1998

Thanks a lot, guys!!! I had tons of people sign my Guestbook! (Finally!) Also: Added three new links and made the second links section. (Your sections can only be up to 64K, and my links section exceeded that.) So I split them into two sections, one having 150 links, and the other with less than that until it has 150. Understand? Well, I'm adding three new links, and two new interviews. (Eight interviews!!) I can't put up my RPG info, because I didn't have time to type it up. :( It's planned, but in paper form, not bits and bytes... It'll be up soon, don't worry. Well, until then, have fun!


This could have waited until tomorrow, but I GOT MY FIRST AWARD! It's Iron-Tek Productions' Golden Iron Award! Hurray! Yes! Hopefully more to come!

Monday, December 7, 1998

Added four more links! I finally found Jaws-V-Soft's page. It was down, but I finally got to it! I also added all three of Tarak's tutorials from Tarak's tower. All three are about RPGs. One explains Tek's Tile Engine Three, and the other two get you started making RPGs. My QBOARD is getting a hell of a lot more active! Thanks, guys! Also, for some reason, Freeyellow said that I had some files that weren't mine, and then three minutes later, it said I didn't have any. Weird. I hope no one is trying to destroy my site or something. I'm going to make a backup copy of my web site, just in case. Also, tutorial #3 is going to be on text formatting. (COLOR, LEFT$, LOCATE, etc.) Well, have fun, and post on my QBOARD!

Sunday, December 6, 1998

I was in the Spotlight on the QBT50! Yes! Because of that, I got 94 hits yesterday, and almost 60 today! (That's a lot!!!) I finally uploaded my tutorials! Tutorial one and two are in the tutorials section! I spent about an hour on the first, and about three on the second. I added one more webring to my ever growing QBASIC webring empire. I started getting email addresses so that I can email my award to all of the Must See! site owners. I have about a third of them. Some kid deleted QBASIC.com's forum, so they're all going to Neozones'. (Darn!) The next issue to QB:TM is only seven days away! I'm getting a lot of hits! I like that! I have almost 800 now! I think Geocities deleted Lior Zur's QBASIC Page, because it wasn't up today. Tsugumo's was down too. Soon I'm going to download all of the graphics on my site that come from XOOM, because they don't show up. Also, some people are saying that my title picture doesn't come in very much. I don't really have a lot to talk about, so I better stop :) More info on my RPG coming next time!

Saturday, December 5, 1998

I got a brand new counter! It's got the correct number of hits on it, too! I figured it our by reading my old news back to the day I got my Nedstat counter, which is very reliable. Then, I got a new counter from Link Exchange because the one Freeyellow gave to me REALLY sucks! (It has been broken for three days out of the last week!) Remember my tutorials I said I was going to put up last night? They weren't uploaded because I decide I should put some finishing touches on them, and make them really spiffy. The first one is completely done, and the second is almost there. They'll definitely be finished by tomorrow! I'm also going to make a section only for Must See! links. I've really got to start updating my Projects section. I've got some of my RPG graphics done. I also have some more links and tutorials to put up. I have some updating to do, but right now, I don't have time. I'll log on later and do my update. It might be early tomorrow by then, though. Four less then Forty Updates!

Friday, December 4, 1998

I added eight or so new links. Yeah! I've gotten more than 150 of them! (Little flags waving!) I'm thinking of getting a new counter from a different server. Mine is busted again... (sigh.) I'll write "My site has had this many hits plus the five hundred and some that I got before." I'm almost garunteed to do another update tonight. I have 1 tutorial finished, and another half done. Thet'll be realeased before tomorrow morning. (May be in the wee hours of the morning tomorrow...) I'm also going to do a little work on the projects section and I might add some more links. Don't worry, I'll get those things up in the near future! Thirty-Five updates in a row!

Thursday, December 3, 1998

I finally added SOMETHING to my page! (I went three days without adding anything-not even a link! Well, I added a link, and fixed up some things on the links page. I changed the description for Chris' Enhanced Programming Page and gave him a "Must See!" Thing, and I put up a button for his site. I also changed the description for "Sir Taylor's Big Heap O' Junk!" a little bit. I added a link to Ultra Raven's website, also. I've got a lot of programming to do!! I have a little more RPG planning done, and one more picture-of Bluthersnipe. Tower 2000 is also coming along nicely (although in the very, very basic stages...) It'll be screen 12 or 13. (Don't you hate choosing between High Res, low color and Low Res, high color??) It'll be sort of kinda Three Dimensional. (It'll look 3D, but will actually be faked 2D like The Legend of Lith II.) You see, you'll have a canon that you can move. The tower will be moving back and forth, slowly moving back and forth. You must shoot your canon (by changing it's angle and location) to hit him in the mouth. If he gets too close, you die. If you run out of shots, you lose. (You get five.) If you hit him in the mouth, he shakes, turns red, and blows up! Yeah! You probably don't understand what I mean by "mouth", do you? The "mouth" is actually a window that you must shoot into. The Tower resembles a face, with two "eyes" (also windows) and a mouth. I think it'll be cool! I really have to put this in my projects section, but I'm EXTREMELY tired (stayed up late last night) and have to get off the internet soon. That dumb ol' Side Scroller Game, you ask? That sucks! It has horrible flicker and was just something I did while I was bored. Not something I'll release, or put in my "Projects Section". It was just to try some techniques. Maybe I'll have a contest to see who can make the best game out of it :) Well, if I have time, I'll update later. I don't think I'll be getting many more links up, because I have them most (almost all) of the QBASIC Links I could possibly find up! If I can ever break 200, I'll jump for joy. The QBT50 has about 370 links, but it only shows 100 (or less then) at a time. :( Well, happy coding, everyone. (Oh, and post on my QBOARD!!!)

Wednesday, December 2, 1998

I don't have much time for an update once again. At my mom's office, I started experimenting with side scrollers. Their as hard as epic RPGs in some ways! It is way too flickery (even on my P150!) Also, I began making "Tower 2000", the graphical, cooler version of my Askii graphics game "Tower" where you shoot a tower in the mouth. Don't worry, I'm still working on my RPG! (No programming done, but lots and lots of planning and plot done... :) Tommorrow, I'm almost garunteed to have a real update-not just one of these quicky "write some news and get out of here" updates. Also, at 4:00 when I visited my site, I had two hits for today. I'm at 521 now, so I've made some (not very much) progress...) but I think it's better than before. Please post on my QBOARD! It's getting really empty! Thirty-three updates in a row! Well, with that, all but the gophers-dismissed! (Whatever that means :)

Tuesday, December 1, 1998

Yes! I've gottne 500 hits! Yeah! Woohoo! I've done some planning on my RPG, some artwork. No time to update. Gotta go! 32 updates in a row!!

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