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Yeah, this site used to give out awards too. However, the awards found on this page are currently retired, so you can't win them anymore. (Past winners who are listed on this page can still keep their award image on their site, though.) Now there's a new award called the Five Star Site Award that is awarded to other QB sites.

Must See Site Award!

This is the easiest of my site's awards to earn. If your site has original content, quantity (large file library or something), looks nice, has good tutorials, projects in the works, updated a lot, etc. Basically if it is a nice, original site, It'll probably get this award. If you go through my links section, any link with Must See! on the end, It's won this award (or a better one).

The award looks like this:

The current ones:
Pete's QBASIC Site Must See! Site Award Pete's QBASIC Site Elite Site Award
And the old ones:
Pete's QBASIC Site Must See! Site Award Pete's QBASIC Site Elite Site Award

NOTE: The Must See! Site award has two awards. One says "Elite Site" award, but it's the same thing. If you have won it, choose the one you want.

This Site Rules Award!

This is an award that goes to a Must See! Site that really stands out. It's a little bit more prestigous than the "Must See! Site Award".

The current one:
Wow! This Site Rules Award
And the old one:
Wow! This Site Rules Award

QBASIC Site of the Millenium

This award is going to be awarded twice in my lifetime. It is given to a site that is exceptional in all ways. It has to be original, graphically and colorfully neat, helpful - just a perfect site. The first one has been awarded to Neozones Productions, for the best QBASIC Site from the years 1001-2000. The next will be awarded in January 2001.

The QBASIC Site of The Millenium, Years 1000-2001.

Programmer of the Month

This award is given for making a really awesome program, doing something special relating to QBASIC programming, helping others with QBASIC problems, and other good things. If you have improved the QBASIC community, or helped another QBASIC programmer beyond what is expected of your average programmer.

The current blank award:
What this looks like without the name on it.
The old format, this one from January '99:
zkman's award from 1/99

Former Award Recipients!

    Site of the millenium award
  • 1001 AD - 2000 AD : Neozones

    Programmer of the Month Award
  • January 1999 - zkman (for QBASIC:The Magazine)
  • February 1999 - MA SNART (for the Xeno engine)
  • March 1999 - Angelo Mattola (for all of the great programs he has made)
  • June 1999 - Michael Hoopman (for the Dark Ages 2 Demo & DA1)
  • August 1999 - WisdomDude (for Hack-Man 3)
  • December 1999 - DarkDread (for The Secret of Cooey II)

These awards were given out periodically, back before the site stopped updating in mid-2000. Here's the description of when and how these awards were given out, from a few years ago:

The "Must See!" Site Award is given out when I added your link to my links section. The "Wow! This Site Rules" award is awarded monthly (except for months when I decide that no site has become good enough to have their award upgraded), the "Programmer of the month award" is awarded monthly (except for months when a programmer doesn't stand out above the rest enough to be awarded the award), and the "Site of the millenium award" is awarded every thousand years.

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