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August 20, 2004

The QBCPC 2004/2005 has some vital updates to show you (8/19/2004)!!

In this very update of this special QB event by Adigun himself, an all-new section has just been raised, and the Official Rules updated, plus some others more!! ;)

In this, the “QuickBASIC Caliber Programming Compo 2004/2005”, I will personally confess VERY intimately to you in my entirely new section entitled the “Target Purpose Statement”, in which it actually presents my TRUE compo history on what has *really* happened since the birth of my very first QBCPC back in December 2002. Plus, it features a wrap-up of the “QuickBASIC Caliber Programming Compo - Summer & Autumn 2003”, and some many others!!

Plus, the Official Entry Rules of my current compo has just been updated to where even MORE things are allowed in!!! ;*) !

I hope you all enjoy this wonderful update, and God bless all of you!!! ^_- !!


Adigun Azikiwe Polack
One of the Founders of “Aura Flow”
Official Founder of the “QuickBASIC Caliber Programming Compo”
Webmaster of the “AAP Official Projects Squad”

Submitted by Adigun A. Polack

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