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August 28, 2004

Nebula updates with 3 new features

Nebula Software has updated with a review on Sunstorm 3D, a review on Avenger 3D and an article on ATTE3.

Sunstorm 3D is a polygon engine by Sebastian Mate. With the help of DQB, this engine can handle up to 600 poly's, which results in an amazing environment.

Avenger 3D, the last demo version has been released in 1998, must be one of the first shooters coded in quickbasic. Although the graphics are very poor, this shooter has some interesting features.

ATTE3 is the last example of the ATTE series. Since the ALPHA version the development is stopped, and that's a pity!

Please visit Nebula, and enjoy!

Submitted by Nebula

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