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July 28, 2004

The Basic Network's Tutorial Competition Has Been Extended

Entrants to Rhiannon's BASIC Tutorials Compo: you now have a few more weeks!

Last month, Rhiannon opened up a BASIC Tutorials competition at The Basic Network, calling for all visitors to hunker down and share their BASIC programming knowledge by writing tutorials--and entering them in a contest. The contest was originally scheduled to wrap up at the end of July, but the original deadline has been extended for nearly three more weeks--until August 15st.

This banner has been used to advertise The Basic Network's 2004 Tutorial Competition.

According to the rules of the contest, all submitted tutorials must be about some form of BASIC, must be written in English, and must include example code. There are other more interesting rules too, including the following:

5) Tuts may be original or from someone else: Not everyone has the ability to write tuts, but i'm sure there are some people that know where to find tuts on the weirdest things. The most important thing is that before you borrow someone's tut on the web, read their guidelines and make sure you credit them if they ask for it (include the url), or respect their wishes if they have a copyright.

Since the contest began a month ago, eight QuickBasic and ASM tutorials have been submitted. Eight tutorials is certainly nothing to scoff at (as Rhiannon put it, "The tuts submitted so far have been great") but Rhiannon "hope[s] to see more tuts." Hopefully the time extension will inspire more people to enter the contest.

Programming competitions have always been a huge motivating factor in the QB community. Instead of programmers hanging out at community message boards or playing other people's games, the spirit of competition motivates them to actually go out and do some coding. Whether it was the Qlympics, a CodeX task, the Gaming Gold Awards or Darkness Ethereal's Mini RPG Contest, competitions have inspired scores of QuickBasic games.

Rhiannon's Tutorial contest hopes to harness the same competitive spirit that inspires programmers to pour their hearts into coding competitions. This time, though, the aim is to educate rather than to entertain.

For more information, visit: The Basic Network's Tutorial Competition

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