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July 3, 2005

Pure-text under devolpment

For about 3 weeks, we have missed the inactive forums.

About 3 weeks ago, the whole PT server database was down... and gone...

Even Boom's IP address eater that he showed me (at http://awsome.pure-text.com) wasn't there... even though it never worked and I never knew what it was suppoded to do...

But anyway, mabye he is making it better so more people will join. But until he says more when we play Donkey Kong Country II again (or talk online) we may not know...

Also, don't mess it up, but I got a sneak preview of the site... and boom.dk will probably get mad at me for this, but here it is: go to http://pure-text.com/beta/ and see whats in site for us... at least I think boom never comes here... lets help it stay that way!!!

Submitted by Nathan1993

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