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March 16, 2005

The New FreeBASIC 8-Bit Palette Machine has just been released!!

With well over 100 palette routines and more, this is the FIRST-EVER FreeBASIC palette library in existence!! Please read on to find out more!

If you ever wanted to manipulate and adjust your 256-color palettes in your FreeBASIC programs like never before and then some, then this original library entitled “The New FreeBASIC 8-Bit Palette Machine” is just your big-time ticket over here!! ^_-=b !

In this lib, it has such *amazing* features as:

• Palette Fading In/Out
• Palette Rotation
• Fade/Switch to Negative Palettes
• Fade/Switch to Greyscale Palettes
• Crossfading between TWO palettes
• FULL support for both 768-byte palettes *and* PP256 palettes
• FULLY 100% COMPATIBLE with Angelo Mottola’s GFXlib 2 for FB
• .....and LOADS more!!! :D

For more information and a download of the *very* latest version of this library for FB, please visit this web address:


Thanks so much, and be seeing you there!!! ^-^


Adigun Azikiwe Polack
One of the Founders of “Aura Flow” ::: Continuing Developer of “Frantic Journey”
Current Developer of “Star Angelic Slugger” ::: Webmaster of the “AAP Official Projects Squad”
Original Creator of the “The New FreeBASIC 8-Bit Palette Machine”

Submitted by Adigun A. Polack

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