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News Archive: September 2004
September 15, 2004
QB Express Issue 2 is here!
The long wait is finally over -- QB Express issue #2 is now available. You can read the issue here.

This issue is chock-full of the latest QB news and tutorials. Included is Chapter 5 of RelSoft's 3D Series, a tutorial on Fractals by Terry Cavanagh, Nathan1993's tutorial on Object-Oriented RPGs, a neat tutorial by Martin Rampersad on how to program QuickBasic outside of the dated QB IDE, and the first part of Neo Deus Ex Machina's new QBNow! series which will quickly bring new programmers up to speed.

Also featured this month is Z!re's MOORPG in the Gallery, and Tsugumo's heralded RPG, TheGame, in the Blast From The Past! section. There is an article by myself on "The Search For The Mags" and the first of the QB Express monthly programming competitions: The Four Line Game Compo.

All of this is included and a whole lot more! Everyone should check it out!

And yes -- it did come out on September 15th...in my time zone. It's not midnight yet!

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