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News Archive: July 2006
July 17, 2006
QB Express #21
QB Express #21 is finally available!

This issue is well-worth the wait, with NINE tutorials, THREE gallery articles, FIVE comics, FIVE articles, the latest QB / FB news, and new information on the QLYMPICS 2006.

This month, SJ Zero tells us "How to Design and Program a Game in 24 Hours" and gives us a "Polemic For the Future of FB." Previewed in the gallery this month are: LONG by Lachie Dazdarian, a new Super Smash Bros. Clone and FieldView by Z!re. As for comics, QB Horse Humor, 0 1 Comics and Stickblob comics all make a return. And I share with you some of the best programming articles from Digg.com.

The tutorials this month are a diverse and high-quality bunch. Rick Clark tells explains "Single-Dimension Dynamic Arrays in Types"; MystikShadows brings us part one of a new series on "Text User Interface Development"; Kristopher Win tells us about "Using Circles as Objects in Games"; SJ Zero brings us "Computer Controller Design"; Moneo tells us about "Generating Random Integers"; Eclipzer teaches us about Floor Mapping; There's "An Improved Delay Routine" by Roger Greenlaw; "An Introduction to Network Programming Using Winsock" by MystikShadows; and finally, Relsoft's new tutorial "We are the Normal and the Bounce Equation."

So what are you waiting for? Check it out!

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