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News Archive: July 2005
July 22, 2005
Anniversary, Tutorials Section, and Other Tidbits
First of all, happy anniversary to Pete's QB Site! One year ago today, I officially reopened this site to the public after four and a half years without an update. In the past year, this site has gotten almost 50,000 visits (just to this main page), and has grown significantly -- with the Zines section created, hundreds of QB tutorials and links added, and most importantly -- the publishing of twelve issues of QB Express! This has been a really great year for Pete's QB Site.

In other news, tonight I finally got around to re-organizing the Tutorials section. Previously, the Tutorials were split into three sections -- "Pete's Tutorials" with four of my tuts, "Beginners" with about 100 tuts, and "Tutorials" with 500 tutorials. As you probably guessed, having 500 tutorials listed on a single page was rather difficult to navigate and extremely cumbersome. Now the Tutorials are split into eight subsections, which you'll see listed in the navigation bar to the left.

I also added a FreeBasic tutorials section, but it currently has nothing in it. That will change shortly, as I plan on going through all twelve issues of QB Express and "harvesting" the tuts to list in the Tutorials section. After this is done, I'm going to update the QB Express section by adding a small link next to every tutorial so that you'll be able to download an individual copy of each article. That should make it easier for you to follow the tutorials, instead of reading them in a 150 page magazine.

I plan on creating a FreeBasic Links section soon too, and also sprinkling the keyword "FreeBasic" around the site so that this website will show up in web searches for "FreeBasic". After all, this site is as much about FreeBasic these days as it is about QB. So.... FreeBasic, FreeBasic, FreeBasic. (Hah! Take that Google!)

And one last thing, I know it might be lame, but: Happy Birthday to me! I turn 20 on Tuesday. So this is my last week as a teenager...basically my last week as a "kid". Man, time flies. I can't believe this site has been going for almost seven years... But with any luck, it will be going for another seven (or seventy) years to come. :)

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July 20, 2005
QB Express Celebrates One Year: Issue #12 Released
QB Express Issue #12 has been released, which marks the magazine's one year anniversary!

In this special issue, we look back over the past year of QB Express and give special recognition to QB Express's contributors. Adigun A. Polack brings us two retrospective articles on QB Express's first twelve issues, and I also share my thoughts on QB Express's first year.

Other articles include reviews of The Griffon Legend, Pixel Snake Gem Hunt and Trek, "The Evolution of GUIs" by MystikShadows, QB GUI news by Jacob Palm, two articles about the QBasic.com forum community and an interview with Nekrophidius. Tutorials include Part 6 of Na_th_an's I.F. series, Music Composition Pt. 3 by Matt2Jones, dumbledore's second FB WX-C tutorial, "Useful QB Algorithms" by Moneo, a tutorial on Database Design by MystikShadows, and "Coding a Parallax Scrolling Platformer Chapter #2" by Na_th_an. This is the largest issue of QB Express ever, weighing in at nearly 150 pages!

Check it out: QB Express Issue #12

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