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News Archive: May 2006
May 15, 2006
QB Express #20
The May issue of QB Express is now available!

This month's 150-page behemoth of an issue is full of delicious stuff that is sure to get any QB or FB coder salivating. In the Gallery, we have a preview of the new FreeBasic version of WisdomDude's "Cyber Chick". Lurah contributed a review of Rick Clark's "QuickRogueFB"; we have three different comic strips - QB Horse Humor, Stickblob, and 0 1 Comics; Pritchard tells us about "Making a QB or FB Site"; Nathan1993 weighs in on writing creative game storylines; Moneo explains "The Fallacy of Meaningful Codes"; MystikShadows gives us a history and overview of all the different kinds of Artificial Intelligence technology out there; and finally, we have "What NOT To Do as a Programmer" by Imortis Inglorian.

Tutorials this month include "Polar Plasmas" by Optimus; "A Beginner's Introduction to Gtk+" by red_Marvin; "Making Good Sound Effects" by Michael "Fuzzypig" Reiley; "MIDI Programming Part 3: Timing, Windows API and MIDI Events" by MystikShadows; and the gigantic second part of Lachie Dazdarian's series on "How To Program A Game With FreeBASIC".

Could you even ask for more? Get it all in QB Express #20!

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