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News Archive: March 2005
March 17, 2005
QB Express Issue #8 Now Available
The March issue of QB Express is now up!

This issue is the largest ever, with a total of TWENTY-SIX separate articles, tutorials and columns. It also boasts the biggest News Briefs section to date.

Tutorials this month include: "I.F. Games Chapter 3" by Na_th_an; "OpenGL Tutorials for FreeBasic (Parts 1 - 4)" by RelSoft; "FreeBasic Mouse Tutorial " by Stéphane Richard; "Music Composition, Part 2" by Matt2Jones; "Downloaded FreeBasic, Double-clicked fbc.exe and Nothing Happened!" by Antoni Gual; "Creating Custom Controls in VisualBASIC for DOS" by Stéphane Richard; "FreeBASIC Allegro Tutorial" by Gustav; "Animation Series Part 2: Motive Power of Animation" by Rattrapmax6; "Useless Useful Information: Parsers" by Nathan1993; and "File Manipulation In QBasic #3: Binary Files" by Stéphane Richard.

As far as articles go, we've got a review of "Robot Robbery" by Lachie Dazdarian; an article called "What QBasic Means To Me" by Michael J. Wyldman; "Writing A Game" by Jonathan Wallace; a review of Diroga's "Block Game" by Rattrapmax6; "Dialogue and Character Creation" by Levi; "Snakes!!!" by Rattrapmax6; and "ASCII Ain't Goin' Anywhere and It Will Live Forever" by Lurah. That's not to mention the regular columns, which include a Horse Comic by Rattrapmax6, a Gallery article about MarzecTM's "Simple Shot", a competition, and a whole lot more.

Come and get it while it's hot: QB Express Issue #8

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March 8, 2005
Whole Lotta Updatin' Going On
Hey guys! It's been a long time since I've done it, but I've finally gotten around to actually... updating this site. You know, some of those little additions and maintenance type things that really make a big difference around here. I've actually done quite a bit.

First of all, I added two new QB magazines to the Zines section -- The QFiles by Secret Weapon Software, and QBasic Gamer Magazine by Terry Cavanagh (courtesy of Matthew R. Knight). All four issues of QFiles and both QB Gamer issues are available. This is a great addition of just a few more important relics of QB history that anyone with the slightest interest in QB's Internet past should check out.

By request, I have also gone through the Zines section and compiled a downloadable Zip archive of every magazine in the collection. This will come in useful if you're on a dial-up connection or interested in making a permanent backup. Just click the link next to "Archive".

I've also done an overhaul of the QB Express section. Instead of a crappy looking barebones list of links to each issue, now there is a listing of all the articles in each of the past seven QB Express mags, with links. Then, like the Zines section, I have made downloadable zip archives of each issue. People have requested this a few times, and I've responded...finally. Now hopefully all of you whiny complainers will be happy, and stop bugging me, heheh.

And then there were a lot of other small updates. I added several links, fixed up broken links and the affiliates box, the copyright footer, and some other things not worth mentioning. Overall, a pretty big update. Maybe in a few months I'll do another one. But for now, the biggest concern is QB Express. Issue #8 is due out in a little over a week, and the deadline for submissions is March 15th. So get those articles in!

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