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News Archive: February 2005
February 19, 2005
QB Express Issue #7 Released
The February issue of QB Express is now available!

This is the biggest issue yet, with a total of ELEVEN different tutorials for both FreeBasic and QB, the largest news section yet, game previews and reviews, articles, editorials, comics and more! Just the text of this issue weighs in at 211KB, so you know it's big.

The tutorials this month include: I.F. Games Chapter 2 - Na_th_an, Playing WAVE Files Through The Windows API - aetherfox, Music Composition Tutorial - Matt2Jones, Text RPG Tutorial - Nixon, Z-Clipping Triangles - Shashi Ponraja, * Animation Tutorial - Rattrapmax6 (Kevin), FB GUI Tutorial Part II - Nekrophidius, SDL Basics with FreeBASIC - Tutorial 1 - BastetFurry, SDL, FreeBASIC, Transparency, Keyboard and Other Suspects - Tutorial 2 - BastetFurry, 16 Meg .EXE Files Using Overlays - Na_th_an, and FreeBasic Pointers Tutorial - VonGodric.

Then the rest of the mag is made up of a whole slew of different articles, of all different types. We bring you a double dose of The Gallery this month, with two games by Na_th_an and Nekrophidius, respectively (StarOdds32 and Phantasm), a new competition, another Horse Comic by Rattrapmax6, an article by SJ Zero called "FreeBasic is our future. OUR Future.", a review of Joakim's Scorched Planets by Zap, and two extra special articles by my friends Mike Wechsler and Brad Milison.

All this and a whole lot more can be found in Issue #7 of QB Express. Enjoy!

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