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News Archive: November 2005
November 27, 2005
QB Express #16 Now Available
The November Issue of QB Express is now available!

It seems like just a few weeks ago that the last issue of QB Express came out...because it was. It's been only about three weeks since Issue #15. But despite the shorter timeline, we've still managed to scrape together another awesome issue.

This issue, we've got a Gallery preview of Lithium's new FPS "The Janitor," both Bobby The QBasic Maniac and QB Horse Humor comics, and more news briefs than you can shake a stick at. Lachie Dazdarian reviews Bozula Block Buster, MystikShadows looks at Tera-Mamoliny, Agamemnus tells us about Programming Language Syntax Tenets, Simon Bradley describes porting the Official Hamster Republic RPG Creation Engine, and Lachie Dazdarian provides us with a great article called "Writing A Story For A Computer Game."

For tutorials this month, MystikShadows continues his GUI Design series with parts 3 and 4, Rick Clark tells us about "Managing Complexity" and explains those data structures called Unions, and Imortis Inglorian instructs us on how to create a simple QB/FB text parser.

Check it out now: QB Express #16.

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November 3, 2005
QB Express #15 Now Available!
The OCTOBER issue of QB Express has finally been released! Sure it may be November already, but who is really keeping track? Besides, by delaying this issue for so long, it coincidentally was released on the birthday of Roseanne Barr and Charles Bronson!

Anyway, this month we've got a great issue, packed full of more QB and FB goodness than you can handle. Lachie Dazdarian searches for the unknown and finds Madmix Game by Enrique Huerta; he also reviews The Griffon Legend; Matt2Jones theorizes on Game Production; Rocket Boy presents an article called "Pirates of QB (Starting the QBasic GUI Community)"; Seb McClouth fills us in on Qbinux; Horse Humor and BBY the QBasic Maniac comics return; I take a look at Cadisman in the gallery; and mennonite delivers his last ever rant for QB Express.

Tutorials this month include two articles on GUI Design by MystikShadows, a look at "Group AI" by Jonathon Wallace, Part 2 of "C For the Basic Programmer" by The Awakened, a tutorial by Nathan1993, and Part 4 of MystikShadows' series on Database Design.

So what are you waiting for? Check it out in QB Express #15!

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