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News Archive: November 2004
November 28, 2004
At Long Last: QB Express Issue #4!
After a 13-day delay, QB Express Issue #4 has finally been released! This is one truly bangin' issue, and I suggest you check it out IMMEDIATELY!

This month's issue is bursting through the seams with great QB news, articles and tutorials. There's a great feature story on FreeBasic by Blitz, Nekrophidius tells us how to "Beat The XP Straightjacket", Piptol interviews QB gurus Na_th_an and Relsoft, Joe King lists off a few "Pointless" QB Points, and Adigun A. Polack is back once again with information on the QBCPC 2004/2005.

As for tutorials this month, we've got a great selection: Stéphane Richard teaches us how to manipulate sequential files, Relsoft is back with a sweet tutorial on Lens Flares, abionnnn teaches us about Pathfinding, Neo returns with QBNow! Chapter 5 and finally, we've got a special "lost tutorial" on Pixel*Tile Scrolling Engines by the king of RPGs himself, DarkDread.

All this and more this in the November, 2004 issue of QB Express! Check it out!

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November 7, 2004
Tutorials Blowout: 294 Tutorials Added!
Today, I added 294 more QB tutorials to my already massive tutorials section. There are now 609 tutorials available on this site in the Tutorials section, not to mention the few dozen that are available in the latest issues of QB Express. Pete's QBasic has, by far, the largest collection of QB tutorials available anywhere.

Most of the new additions are from QB magazines that have published over the years; I extracted all the tutorials I could find and uploaded them as single, more easily navigable files. Each tutorial listed is accompanied with a brief description, the title of the article and the author. Currently, the majority of the tutorials are on a single page, so the best way to browse it is to load up the tutorials section in your browser and use the "Find" (CTRL F) function to search for keywords. Eventually, I plan to make this section more easy to navigate, but for now that will work. (Besides, in a few weeks, Google will have spidered this page and you'll be able to search it more efficiently than any means I can provide.)

This update has been a long time coming, and I have spent over twenty hours putting it together over the past two months. It was definitely worth it, though. As far as I can tell, I have put together the ultimate QBasic / QuickBasic tutorials page, and it will be a great resource to QB coders for years to come. If you do any QB coding, I highly suggest that you bookmark this page. I guarantee you that it will come in handy at some point in your programming career!

Also, if there are any QB tutorials you have that I somehow missed, be sure to upload them! The tutorials section includes an automated upload script which allows any visitor to instantly upload a tutorial. This has been an under-used feature of this site, and I heartily encourage everyone to contribute!

In other news, I recently uploaded two missing issues of QB On Acid to the Zines section, added a few more misc. zines, and added some links. I'm also getting together material for the next issue of QB Express, which is due out on November 15th. Make sure you let me know if you've got anything to contribute.

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