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News Archive: January 2006
January 29, 2006
QB Express #18
The January issue of QB Express is now available!

Even though the last issue came out a scant two weeks ago, this eighteenth QB Express is absolutely burgeoning with content. This month, Adigun A. Polack reviews YAGL (Yet Another Game Library) by marzec, QBasic.com's new webmaster Mark Wilhelm writes an article about his site, Xerol previews his game "Untank", Matt2Jones contributes something called "FREEBASIC [As in Free Speech AND Free Beer]." This month's gallery features Nekrophidius' "Black Satin" fighting game, Rattrapmax6 is back with another "QB Horse Humor" comic -- plus as always, we have all the QB/FB news briefs you can handle.

The Tutorials this month are really in a league of their own. Syn9 gives us "Tree Tutorial: Parts 3 and 4", Wallace teaches us how to use his Wallace Visual Editor, there's "True/False Testing" by Moneo, a tutorial on Picking with OpenGL by MGD, Rick Clark brings us "A Closer Look at Managing Complexity: Program Size and Organization", MystikShadows contributes "MIDI Programming Part 1: MIDI File Basics", and "Pointers in FreeBasic" by Eclipzer wraps up the tutorials this month. A mighty fine bunch indeed!

Read all this and more in QB Express #18!

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January 13, 2006
QB Express #17 is here!
Issue #17 of QB Express is finally here!

This issue is absolutely teeming with the latest FB and QB news, articles and tutorials. Inside, you'll find extensive previews of Mini Space Rogue by Lachie Dazdarian, the SmithcoSoft Map Editor and Lynn's Legacy by Cha0s and Josiah Tobin; a new section called "Apostrophe: News From The QBasic Forum" by mennonite; a review of Bradley Lanham's Cadisman by MystikShadows; "NPC Bad Guys in the New Age" by Nekrophidius.

This month's tutorials section includes "Dynamic Arrays Inside a Type" by Deleter; "Tree Tutorial, Parts 1 & 2" by Syn9; a Music Tutorial by The Awakened; "Coding Standards, Naming Conventions and Formatting Styles" by MystikShadows; "How To Build a Shell For Qbinux" by Seb McClouth; "A Course in FreeBasic: Chapter 2" by Rattrapmax6; "Programming the Multiprocessing Core for QB 4.5" by Nick Verlinden; "Modular Versus Object Oriented Programming" MystikShadows and "Implementing Line of Sight in Qbasic Games" by Torahteen.

Whew! What an issue! You should check it out right now!

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