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News Archive: January 2005
January 18, 2005
QB Express #6 Now Available!
The January issue of QB Express is now up!

This month, we've got a very informative article on making IF (interactive fiction) by Na_th_an for all you text adventure fans, the second tutorial in abionnnn's series on Path Finding techniques, a little piece on "Rogue Map Storage Techniques" by Nathan1993, and the second tutorial in Stéphane Richard's wonderful series on file manipulation -- this time covering Random Access Files. We've also got our first ever FreeBasic tutorial, courtest of Nekrophidius: GUI Programming in FreeBasic. Finally, 19day is back with the second iteration of his non-BASIC but totally awesome series on PHP programming. If you're looking to learn new programming techniques, look no further than this issue of QB Express!

But that's not all. Rattrapmax6 / Kevin of x.t.r. GRAPHICS contributed big this month, giving us two brand new QB/FB comics starring a horse, as well as providing us with the gallery game of the month: Space Warp. Oz is back with a nice review of the Missing In Space by Crono of ForgedQB. And then we've got a new contributor by the name of Mike Wechsler who wrote an article entitled "Simply Put, Basically: My Interactions with QBasic, a True Story". And then there's the great big news section this issue. Even though there's been about two-and-a-half weeks since the last issue, the QB/FB community has been buzzin' and there's plenty of new stuff going on.

But I don't want to keep you waiting. There's lots of good stuff to read this month...so have at it!

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