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Cyber Chick Engine Demo Review The first demo of Cyber Chick, simply an engine demo that shows how the engine works, the graphics and the animation are displayed, the spreader gun shoots, and how the game control works. Very simple, but still pretty cool!
(Late November 1999 | 50 KB | Reviewed)
Graphics Examples Two really cool graphics examples that will probably be found in the final game. One of them takes a 320*200*256 image and morphs it into a rotating sphere, and the other makes a 320*200*256 image into a 3D cube. You must have a 320*200 .bmp or .gif file for both of these.
(December 1999 | 78 KB | Unreviewed)
Title Sequence Demo 1 The extremely cool graphical sequence that will act as the title to Cyber Chick. You have to see it to believe it! It looks perfect!
(Late December 1999 | 38 KB | Unreviewed)
Title Sequence Demo 2 If you thought the last title sequence was good, then you'll think this one is great! Now, there is a full opening sequence, and the moving title also has a beautiful background and moving dots behind it. It looks GREAT!
(January 4, 1999 | 106 KB | Unreviewed)
Title Sequence Demo 3 Another title demo. This is the same up until the part on the main title screen where you press enter, the title fades out and scrolls upwards. Then, you come to a name entering screen. That's what's new. It's about the same as the last one with new stuff @ the beginning.
(January 7, 2000 | 218 KB | Unreviewed)
Title Sequence Demo 4 The fourth example of what the opening sequence of Cyber Chick will look like. This now has the saved game loading screen, with five slots. It also already saves! That's cool. At the name enter screen (which only runs the first time you enter your name), the name is now centered when you type it in, and expands out instead of across. Also, there is a little intro, telling the beginnings of a story.
(January 10, 2000 | 218 KB | Unreviewed)
DirectQB v1.6 This is the awesome library that powers Cyber Chick. It's not really a Cyber Chick demo, but for lack of a better place to put it, I'm putting it here. This library is written by Angelo Mottola of the late Enhanced Creations.
(1999 | 207 KB | Unreviewed | Written by Angelo Mottola)
Engine Demo 2 This may seem like a downgrade from the first engine demo, but the engine actually running the program has been improved a lot, as this demo shows. You can't shoot the gun this time, but the collision detection is improved very much over the original demo. The ladders are also much easier to use, and there is a moving platform to jump on!
(January 24, 2000 | 51 KB | Unreviewed)
Engine Demo 3 This is another engine demo with some more engine improvements, mainly in speed and collision detection. This demo has invisible platforms to jump on, and when you hurt yourself (press enter), you fly back more nicely. :)
(January 31, 2000 | 65 KB | Unreviewed)
Engine Demo 4 This engine demo does not have any platforms in it, but it now has animated graphics in the background! The one with the "water" is really cool looking. :) Also, if you press F2, it shows you your frames per second. This demo is EXTREMELY fast compared to the last one, constantly over 100 FPS except for when you hold down the menu key. The menu key is F1, which tells you what other keys do. The final improvement in this demo is that title sequence, as found in the last title demo is included!
(February 5, 2000 | 230 KB | Unreviewed)
Engine Demo 5 Believe it or not, the Cyber Chick pixel by pixel scrolling, character and collision detection engine have finally been put to together to form this awesome new engine demo! This is pretty much the last engine demo with the screen scrolling finally added! Very impressive!
(February 6, 2000 | 231 KB | Unreviewed)
Engine Demo 6 This is pretty much the last demo with a new map, and graphics. Not cheap engine demo graphics, but real graphics that will probably be used in the full game! Check this out!
(February 8, 2000 | 239 KB | Unreviewed)
Engine Demo 7 The latest version of Cyber Chick is basically an improvement over the last one. Now the gun is reincorporated, although it's a different one. The bullet looks cooler, though. Instead of trying to explain it, I'll let you try it. :) Also you can jump off the ladders.
This program uses the same sequential files as the demo above. If you want to try this, you must save this file to the same directory that the zip file above is saved in.
(February 13, 2000 | 111 KB | Unreviewed)
Engine Demo 8 Door-to-door multiple maps have been incorporated! Check it out!
This program uses the same sequential files as the demo above. If you want to try this, you must save this file to the same directory that the zip file from demo #6 is saved in.
(February 17, 2000 | 67 KB | Unreviewed)
Engine Demo 9 This demo makes it possible for Cyber Chick to have secret areas. There are now blocks that can be broken with your gun, and also cool new Metroid-like doors you can shoot open. Plus the former animated gray "smoke" background has been fixed! Now it fades from red to darker gray and back to red! This demo also has a brand new map, probably the best one yet!
(February 22, 2000 | 245 KB | Unreviewed)
Engine Demo 10 The tenth Cyber Chick engine demo! This time WisdomDude introduces the mini map system found on the bottom left corner of the screen. This is really quite cool! Check it out!
Note: This file must be saved in the same directory as the file above, since it uses the same sequential files.
(February 26, 2000 | 131 KB | Unreviewed)
Engine Demo 36 Not too much, from CC33, but this now has SOUND. Expect bugs to still be in this engine, as I will get on to other things. Let's just say I've been working hard on another project. :)
(Sept. 10, 2000 | 503 KB | Unreviewed)

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