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Late Breaking News:

Monday, October 19, 1998

Click here to visit my BRAND NEW QBASIC ONLY LINKS PAGE!

Wow! My website is a week old! I have totally redone the files section, but I still have no files :( . Hey go there, If you want to see what it will look like. Have fun!

Old News:

Saturday, October 17, 1998

Today I added a files section, but it really sucks. I'm working on gathering files to add to the files section now, so I should have some decent files up pretty soon. If you want to see an empty files section, click here. This page should be half decent by November 1st, I promise...

Thursday, October 15, 1998

Four days and four updates! Wow! Today, I added an about me section, because FREEYELLOW's upload section is still down! (@*$#%) Well, I'm going to try to get a files section up! If I can, I'll try today... Last I knew, 13 hits-My hits are slowing down. (sigh.) I'll try to get more done tomorrow-or tonight.

Wednesday, October 14, 1998

Whoo! I just made a MASSIVE links page. Sorry about yesterday, I had to re-learn HTML to update my page. I tried to upload, but for some reason, freeyellow's upload thing doesn't work for me... Well, I started working on things that didn't require uploaded things. At home, I made wallpaper for this page, but I can't update it. I'm also going to try to add frames, and make a button. I joined the Link Exchange yesterday. I'll try to update to tomorrow.

Tuesday, October 13, 1998

Wow, my second day of business, and I have 8 hits! I'm going to change a few things here and there. (I haven't started my update yet... I thought that I would post news first...) I'm planning on adding some sort of background, possibly add a game or two that I wrote, make some links, etc., etc.... I'll post another set of news when I get done with my update...

Monday, October 12, 1998

Today, while I was surfing the 'net, I came across the website "". I've always wanted a website, and I despise GeoCities. So, I got a free 12 meg website. (You should get one from freeyellow too!) After ten minutes, I got my website, and became a member of Now, I've got my very own QB web site! I'm going to get this page looking spiffy, then add meta tags, and join the LinkExchange, and QBT50. (I don't want anyone to visit for a couple weeks...) So, if you are reading this, you are an expert at websurfing, or are reading it in the future. Well, thanks stopping by...

Looking for something to do? Try these activities:

1.Visit the QBASIC/QuickBASIC Top 50
I hope that link works-I haven't read the HTML manual in a while...

2.Stand on your head.

3.Visit Neozones. The best QBASIC site on the web! Check out their QBOARD, the best one there is, their extensive files section, and the rest of Tek's award winning site.

4.Count Sheep.

5.When all else fails, watch TV.

Well, that's my crappy website. I'm probably going to completely redo it in a day or two. I just wanted to have something there instead of a blank gray screen... Seeya!

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