Programmer's life

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Programmer's life

Post by {Nathan} » Wed Dec 01, 2004 7:34 pm

This is many's biography (with a twist).

I twas' programming in QB
And was was that, that I did see
Out of memory?
How could that be?
EMS, XMS, all of it failed
All night, I sat their and whailed

Then one day, what did I see?
FreeBASIC, God had layed a blessing on me
I could finally "finish" that RPG
Or catch another case of Apathy

I programmed and programmed all night long
Then it was as if I woke by a sound of a gong
Huge maps, hundreds of sprites
I wondered if my eyes were right
No errors, so much mem
Though I know now, it was just a stem
Of a great project worthy to become
A walkaround demo, only like some

I programmed, and programmed, for almost a year
Found this file, and grabbed a beer
This goes here, no, over there
Debugging wanted me to pull out my hair
Then it was finished - yes, finally
I had a place to store all my apathy
For all this time, I have been devolping a graveyard
Just for QB programs made by retards
Now this graveyard is on the web
A site that just got out of a cobweb
Now, this grave this grave has a mom
it is

heh... I had to use a online ryming dictionary for com and web.
What do you think?

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