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The History of Computers
The Punch Card
                                I've decided to shortly tell you how some of the first computing
                        machines were used (I mean this is the History of Computers isn't it?).
                                Anyways, in 1890, Herman Hollerith and James Powers successfully
                        used punch cards in computers.  What these two guys did is made
                        devices that could automatically read the information that was put on the
                        card, radically reducing the number of errors that were made when it was
                        humans doing the reading. And one really great thing was, different
                        problems could be stored on different stacks of cards and accessed when

                                Woohoo =). Then IBM came along and improved on these devices.
                        Now of course these computers were incredibly slow, but this was one
                        small step for computers and one giant step for umm....computerkind?