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What's New in QB Programming?
                QB Headlines

                            VirtuaSoft's screen 13h graphics library, Dash,  is still under production.  Dash
                    has recently been split into two separate libraries: Dash and DashXDash is for
                    all those games that need nothing more than the generic subs like sprites, poke,
                    pcopy, pset, etc.  DashX is for those games that are implementing sprite scaling,
                    menu borders, translucency (more about that later), and mouse interface.
                            So, what are the benefits of having one over the other?  Well, Dash takes
                    about 75% of the memory DashX takes, so for those programs that need that
                    extra 3 Kb (heh), they may benefit from the standard Dash.  Also, Dash is finished
                    - as far as I know - so I've released all the source.  This way, people can edit it,
                    learn from it, or whatever.  DashX is not finished (check that huge list of "to dos"
                    on my site), so the source isn't with it, yet.  This means  the code for sprite scaling,
                    translucency, etc. will remain "confidential" until DashX is done.
                            How about the new subs... DashX has a new sub: translucency (not uploaded
                    as of Aug. 29th).  This sub works with any gradient palette with 32 shades per color.
                    Now everyone can have menus like that in Eldim. :)  Dash has a new delay sub
                    that works in 1/60s increments.
                            For more info on Dash, go to VirtuaSoft.

                        The Mystical Journey
                            TMJ has seen some major updates in the past few weeks.  Three of the most
                    notable are music (!), a new magic, new fight backgrounds.  The some of the music
                    in it is just temporary.  It will be replaced as soon as more appropriate pieces are
                    found for it.  (Keep up the good work, Kevin Kohler.  Check out Tanden Cave.)
                    The new magic is a summon spell with a fire breathing dragon.  In the near future,
                    the Perseas meteor shower should see its own spell, too.  The new fight
                    backgrounds no longer have the debabelized-palette errors that left grays in the
                    screen.  Every current background (and some that can't be reached yet...) has
                    been redone if it had that problem.  (Only the desert background remains.)
                            In the upcoming weeks, TMJ should have some new levels, an expansion to
                    the story line, and multiple characters in a party (!).
                            For more info on TMJ, go to VirtuaSoft.

                        (1942 clone)
                            VirtuaSoft's newest project (only an idea now) will be an upward scrolling
                    shooter - similar to 1942 or Thundercade - that uses DashX.  Nothing specific has
                    been planned, yet, for this game, except that it will use DashX's translucency sub
                    to make cloud layers in the foreground and it will be pixel scrolling with mouse
                    interface.  It will also use DashX's sprite scaling to make it 3d!!!! As soon as the
                    production starts, you know where to check. :)

                       Space-a-roo 2
                            Sonic Blue has been working hard on Space-a-roo 2.  He now has
                    parallax scrolling in it (courtesy of a custom DashX sub), pre-rendered sprites,
                    and a free-roaming "terrain."
                            For more info on SonicBlue's project, go visit SonicBlue (or you could just
                    get SAR2 from under "Demo of the Month").

                           19Day's MazeRPG has really taken off in the last month.  It now has
                    pix*tile-scrolling, music (off and on  heh), and the TLK engine.  In the next few
                    weeks, he is hoping to get the second village done and have a demo of the
                    battle engine.
                           For more info on 19Day's project, go visit 19Day.

                        Wrath of Sona
                           Kaddash's RPG, WOS, has seen some major updates in the past month.
                    The newest release, v.16, is the first non-VirtuaSoft game to demo the Dash
                    library (SAR2 will be the second).  With Dash, Nekro has been able to change
                    from tile-scrolling to pix*tile-scrolling (variable speed).  Several villages have
                    also been added to it, and the music has been changed for the map screen.  WOS
                    is definitely a game to "keep your eyes on."
                           For more info on Nekrophidius's project, go visit Kaddash.

                     Zelda Clone
                            Killian has recently begun work on a remake of the Legend of Zelda.  Here
                    is what he has to say about his project:

                                    Ever wanted to see a clone to the Legend of Zelda for QBASIC
                                    but never thought it'd happen?  Well, your prayers have been answered.
                                    The Zelda Clone for QB is already being worked on.  The full version
                                    of this clone will contain the original Zelda music, the entire game
                                    exactly as it was when you used to play it on your old Nintendo, some
                                    secret areas and other interesting features that will enhance gameplay
                                    added by Killian and Jorden Chamid.  Also, I hope to put in the final
                                    version of the game the map editor used to make all the levels and a
                                    way to put a bunch of maps together to form you own worlds.  Then you
                                    could have an infinite amount of replay value.  It would definitely put
                                    Wetspot ]['s 'replay' value to shame.  Who cares about pushing blocks
                                    around on a bunch of maps when you could build an entire adventure
                                    with your favorite Nintendo character...Link!  So far, the walking
                                    engine and most of the map editor have been completed.  Currently,
                                    being worked on are the scrolling engine (almost done) and
                                    collision detection.  If you think you can assist with this game at all
                                    please e-mail Killian at killian314@yahoo.com telling me what you
                                    can do.


                            For more info, check Killian's Homepage .
                            Yin Yang Productions is beginning work on an RPG called BAQuest.  The
                    shoreline is in the works, but (from what little I know so far) the graphics are
                    in the works.  There are currently six characters planned for it: Tyrell (the
                    main character), Banany (the banana girl), Bethany, Natasha, Misty, and Franky.
                    Each character will have unique weapons and abilities, so this should make for
                    interesting game-play.  I'll keep you up-to-date on any more info into the
                    production of BAQuest.
                            For more info, check Yin Yang Productions .
                       QB 7.2
                            Ha!  Just kidding!  Well, I guess that was a pretty pathetic joke...