QuickBASIC/QBASIC newsletter

Demo Game of the Month
Space-a-roo 2
official demo #1

                         I know there isn't much to do yet, but this demo gives you a good idea of what the general
                gameplay & graphics will be like. You may have to adjust the FOR...NEXT loop in the
                PLAYGAME sub until the game runs at about 40 fps.

                        Send any questions/comments to sb@sonicblue.com. I'd love to hear what you think of the
                game so far.

                What to expect in final version:

                    * 30-50 full-roaming levels
                    * 25+ rendered enemies/bosses (Turrets, Attackers, Battleships, and Battlestations expected)
                    * 8+ weapons (including Bombs/Missiles)
                    * Optimized, Custom 256-color palette
                    * DMAPlay/QMidi sound
                    * ASM code conversion by Danny Gump (for a HUGE speed boost)
                    * Original songs (once again) by Kevin Kohler
                    * Multi-layered paralaxing background
                    * EMS support for tons and tons and tons and tons and TONS of graphics.
                    * DASH Library support for fastest graphics possible.
                    * AND MUCH MORE (I'm sure I forgot to mention)

--Eric Schneider (SonicBlue)


                    What is it?
                            Space-a-roo 2 is the second non-VirtuaSoft game released that uses Dash.
                    (Wrath of Sona was the 1st.)  It's a space-shooter with free-roaming levels and
                    tons of weapons and enemies.

                        How is the interface?
                            SAR2 uses a keyboard-handling routine that allows more than one key to
                    be pressed at once.  This lets the user move the ship rapidly and easily.

                        Is there anything special about it?
                            Of course there is.  SonicBlue is packing as much gameplay as possible
                    into SAR2.  All the varying weapons and enemies should allow for a high replay

                        Are the graphics good?
                            Well, just imagine pre-rendered images of ships, asteroids, and mines with
                    parallax-scrolling.  Then picture this with no flickering and a very high framerate.
                    In think this says enough....

                        Is there and music?
                            There isn't any in the demo, but Kevin Kohler (Canibal Gopher Software)
                    is making a custom soundtrack for it.

                        Do you have any screen-shots?
                            Of course...I wouldn't want to let you down.  Here they are...

Ooh...Pre-rendered graphics...
                    Do you want to try Space-a-roo 2?  Of course you do..heh.  You can download it by
            clicking here.  It doesn't take very long to d/l (that's because it's already on your
            hard drive, DUH! hehe).  After you try it, tell me what you think of it, eh?

                    Have fun...