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Sprite Editors: QBasic Games
by Ryan Limbag
Image editing programs and sprite editors are usually made for
Q(uick)Basic games.  Sure, they can be used for other things, but a lot
of times sprite editors are used for games.
Some good sprite editors are:
-Pixel Plus 256
-Acid Works Draw
-Tim Truman's Sprite(Shareware version)
Rating system:

Pixel Plus 256
Author: Chris Chadwick
Image file format: PUT or save as DATA
Maximum image size: 100x100
Maximum images in file: Varies; depends what size the sprite is
Files supported: PUT
Ease of use: 3
Help file: 3
Overall: 4
Pixel Plus 256 is an excellent sprite editor - probably the best.
It has many retouching effects, such as soft, unzag, dark, mix, and many
others.  It can save as it's own format, PUT, or as DATA in a BAS file.
It cannot, however, load BMPs, GIFs, or PCXs.  It comes with 2 palettes:
standard and gradient.  (I use the gradient palette.)  And a good feature it
has is that when you load a new palette, it doesn't mess up the menu colors.
 It has a great animation preview program, too.  I liked the help file, but it
didn't explain how to use masks.  This isn't the easiest sprite edior, but it's
very powerful.  Of all the sprite editors listed, I recommend this one
the most.

Acid Works Draw 2
Author: Steve Nunnally
Image file format: AWD
Maximum image size: 50x50
Maximum images in a file: 1(I might be wrong)
Files supported: AWD, BMP, GIF, PCX
Ease of use: 4
Help file: 3
Overall: 4
Acid Works Draw is another excellent sprite editor.  It can
only save 1 image in a file, though.  Loading new palettes messes up
the menu, but you can easily reset.  Like Pixel Plus 256, it has many
retouching effects.  Acid Works Draw can load BMPs, GIFs, and
PCXs, one of the features that Pixel Plus 256 doesn't have.  I would
give the help file a 4, since it's chocked full of info, but the way it was
organized wasn't the best.  If you want an easy, powerful, sprite editor,
choose this one.

Tim Truman's Sprite v2.0
Author: Tim Truman
Image file format: SPR
Maximum image size: 64x64
Maximum images in a file: Varies; depends how big the image is
Files supported: SPR,  PCX
Ease of use: 4
Help file: 4
Overall: 4
Tim Truman's Sprite v2.0 is yet another excellent
sprite editor.   It is very easy to use and very easy to incorporate
with your program.  It doesn't have any retouching tools, though,
and can't save more than 4 images(Shareware version).  If you'd
like to save more than one, you'll have to register for $5.00, which
isn't steep at all, but there are other sprite editors that will save
more than 4 images for free.  I highly recommend this if you want an
easy, pretty powerful sprite editor.

The BEST sprite editor:
Well, there isn't one sprite editor that has all the features of all these
sprite editors.   A sprite editor that has the loading capabilities as Acid
Works Draw, has the retouching effects of Pixel Plus 256, and the ease
of use as Tim Truman's Sprite v2.0 would be the BOMB!!!   Who knows?
 Maybe one of you reading this or maybe even I, might make this "Best"
sprite editor.
Pixel Plus 256
Acid Works Draw 2
Tim Truman's Sprite v2.0
-Ryan Limbag - Magic Wand President