Quick BASIC/QBASIC newsletter

What's New in QB Programming?
                QB Headlines

                      Qlympics '99
                           So far, 120 programs have been submitted to Q'99.  This, by far, makes Q'99
                    bigger then Q'98.  The opening round begins on Feb 1st - the day after submissions
                    end, so check by VirtuaSoft or SonicBlue that day.
                            For more info on Qlympics'99, go to Qlympics'99.

                            Dash has several subs still in the works:
                            VSGetEMS: allocate extended memory
                            VSFreeEMS: clear an extended memory handle
                            VSMoveEMS: move a chunk of extended memory
                            VSSwapEMS: swap two chunks of extended memory
                            VSInfoEMS: get info on an EMS handle
                            VSDriverEMS: get EMS driver info
                            VSRollScreen: roll the screen like in TMJ
                            VSLine: draw a buffered line 
                            VSPoint: get pixel value

                            Also, over the past month, all of Dash's subs have been accelerated and made
                    more efficient, so if you're using it in your programs, get the newest version (.90) now!
                            For more info on Dash, go to VirtuaSoft.

                            DQB has had a maintenance update this month to correct bugs and make code
                    more efficient.  IF you're using it in your programs, get the newest version (1.42) now!
                            For more info on DQB, go to Enhanced Creations.

                         The Mystical Journey
                           All of the engines in TMJ are being about 50% rewritten.  So far, the village and
                    cinema EXEs have been merged to save about 60Kb and many of the text-format
                    save and data files have been converted to binary.  There are still a few bugs to work
                    out in the battle engine, then I'll add a few more magics and upload the new version!
                    This version won't have music or sound yet.  Expect that version a few weeks later.
                            For more info on TMJ, go to VirtuaSoft.

                        The Wrath of Sona
                            WOS has really shown a lot of progress in the last months: MOD music is back;
                    sound effects have been added;  and battle engine with random magics has been
                    added.  There have been so many updates to it that I can't name them all in this
                    newsletter without making a textbook out of it. :)  If you're interesting in trying it, by
                    all mean..DO IT!  But be prepared for the 13Kb download....
                            For more info on WOS, go to Kaddash Software Group.
                        Bubble Fighters
                            BF is Engima's new fighting game that uses Dash's VSTexture to draw
                    polygonal arenas and - from what I presume - uses VSSPriteS to scale prerendered
                    characters (a la Killer Instinct).  He'll have a demo and a level editor ready in time
                    for the Qlympics.
                            For more info on BF, go to Enigma's Domain.

                            Eldim is no more.  Take up your complaints with Engima at Enigma's Domain.