Quick BASIC/QBASIC newsletter

Predictions for 1999 QB Programming?

                                    As QB programmers finally learn how difficult it is to write a
                                        successful RPG, the RPG trend will begin to die down for all
                                        except a few programmers who remain dedicated to finishing their
                                        projects.  WOS, Syraphage, and TMJ will be finished by summer,
                                        and some other RPGs like DA2 will also see completion before
                                        midway through the year.
                                            Now that powerful graphics libraries with texturing subs are in
                                        existence, experienced programmers will begin to write simple 3D
                                        and raycasting engines that will advance to the level of
                                        Wolfenstein and maybe even Doom by the year's end.

                                    Programmers will begin to write their own 13H graphics
                                        libraries as to follow in the lead of Blast!, Dash, and DQB because
                                        they learn how powerful ASM language really is.
                                    As 13H graphics libraries reach their maximum usage in the
                                        spring, programmers will start realizing that QB has enough
                                        potential to make sellable games and graphics demos.  But as
                                        people realize this, they also begin to realize that screen 13H is too
                                        outdated to really be used anymore for action games.  Thus, SVGA
                                        graphics libraries will begin to be constructed, allowing for screens
                                        with resolutions of 640x480 and 16- and 24-bit color.  By the second
                                        half of the year, this will become the standard for veteran
                                        programmers - even though the first will begin to be released in the

                                    After seeing (or hearing, rather) the demo of WOS, more
                                        programmers decide to scrap QMIDI in favor of BWSB because
                                        of the high-quality music produced by it and the fact that no TSRs
                                        need to be loaded before running the program.  But, although
                                        BWSB gains more widespread usage, many still stick with QMIDI
                                        because they feel it's better to have music of lesser quality in
                                        games that's just 100Kb total than to have 6Mb of MODs.
                                            DQB and DMAPlay will be the standards for WAV playing well
                                        into the year but will also gain some competition as Dash and other
                                        libraries are able to play WAVs in the background.