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Game Interview
Bubble Fighters
Danny: What are your plans for BF?
Enigma: Well, not much, really.  If I get a nice reception, some
decent reviews, and maybe a SFB2 fan or two calling me
Lord God, then I'll be happy.  Game plans, however...
Basically, I'm aiming for a MINIMUM of 8 characters.
 Drawing sprites takes a long time, especially 70x70 sprites.
 A level for each character, hidden cheats, loads of graphic
options for speed, and a rocking Enigma sequence.  That
is, if I don't go insane first.
Danny: You're using Dash's VSTexture.  Will that be for levels,
characters, or both?
Enigma: As much as I would love doing polygonal characters,
there's no way in hell that I could draw upwards to 200
polys per stage plus 100 polys per character without
the user running on a...ohhh, let's say a 1 Gigahertz P3...
So the characters will be pre-drawn and scaled
according on the camera pos.  Killer Instinct style. But,
I've heard that DirectQB can up to 500 polys per sec...
[nudge nudge]
Danny: Don't worry.  I'm always tweaking Dash's code. :)
Will BF have any combo system, or will it be more like
Street Fighter II (part I)?
Enigma: I don't know how the fighing will go... I'm not sure
what direction it will go in.  It might support combos,
but no 50000 hit KI crap, heh.  And no lame millions of
button punching Street Fighter combos either.  I'm
not sure, but I'll work in combos somehow. With the
way my, ahem, CRAFTY little VERSATILE engine,
anything should be possible.  =)
Danny: Will the graphics in BF be cartoonish like in
Street Fighter II (parts 1-infinity) or more
realistic like Killer Instinct?
Enigma: Well, they're bubbles, they're round, and one
character carries a huge friggin gun capable of
blowing a hole in the earth.  Cartoony, heh.   I
don't think you can make a sphere realistic without
making it look totally lame. =)  Hand-drawn sprites,
but maybe not.
Danny: Will BF have 2P simultaneous play, or will it
be 1P vs. a computer?
Enigma: 2 Player of course.  And with IRQ handling,
it'll be a snap.  This is where I beat SFB2
automatically. =)
Danny: Will there be sound-FX and music?  If so,
what formats and what libraries will you use?
Enigma: WAV for sound, MIDI for music.  No BWSB
crap, I couldn't write a MOD if my life depended
on it.   'Sides, all my ass-kicking composer friends
use MIDI, so, heh.  QMIDI for MIDI, and I don't
know what for WAV.
Danny: Well, it really sounds like BF will shoot
down all the competition (or lack thereof) in
the fighting genre.  Do you have any final
comments to make on behalf of BF?
Enigma: Well, the least I expect is for people to
actually d/l it to their HD.  Whether or not they
Unzip and play it, i don't care.  They can mail me
fake praising for all I care.  "HEy, I LUV YOUR
less.  Heh.  As long as people play it, like it, and
don't make their own sites denouncing its
existance, I'll be happy.  I might be insane
enough to make a sequel.  Thanks for
interviewing. =)