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What's New in QB Programming?
                QB Headlines

                      Qlympics '99
                            The submission period has ended, and the entries are being passed onto the next
                    round.  The round for the general public should begin on Feb 15th - if SonicBlue
                    doesn't continue to be lazy...
                            For more info on Qlympics'99, go to Qlympics'99.

                            Dash has several subs still in the works:
                                VSAllocateXM, VSFreeXM, VSMoveXM, VSRotatePalette
                            Also, over the past month, several new Dash subs have been made, including
                    subs for collision-detection and sprite effects.  The biggest announcement, though, it
                    the release of a utility in dash.zip that allows the customizing of Dash.  This has
                    allowed for the remerging of Dash and DashX into on library and the splitting of
                    Dash into several .OBJs.
                           For more info on Dash, go to VirtuaSoft.

                         The Mystical Journey
                           The new engine for TMJ has been uploaded.  Most of the update was internal, to
                    make the engine very versatile and upgradable, so not much is noticeable to
                    someone playing the game, but a few differences that are noticeable are the ability to
                    name the character and the cinema scenes are now wide-screened.  The internal
                    updates include the ability for four characters to be in a party, the use of the newest
                    version of Dash, the merging of several EXEs, and code optmizations.  There are
                    currently MODs in development for when BWSB will be added to TMJ, too.
                            For more info on TMJ, go to VirtuaSoft.
                    "Project RT"
                            This big project by Enhanced Creations has been kept secret for some time
                    now, but some screen shots and info has finally been released in this month's issue
                    of QB:TM.  This game will be a raycaster of some sort done in real-time using
                    DQB's texturing subs.
                    SMW Clone
                            I guess one could say this game is like a phoenix: it kind of died away, but it's
                    now being revived!  The new release will probably come in about a month and will
                    feature collision-detection and enemies.  More will be posted as the updating

                            This game has laid dormant for about as long as SMWClone but will also see
                    an update in the near future.  19Day is currently working on battle engine and
                    planning all the new script commands to handle the enemy AI and reactions.